Football Manager 2010 (FM10) Wonderkids - Where are they now?!
where are fm10 wonderkids now
FM Wonderkids

Football Manager 2010 (FM10) Wonderkids – Where are they now?!

By spaskecar | December 22, 2019 | 16659 Views

This article is for real Football Manager fans, who played many “older” versions of this game, particularly Football Manager 2010.

10 years after, we have Football Manager 2020 and new wonderkids lists, but wait, what happened with those FM10 wonderkids? Where are they now?

We all know, and we heard from real-life football managers that this game is the best football simulation in the world. But, was it really that good in 2010, are those wonderkids now superstars?

Let`s find out.


Where are Football Manager 2010 wonderkids now?


On the first line, you can see the market value of the player in FM2010. On the second line, you can see the value of the player provided by Transfermarkt in 2020.


FM10 wonderkid Goalkeepers – in 2020


Oumar Sissoko (Goalkeeper) – FC Metz in FM 2010 – market value: 350k

Now: Fréjus-Saint-Raphaël FC – market value: 300k


darley fm10 wonderkid
You probably didn`t know, but Darley was true FM10 wonderkid

Darley (Goalkeeper) – Feyenoord – market value: 1.2m

Now: Tombense Futebol Clube (MG) – market value: 100k


Sergio Asenjo (Goalkeeper) – At. Madrid – market value: 5m

Now: Villareal – market value: 12m


Vincenzo Fiorillo (Goalkeeper) – Sampdoria – market value: 525k

Now: Delfino Pescara 1936 – market value: 800k


If you were a real football manager and you choose to listen to FM10 and buy those goalkeepers you would lose money today. Only Sergio Asenjo is more expensive today. So, let`s check the other players.


FM10 Wonderkid Defenders – in 2020


Diego Renan (D/WRL) – Cruzeiro in FM 2010 – market value: 3.9m

Now: Without Club


Mateo Musacchio (DR) – Villareal – market value: 925k

Now: AC Milan – market value: 15m


Davide Santon (D/WRL) Inter – market value: 7.25m

Now: AS Roma – market value: 5m


Ezequiel Munoz (DC) – Boca Juniors – market value: 800k

Now: Club Atletico Lanus – market value: 1.5m


Gareth Bale (DL) – Tottenham Hotspur – market value: 5m

Now: FC Real Madrid – market value: 40m


fm10 wonderkid gareth bale
Gareth Bale – FM10 Wonderkid? Of course!


Micah Richards (DRC) – Manchester City – market value: 6.25m

Now: Retired


Rafael (DWR) – Manchester United – market value: 5.25m

Now: Olimpyque Lyon – market value: 7m


Rafael – remember this?


Sidnei (DC) – Benfica – market value: 3.5m

Now: Real Betis Balompié – market value: 10m


Thiago Heleno (DC) – Cruzeiro – market value: 4m

Now: Club Athletico Paranaense – market value: 2m


Thimothee Kolodzieczak (DWL) – Lyon – market value: 1.2m

Now: AS Saint-Étienne – market value: 6m


FM10 Wonderkid Midfielders – in 2020


Franco Zuculini (DMRC) – Hoffenheim in FM 2010 – market value: 3.1m

Now: Venezia FC – market value: 700k


Angel Di Maria (AMLC) – Benfica – market value: 4.7m

Now: PSG – market value: 40m


di maria in fm2010 - 2011 di maria
Angel Di Maria in 2010


Dentinho (AML) – Corinthians – market value: 4.5m

Now: Shakhtar Donetsk – market value: 1.5m


Jonathan de Guzman (AMCR) – Feyenoord – market value: 4.3m

Now: Eintracht Frankfurt – market value: 1.5m


Kevin Monnet-Paquet (AMRL) – Lens – market value: 3.5m

Now: AS Saint-Étienne – market value: 1.5m


Marquinhos (AMC) – Internacional – market value: 2.6m

Now: Cruzeiro Esporte Clube – market value: 1.6m


Axel Witsel (MC) – Standard de Liege – market value: 2.8m

Now: Borussia Dortmund – market value: 27m


Witsel was a true FM10 wonderkid, and we all know his hairstyle


Diego Buonanotte (AMCL) – Sampdoria – market value: 3.1m

Now: CD Universidad Católica – market value: 900k


Giuliano (AMRC) – Internacional – market value: 3.5m

Now: Al-Nassr FC – market value: 14m


Marko Milinkovic (AMLC) – Kosice – market value: 700k

Now: Eskisehirspor – market value: 150k


Mehdi Carcela (AMLC) – Standard de Liege – market value: 1.1m

Now: Standard de Liege – market value: 3m


Patricio Rodriguez (AMC) – Independiente – market value: 1.6m

Now: Without Club – market value: 250k


Steven Defour (MC) – Standard – market value: 6m

Now: Royal Antwerp FC – market value: 4m


FM10 Wonderkid Attackers – in 2020


Maicon (SS) – Fluminese – market value: 3.5m

Now: Clube Atlético Mineiro – market value: 6m


Eduardo Salvio (FC) – Lanus – market value: 2.2m

Now: Club Atlético Boca Juniors – market value:8m


Matias Defederico (FC) – Corinthians – market value: 2.3m

Now: Argentino Agropecuario – market value: 200k


Moussa Dembele (FC) – AZ Alkmar – market value: 3.8m

Now: Olympique Lyon – market value: 40m


Neymar (FC) – Santos – market value: 3.7m

Now: PSG – market value: 160m


Neymar – not bad for a wonderkid in FM10


Oscar Trejo (S) – Elche – market value: 2.4m

Now: Rayo Vallecano – market value: 2m


Taison (FC) – Internacional – market value: 4.7m

Now: Shakhtar Donetsk – market value: 12m


Jozy Altidore (S) – Hull City – market value: 4.4m

Now: Toronto FC – market value: 4m


Keirrison (FC) – Benfica – market value: 6.5m

Now: Without Club – market value: 300k


Romelu Lukaku (S) – Anderlecht – market value: 1.5m

Now: Inter Milan – market value: 75m


romelu lukaku was fm10 wonderkid
Romelu Lukaku – Day by day he is proving why he was a wonderkid




Maybe some players are without clubs today, but here on this list, you can find some real superstars like Neymar, Angel Di Maria, Lukaku, etc. Some of them are still playing amazing football, and after 10 years are wanted players in the best leagues in the world.

We are going to check how good is FM15, or some newer versions. Are those wonderkids now amazing as they were in FM, what happened with those wonderkids? We will find out soon…

4 thoughts on “Football Manager 2010 (FM10) Wonderkids – Where are they now?!

  1. Moussa dembele isn’t correct. The moussa dembele from az isn’t the same moussa dembele from Lyon. The onze grom Lyon would have been 13 years old In fm10.

    1. The Dembele they are talking about IS the one from AZ. He was a forward back in that game.
      Kids these days.

  2. Janbenssens is 100% right, the Dembélé from FM10 that was AZ is the Belgian one who went to Fulham and Spurs and now plays for Guangzhou City.

    The one from Lyon is a different Dembélé, who is French.

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