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African Wonderkids in Football Manager 2018

By spaskecar | September 5, 2018 | 2327 Views

In many European clubs, there are many African players that are top class players. This time we are about to check out the biggest young talents from Africa or the top African Wonderkids in Football Manager 2018!

Africa has many great young players with amazing potential and it was not easy to scout them all. We gave our best to find those that we think are going to be brilliant in the future. It wasn’t easy as we said, but it was really interesting.

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African Wonderkids in FM18 – FMB Toplist


Here is the list of the Top African Wonderkids in Fm18:

1st – Grant Margeman South African footballer who is playing for Ajax Cape Town and his estimated cost is between $275k and $700k. He is 19 years old Trequartista but he can play as AP or DLP.

Grant Margeman has great speed and technique, also his decisions are fantastic and this is why he can be classy AP in the future. He is poor in the air and has really low strength.

His CA (current ability) is 110 and PA (potential ability) 157  so he has really fantastic potential and this is a reason why he is first on this list.

grant margeman fm18 - african wonderkids fm18

2nd – Meschak Elia 20 years old Congolese Winger who is contracted to TP Mazembe and his estimated cost is between $225k and $550k.

That is really nothing for such amazing talent. He possesses great speed, dribbling and technique and this attributes make him a really great winger.

Meschak Elia has problems with a strength and jumping but all the important attributes for a great winger are there.

His Ca is 107 and his PA is 154 so he is another in this African wonderkids list with incredible potential, and for sure he is a top bargain.

meschak elia fm18 - african wonderkids in fm18

3rd – Abdou Salam Jiddou – 17 years old Malian who is contracted to Guidars FC and his estimated cost is between $11k and $ 31k.

His best role is AP but also he can be good as Trequartista, Attacking Midfielder, and Shadow Striker. Another African wonderkid with great physical attributes and with a great technique.

His CA is 101 and his PA is 154 and that means that he needs some great training to become a superstar. His price is really unbelievable low for such a potential.

He just had to get into this African wonderkids top list because of his potential.

abdou salam jiddou fm18 - african wonderkids in fm18

4th – Fagrie Lakay – 20 years old South African who is contracted to SuperSport Utd and his estimated cost is between $500k and $1.4M.

He possesses great mental attributes and his best role is AP but in some matches, he can play as a winger or even striker.

Fagrie Lakay is the very ambitious player and very consistent performer. The only problem is that he is really poor in the air.

His CA is 109 and his PA is 148, so he is another player with incredible potential.

fagrie lakay fm18 - fm18 wonderkids in Africa

5th – Felix Djoubairou – 19 years old Cameroonian who is contracted to Coton Sport and his estimated cost is between $ 90k and $ 220k. His best role is DLP but can be good CM,AP and Carrilero.

Felix Djoubairou has a great long shoot and this is why he can  be very dangerous from a distance. Problems are that he is very one-footed and he is terrible at marking.

His CA is 97 and PA 143.

felix djoubarirou fm18 - african wonderkids

6th – Jody February – 21 years old South African goalkeeper who is contracted to Ajax Cape Town and his estimated cost is between $ 210k and $ 500k but that is really nothing for this amazing player.

He is spirited individual and consistent performer, and that is really important for goalkeepers. He possesses fantastic reflexes and one on ones so he can be used as a sweeper keeper too.

His CA is 108 and PA 140 so with some good training he can become a classy goalkeeper!

jody february fm18 - africa wonderkids list

7th – Zaharaddeen Bello – 19 years old Nigerian player who is contracted to Kano Pillars, and his estimated cost is between $135k and $375k. He is good Central Defender who is great in the air and who is naturally fit.

Bello has problems with pace, but he is very young player and he can improve all his physical attributes very fast. Another problem is that he is a bit selfish player.

His CA is 96 and his PA is 136.

zaharaddeen bello fm18 - african wonderkids fm18


Hidden attributes of our African wonderkids are here!

You can also check out our video with some more of the African wonderkids. There you can find out about their hidden attributes!


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Don`t be lazy, we want your opinions! Tell us what do you think about these African young wonderkids. Do you think that they are going to be such great players like Didier Drogba, or even bigger legends? Or you think they are going to be next Freddy Adus?

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