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Eintracht FM19 – How to win everything with them?!

By spaskecar | May 9, 2019 | 2653 Views

Let`s check a bit who they are before we start talking about Eintracht FM19 team.

They are in the Semi-Finals of the Europa League against Chelsea while beating the likes of Shakhtar, Inter, and Benfica on the way there. All of that while being position 4 in the Bundesliga and fighting for the Champions Cup qualification. Who are these guys and how do they do it???

It was not until 2016, when now Bayern head coach Niko Kovač, and sports director Fredi Bobic made significant changes to the club that success would return. The DFB Pokal victory over Bayern last summer was the club’s first major trophy since 1988. That meant that Eintracht Frankfurt was back in Europe.

Bobic with his clever investment strategy has already set Frankfurt’s financial ascendancy into motion. In his first transfer summer with the club, the sports director was able to invest just €3.8 million in new players. Earning €12.5 million that summer he laid the foundation for a better future.

The next summer, in 2017, Bobic was already able to spend €18.5 million on 17 new players. That also includes some players returning from loan. Some of those signings also included the likes of Luka Jovic, who was signed in a loan deal with a buy-on clause.

Key has been loan-to-buy deals like it was the case with Ante Rebić, as well as Luka Jović, and finding relatively inexpensive striker Sebastien Haller in the Netherlands, all three have turned out to be successful investments.

For Frankfurt reaching the Champions League, despite being located in one of the wealthiest financial areas in Germany, and a metropolitan area of over 5 million people could be the key to awake a club that is very much a sleeping giant.

The money earned in the competition would not only allow Fredi Bobic to keep his squad together but to add more key pieces and invest in the club’s infrastructure like the youth academy and the stadium, which is supposed to get a facelift ahead of the 2024 European Championships.

Do you think you can be like Fredi Bobic and continue improving this Frankfurt Eintracht squad in Football Manager 2019?


Eintracht Frankfurt History


In a world where the Europa League is heavily overshadowed by the Champions League many football fans somewhat ignore Europe’s secondary competition until the later stages of the tournament. Frankfurt is the exception because of its location; centrally located with one of Europe’s biggest airports Frankfurt is a traveling hub, but also due to its history.

Founded in 1899, Eintracht Frankfurt is a professional German club currently playing in the Bundesliga. Die Adler (The Eagles) as they call themselves, lifted the German Cup in 2018.

They play at the Stadion Frankfurt with a capacity of 51500 and in FM2019 Eintracht possesses great youth facilities and great training facilities.

They also have adequate junior coaching and above average youth recruitment which is great because one of the philosophies of the club is to sign young players for the first team.

Eintracht Frankfurt`s best football days were in the 1980s, starting with the year 1980 when they’ve won the EURO Cup. They’ve won the German league only once and that was in 1959 and the next year in 1960, they’ve played the Champions Cup and finished second. They’ve also won the German Cup 5 times.

Eintracht FM19 Strengths and Weaknesses


As soon as you become a manager at Eintracht Frankfurt in Football Manager 2019 you’ll realize the team has more weaknesses than strengths and of course it is your job to fix that. That’s why they pay you!

Main strengths worth mentioning are good midfield depth, good attack depth, really good youth prospects, a good goalkeeper, a determined squad and a solid transfer budget.

eintracht fm19 budget
Eintracht FM19 Finances

When it comes to weaknesses, the main one is overall depth. There isn’t a great deal of quality outside of the first team amongst players currently playing at the club.

Other weaknesses include the overall dribbling, finishing, heading, and quite a few more attributes. What’s worth noting is a low wage budget of just $45.5k per week left so you won’t have too much maneuverability.

Season Expectations


The expectations from your Chairman are really low for Eintracht Frankfurt in FM19 considering how they proved everyone wrong in real life. Here they are:

Bundesliga – Mid Table Finish
German Cup – Reach Third Round
German Supercup – Not Important
EURO Cup – Reach Second Knockout Round

These expectations will give you $11.68M transfer budget and a wage budget of $904,477 per week.

You can, of course, adjust these and aim for Euro Cup Qual. (league), reach Semi Final of the German Cup and Reach Semi Final of the EURO Cup for a transfer budget of $16,77M and wage budget of 1,080,747 per week. But, these expectations might be a bit too high.

You can probably do good in one competition but not in all of them since you really don’t have the squad depth.

Eintracht FM19 Squad Dynamics Introduction


We, at the FMBrotherhood really like the squad hierarchy of Frankfurt Eintracht in FM2019 since there are known team leaders, and highly influential players unlike a team that we covered not long ago, Braga, where the team had no real leaders.

eintracht team leaders
Eintracht Team Leaders

Your players Marco Russ, Timothy Chandler and Makoto Hasebe are all well-established within the squad. They have been in the squad for a long time and have a good understanding of the culture here.

They are the team leaders and keeping them happy will help keep the morale of the squad up.

hasebe fm19
Hasebe Fm19

Although Marco Russ and Makoto Hasebe are both approaching the end of their careers, you will have replacements for them in the likes of David Abraham, Gelson Fernandes and Kevin Trapp who are all highly influential players at the moment.

The Most Important Players


Shortlist of what we believe are the players you must keep under contract to succeed at Eintracht Frankfurt in Football Manager 2019:

• Ante Rebić
• Kevin Trapp
• Nicolai Muller
• Filip Kostić
• Jetro Willems
• Luka Jović
• Abraham David
• Makoto Hasebe

There is also a young player with high potential to keep an eye on – Evan N`Dicka.


Ante Rebić – Eintracht FM19 machine


Depending on the FM19 version you’re playing on, he might be your best player. He was for us based only on current ability.  Ante is your AML who plays best as an Inside Forward.

This man is a machine, his workrate is through the roof and he has a high pace. He has a balanced personality and he enjoys big matches!

He’s a leading player for most Bundesliga sides and at only 24 years old, he must be kept happy and in the team since he is your future!

ante rebic fm19 - rebic eintracht fm19
Ante Rebic FM19

Kevin Trapp – consistent performer


Kevin is your 27-year-old goalkeeper who starts as a loan player from PSG. He is your best goalkeeper by a mile and his main strengths are shot stopping.

He is also a consistent performer. His main weakness would be organizing his defense. At 27 years he probably won’t improve anymore but you won’t find many better goalkeepers for the level of your team.

If possible try to buy him at the end of the season since you won’t find much better than him.

kevin trapp fm19 - trapp fm19 - trapp football manager 2019
Trapp FM19


Filip Kostic FM19 – top player


Kostic is only 25 years old and in real life, he is probably playing the season of his life. When it comes to FM, he is one of the top players in Frankfurt Eintracht. Although he is there on loan from HSV.

His main position is MR and plays best as a winger. He’s a very ambitious player, and he has really high pace and acceleration.

Add good crossing to the mix and you get assists left and right.

In real life, this man is the only player (apart from the goalkeeper) who has played every single Bundesliga game this season. And that is how good and important he is!


Luka Jovic FM19 Wonderkid


Finally, we talk about the man carrying the whole club on his back this season.

Luka Jovic is only 20 years old at the start of FM19 and in real life, he is the top scorer of the team.

This man single-handedly won games for Frankfurt Eintracht and in FM19 he got rewarded with a really high potential ability that can make him a world class player if developed the right way. He is a 20-year-old striker, on loan from Benfica.

Even though he isn’t too tall with his 181cm height, he is really good in the air. His finishing is even better and combined with good anticipation, composure, bravery, and balance he is a leading striker in the Bundesliga.

One thing to note is that he is a player who enjoys big matches!

His only weakness would be set-pieces but you have plenty of players in your team who can take those.

Like mentioned before, he is the leading goal scorer of the team in real life with 17 goals and he has 5 assists as well.

Luka is probably the only reason Frankfurt Eintracht is 4th in the Bundesliga and Benfica will be sad to let him go next season. We are just waiting what will happen (Barcelona maybe?) in the real world football, but in FM19 he is a treasure!

luka jovic fm19 - jovic fm19 - jovic football manager 2019
Luka Jovic Fm19


Evan N’Dicka


Evan is an 18-year-old CD that Frankfurt has just bought. For a central defender who is 192cm tall, he has really high pace and acceleration and his ability to leap off the ground makes the player a force to be reckoned with in the air.

His only weakness would be his marking, but being only 18 years old, he has time to improve that skill! He is a true wonderkid!

Try to give this man games in rotation as he might not be currently skilled enough to play for the first team but he is your most talented young player. So, try not to waste it!

Eintracht FM19 Formation and conclusion


We at the FMBrotherhood decided that a 5-2-1-2 WB formation would be best suited for the players you have at the start of the game and to see in detail how it looks like and which players play the starting 11 and the bench.

eintracht football manager 2019 formation
Eintracht Frankfurt Fm19 Formation

You’ll have to check out NIK’s FM19 Eintracht Frankfurt Team & Tactics Guide on YouTube.

Here he talks in depth about the team, mentions more first team players than we did in this short guide and more importantly, he talks about potential transfers to improve the current Frankfurt Eintracht FM19 team.

So be sure to go and check out his guide her. Also leave a comment about what could be done differently if you’ve played with this team!

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