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16 Confirmed New FM20 Features

By spaskecar | October 4, 2019 | 56 Views

How we found out about new FM20 features?


When you check the official Football Manager website you will only see new confirmed FM20 features that we’ve written about in the last blog FM20 New Features.

But what they don’t show is the information that they have been slowly leaking over social media channels. We at the FMBrotherhood collected all that information and we are putting it all at once place so you don’t have to waste hours.

The main source for these new football manager 2020 features is Miles Jacobson. Miles Jacobson is the studio director of Sports Interactive, the team behind the Football Manager series.

Miles has been very active on his twitter and has given us information about many new features we’ll see in FM20. Our second source was the official Football Manager Twitter account.


List of new FM20 features


First, we’ll make a list of everything we know and then we’ll talk about it in detail in the next section of the article.

New FM20 features:

  • Collective staff bonuses
  • MLS B teams improvement
  • Better modeling of real-life staff roles
  • Revamped preferences section
  • A-League FFA Marquee player fund
  • Better modeling of newgens for Basque region clubs
  • Higher profile clubs taking some competitions less seriously
  • The first-year senior player rule for Portuguese league squad registration
  • Newgens can now have more dynamic personalities that change over time
  • Packaging for Football Manager 2020 will be eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Your captain will now suggest a code of conduct when you join a new club
  • Additional talking points for the end of season meetings
  • Responsibilities screen redesigned
  • Improved unemployment experience
  • Backroom staff suggests what to say in team meetings
  • The Team Selector


New Confirmed FM20 features in detail


We will try to provide you with the newest information about all these new features in Football Manager 2020. One by one, in detail!


Collective staff bonuses in FM2020


Collective staff bonuses is a new feature in FM20 and it is just what you think it is. Even the staff gets bonuses depending on how well you do in competitions. It’s a nice small addition that won’t affect the big clubs but it will those with small budgets. Let’s hope the staff does a better job if they get paid more.

collective staff bonuses
Collective Staff Bonuses – new FM20 feature


MLS B team’s improvement


MLS B team’s improvement isn’t a new feature in FM20, it’s an improvement.

The code is completely revamped and real-life affiliations are now set. The AI is much better set so it decides who should be moved to the B-Team and vice versa. There are also minimum salary changes. Our American fans will love this!


Better modeling of staff roles in FM20


Better modeling of staff roles is another improvement to the game. It’s made so that the correct members of backroom staff are assigned to their real-life tasks, not just job names.


Revamped preferences section


Revamped preferences section is another improvement that will make life easier for FM20 managers. As Miles Jacobson says:

“It is way less overbearing, with the most popularly changed ones easier to find and all others now searchable to make them easier to find too (when you know what you’re looking for, and when you don’t, they’re all there in sections to see).”

revamped preferences selection in new fm20
Revamped preferences section in FM2020
preferences new feature in fm20
Preferences advanced screen


A-League FFA Marquee player fund as a new FM20 feature


A-League FFA Marquee player fund is another new FM20 feature. A marquee player is an athlete who is considered exceptionally popular, skilled, or otherwise outstanding, especially in professional sports. In the A-League of the Football Federation Australia, each team is allowed to designate two marquee players whose salaries are exempted from the league’s salary cap. Those salaries can go up to a maximum of 3M AUD per season for the entire league. These are some great news for FM Australian fans!


Newgens modeling


Better modeling of newgens for Basque region clubs is an FM20 improvement to Basque region clubs. Their players had previously been skewed to the countries they were based in, rather than the region they cover. This is an improvement that was requested on the official FM forums and the people at Sports Interactive listened.


Higher profile clubs and their problems


Higher profile clubs taking some competitions less seriously is basically what it says it is. If you’re playing a low league club and you get to face Liverpool in the Cup. It is likely that Liverpool won’t bring out their best 11 against you. They are more likely to rest their best players. This gives lower league clubs more chances! We at FMBrotherhood love this as it is something that often happens in real life.


New rules in Portuguese league


The first-year senior player rule for Portuguese league squad registration is another new feature in FM20 for the Portuguese league. Even though it wasn’t explained, we looked it up on the official Portuguese website and found out this:

Besides the 27 “regular” senior players, clubs can register other 6 first-year senior players, IF they played in the club at a junior age.

This is great for Portuguese clubs as they are often a source of wonderkids. They will have a much larger player pool to play.


Again newgens feature in FM20


Newgens can now have more dynamic personalities that change over time is another new FM20 feature that is taken from real life. Nobody is the same when he is 16 and when he is 30. Our personalities change and this is a good thing. Remember how aggressive Wayne Rooney was in his teen years and how he is a lot more composed player now. That’s what we need to see in-game. And it would be good if the game told us that we changed the player.


What about the packaging for Football Manager 2020?


Packaging for Football Manager 2020 will be eco-friendly and recyclable – while this isn’t a feature it is something new. On their Football Manager twitter account, SI announced that:

@MilesSI was joined by environmentalist @HectorBellerin to talk about his passion, our #FM20 announcement and the wider issue of #ClimateChange

If you are a Hector Bellerin fan and you care about the environment and climate change, be sure to watch this 8 minute YouTube video they made:


Code of conduct in FM2020


Your captain will now suggest a code of conduct when you join a new club is a new feature in FM20. It’s a great one because you can see what “punishments” players are used to in the club so you don’t overdo it, or that you aren’t too soft on them. You can, of course, personalize this however you want:

a code of conduct when you join a new club in fm20
A code of conduct in Football Manager 2020


Talking points


Additional talking points for the end of season meetings is an improvement to the end of season talk between you and your players. It gives more flexibility and clearer communication.

Additional talking points for end of season meetings is a new feature in fm20
Talking Points


New design in FM20


Responsibilities screen redesigned – The responsibilities screen has been re-designed, as part of this you can now ask your assistant to deliver touchline instructions during matches.

responsibilities screen new feature in football manager 2020
Responsibilities Screen Redesigned


Everything is going to be improved in Football Manager 2020


Improved unemployment experience – is an improvement to FM20. There’s more info on available jobs, increased press opportunities, and weekly job updates.

unemployed experience in fm20 new feature
Improved Unemployment experience in Football Manager


Backroom staff new features


Backroom staff suggests what to say in team meetings is another improvement to FM20.

confirmed new feature football manager 2020
Backroom staff new features

In team meetings, you’ll now receive advice from your backroom staff as to the best option to select. No more upsetting the room…hopefully.


The Team Selector – confirmed new FM20 feature


The Team Selector is another new FM20 feature. The team selector offers advice on the starting XI, with reasons behind each player. Through this, you have the option to untick any player suggested and stick with your own pick.

team selector in football manager 2020
The Team Selector in FM20


16 new features are there for now, how do you like it?


That’s it for this blog post. We found 16 new features that aren’t officially announced on the Football Manager website. These are all from their employees who were allowed to write about these things and to share these pictures with us. It took us a few hours to compile all these features and improvements in one place for you so give us some love. Share this article on Facebook or with your friends. Tell them what the new features on FM20 are!


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  1. Its a start but there are a lot of things that need improvement …its nice that they keep working on it and I think that in 2050 we will have a very good FM game! I would so much love it if they would add more economic features to the club management (fan shops, advertising sells etc, also some more detailed club facilities).

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