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Cheap Brazilian FM19 Wonderkids Under 1$ million

By spaskecar | March 29, 2019 | 3045 Views

We all know that Brazil is the country of football and this is why you can find many incredible young players with fantastic potential in Brazil.

This is our list of some cheap Brazilian wonderkids whose price is under 1 million. The only thing you should do is to select and add Brazilian league and then you will be able to sign these classy wonderkids.

Maybe some of them will become next “Freddy Adu`s” but in FM19 they are outstanding talents.

Low-Cost Brazillian Wonderkids by FMB

The first player on our list is Denilson Roldao who is contracted to FLU. His CA (Current Ability) is 72 and his PA (Potential Ability) is 156.

Denilson is only 18 years old but he has great dribbling, first touch, and technique. He can play as Attacking Midfielder, Advanced Playmaker or even as Shadow Striker. Also, he is a very fast player. His price is between 125k and 250k and that is a real joke for such fantastic potential.

denilson brazillian wonderkid - denilson football manager 2019

The second player on our list is 17 years old Advanced Forward Rodrigo Muniz who is contracted to Desportivo Brasil. Great dribbler and very fast player, this is why it’s very hard for opponents to catch him.

He is a bit selfish player and needs to work on improving crossing. His CA is 93 and PA 145. You won’t need too much money to get this great wonderkid because his price is between 12k and 25k. He is a real definitely top bargain.

rodrigo muniz football manager 2019 - brazillian wonderkid - rodrigo muniz fm19

The next player on our shortlist is 21 years old Luiz Henrique who is playing for NAU. It is a word about the magnificent Shadow Striker but he can be great Trequartista or Mezzala.

Luiz Henrique is a player with high determination and with really great work rate. His CA is 110 and PA is 130. You could get him for about 125k – 240k. Despite of his capabilities he is true cheap Brazillian wonderkid.

luiz henrique fm19

Number four is a fantastic wing back Jefferson who is contracted to GOI. His strength and stamina make him a real athlete.

This 21 years old wing back has really nice physical attributes and this is a reason why he is so good for his role. The only problem is that he is very one footed. His CA is 107 and his PA is 120. His estimated cost is between 400k and 800k and we think that he is really worth buying.

jefferson fm19 brazillian wonderkid

Number five is 17 years old Central Defender Kaique Rocha who is contracted to SAN. This Brazilian wonderkid had outstanding potential and with some nice training, he can be a top-class defender. He is a little bit more expensive, his estimated cost is between 1- 3 million. His CA 93 but his PA is 152 and that makes him a real wonderkid.

kaique rocha fm19

The sixth on our list of Brazillian wonderkids is 19 years old Inside Forward – Robinho. He is also contracted to NAU. Great thing is that Robinho can play as Trequartista or False Nine.

He is an extremely fast player with awesome crossing and really good technique for such a young player. Robinho’s CA is 112 and PA 127 and if you want to buy him you need to pay between 650k and 1.9m.

robinho fm19

The next player on our shortlist is one little bit more expensive but incredible wonderkid – Matheus Guedes. This fantastic central defender is 18 years old and he is playing for Santos. Guedes is amazing in the air and has great natural fitness.

He has problems with technique, but with some good tutors and training, this wonderkid can become one of the best central defenders. Matheus Guedes has fantastic PA – 147, so you shouldn`t think twice about signing him.

matheus guedes fm19

Your club budget is low, but there is always a solution

Your club maybe isn`t that wealthy to buy high-quality players that can play awesome right after the sign the contract. But, there is a solution, you can grow those cheap wonderkids and it`s only a matter of time when they will bring you joy.

If you want some more Brazillian FM19 wonderkids, you can find them on NikFM`s YT video below.

We hope you enjoyed our Brazillian wonderkids list. There are also similar lists of FM19 wonderkids that can maybe help you build your team. You can also check out:

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