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Top bargain French wonderkids under $1 million – FM18

By spaskecar | August 7, 2018 | 2666 Views

France has a lot of great players but this is a list of some amazing low-cost wonderkids whose price is under $1 million. All these players have great potential and a bright future but the best thing about them is that their value on the market is low and you will be able to buy them for the price of under one million.  Enjoy the top bargain French wonderkids FM18 list by FMB.

Top bargain French wonderkids FM18

1st –  Xavier Grondin – he is playing for Tours FC and his estimated cost is $0. Xavier is 16 years old poacher with a great acceleration and pace, but also with amazing finishing and dribbling for his age. He seeks for a wage between 17k and 40k and that is all you need to offer.

He is poor in the air but with a good training, you can improve all attributes you want because he is only 16 years old. For sure he is the striker with a great future!

top bargain french wonderkids fm18 - Xavier Grondin

2nd – Jean-Clair Todibo, 18 years old Central Midfielder who is contracted to Toulouse FC and his estimated cost is between $235k – $500k, that is really almost nothing for such an amazing talent. That is why Todibo is real bargain French wonderkid.

The player with great physical attributes for such a young player. Especially acceleration, jumping, and strength are fantastic. He is a kid with a great technique and this is why he can become classy Advanced Playmaker.

Jean-Clair Todibo - french wonderkids fm18

3rd – Antoine Baroan – 17 years old Target Man who is contracted to Niort and his estimated cost is between 145k and 350k. So this is another low-cost wonderkid from French that you must buy.

Antoine Baroan has great speed and natural fitness, with a nice jumping and heading. Antoine Baroan is very tall Striker so he is classical Target Man.

Antoine Baroan - french wonderkids fm18

4th – Mathys Kuntz – 17 years old Central Defender who is contracted to FCSM and his estimated cost is only 475k. All physical attributes are good and as we know that he is only 17 years old with some good tutor and with some good training he can be physically dominant Central Defender.

Mental and technical attributes are also very good so maybe you should train him as a Ball Playing Defender. Another great thing about this French Wonderkid is that he can play as a Defensive Midfielder with a big success.

mathys kuntz - french wonderkids fm18

5th – Matteo Mazzolini – 16 years old Central Defender who is contracted to RC Lens and his estimated cost is only 425k. This French wonderkid has an amazing determination and fantastic tackling, marking and heading for a player of his age.

Also, with a great acceleration, in the future, he can be very fast Central Defender.

Matteo Mazzolini has problems with Composure and this is the first thing we should improve if we want to make a classy Central Defender. Anyway, another low price wonderkid with amazing potential.

Mateo Mazzolini - french wonderkids fm18

If you want some more of the bargain French wonderkids FM18 there is a list distinct from this one in the video below, prepared by NikFM. Cheers FMBros, we hope you love our FM Wonderkids lists!

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