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Ibrahimovic and AC Milan FM 20 are LIKE WHAT?

By spaskecar | February 8, 2020 | 7095 Views

Today we talk about Milan FM 20 team guide. In real life, Milan is a club with a massive history but has been struggling in recent years.

In Football Manager 2020, Milan isn’t doing great either. It’s full of players that don’t have high current or potential abilities, and the finances aren’t great either.

Let’s talk about everything in a more detailed manner.


Starting A Carrer as AC Milan in FM 20


When starting a new career as the manager of AC Milan, you replace the previous manager Stefano Pioli. You get a three-year contract that is worth $48k per week.

ac milan history fm20 and club background - ac minal fm 20 club background
AC Milan in FM 20

Milan enjoyed their greatest era in the 1990s, and they are one of the two biggest clubs in Italy, together with Juventus. Milan has won seven Champions Cup trophies and has won the Italian top Division 18 times. Along with other trophies, they’ve won a total of 51 competitions.

They play their home games at the San Siro that has a 75,923 capacity and boasts with:

  • Superb training facilities
  • Excellent youth facilities
  • Excellent youth recruitment

It’s important to mention club legend Paolo Maldini who is working as your Technical Director, Frederic Massara as your Director of Football and Giacomo Murelli as your Assistant Manager.

The media predicts AC Milan to finish fourth in the 2019/2020 season, and you are here to prove them wrong.


AC Milan Best 11 FM2020 – Team Report


ac milan fm20 best 11 - ac milan fm 20 best eleven - best players in ac milan football manager 2020
AC Milan FM20 best 11

These are the best 11 players you have at your disposal when starting a career with AC Milan on FM 20. It’s a nice mix of young and experienced players, but if you want to challenge the title, eventually, you’ll need many better players in most positions.

Please note that we haven’t included January transfers as they didn’t happen in the game yet.


AC Milan FM20 Club Vision and Competition Objectives


ac milan history fm20 and club background - ac minal fm 20 club background
AC Milan in FM 20

Unlike ten years ago, AC Milan in FM 20 has a good club culture. They don’t want you to sign players over the age of 30, and they expect you to sign those of age 23 and younger.

That’s a good strategy because about ten years ago, AC Milan was signing all those players who were about to retire. The average player age was 29 or 30. It didn’t bring any results, so it seems AC Milan is going with a different strategy now.

Your job as a new AC Milan manager in FM20 is to qualify for the EURO Cup in the first season. In the second season, the objective is to qualify for the Champions Cup, and in your third season, you need to challenge for the Serie A title.

All of these are reasonable objectives and are possible to do in Football Manager 2020 even before the deadline.


AC Milan FM20 Squad – Most Important Players


The AC Milan squad in FM20 isn’t that great, but there is lots of potential for growth. And there is a massive boost to them because Zlatan Ibrahimović is back.

Let’s take a look at the most important players of the AC Milan squad.


Gianluigi Donnarumma


  • Current Ability 155
  • Potential Ability 174
  • Position Goalkeeper
  • Age 20
gianluigi donnarumma fm20 - gianluigi donnarumma fm 20
Gianluigi Donnarumma FM20

Donnarumma is one of the best young goalkeepers in the world, and AC Milan is covered in that position for the next 15 years if they can keep him in the team.

  • Fairly determined player
  • Can improve a lot
  • Is a current international player
  • Good at shot-stopping
  • He fits very well in the core group of the squad


Alessio Romagnoli


  • Current Ability 154
  • Potential Ability 168
  • Position Central Defender
  • Age 24
alessio romagnoli fm20 - alessio romagnoli fm 20 - alessio romagnoli fm2020
Alessio Romagnoli FM 20

The best central defender at AC Milan and has a good potential ability to become a leading CD in Europe.

  • Leading CD for most Serie A teams
  • Relishes big matches
  • Constant performer
  • Really good in the air
  • Anticipates situations well
  • Handles himself in a professional manner
  • Is a current international


Krzysztof Piatek


  • Current Ability 152
  • Potential Ability 163
  • Position Striker
  • Age 24
krystztof piatek fm20
Krystztof Piatek FM20

Although Piatek has departed AC Milan in real life, you can still use him in FM20 until we get the transfer window update.

  • A very driven personality
  • Great finishing ability
  • Leading player for most Serie A teams
  • Relishes big matches
  • Consistent performer
  • Off the ball movement makes him an intelligent player




  • Current Ability 152
  • Potential Ability 161
  • Position Attacking Midfielder Right
  • Age 25
suso fm2020 - suso fm20 - suso fm 20
Suso FM2020

Suso is another player that has left AC Milan but only on loan. He’s a quality player in Football Manager 2020.

  • Amazing technique
  • Is a natural in a couple of positions
  • Can still improve
  • Handles himself in a professional way
  • Enjoys big matches
  • Considered a creative player


Franck Kessié


  • Current Ability 149
  • Potential Ability 169
  • Position Central Midfielder
  • Age 22
franck kessie fm20
Franck Kessie FM20

Kessie is a box to box midfielder who is a must keep on FM2020.

  • Potential to be a Serie A star midfielder in the future
  • High work rate
  • Is a current international with plenty of experience
  • His bravery makes him a great team player
  • Is natural in DM as well
  • Fairly determined player
  • Enjoys big matches
  • Fairly consistent performer
  • Considered a physical player


Lucas Paquetá


  • Current Ability 144
  • Potential Ability 165
  • Position Central Attacking Midfielder
  • Age 21
lucas paqueta fm20
Lucas Paqueta FM20

Lucas Paquetá is the future for AC Milan in the AMC position.

  • A very driven player in pursuit of his goals
  • His dribbling and ability to do the unexpected is one of the main reasons behind his ability to go past a defender
  • Under 22 player who is eligible to play in all matches
  • A versatile player who is natural in a couple of positions
  • Can improve a lot
  • Considered a technical player


Zlatan Ibrahimović


  • Current Ability 143
  • Potential Ability 185
  • Position Striker
  • Age 37
zlatan ibrahimovic fm20 - zlatan ibrahimovic fm2020 - zlatan ibrahimovic football manager 2020
Zlatan Ibrahimovic FM20

We had to manually transfer Ibrahimović to AC Milan because we simply love this legend.

  • A global superstar
  • Is a perfectionist who constantly strives for improvement
  • His dribbling and ability to do the unexpected is one of the main reasons behind his ability to go past a defender
  • Consistent performer
  • Really good in the air
  • Has plenty of international experience
  • Enjoys big matches
  • Is adept at using either foot
  • Considered a creative player


AC Milan Finances


AC Milan isn’t the powerhouse it used to be anymore. In fact, in the first season 2019/2020, you will only have a $26M transfer budget, and you will be spending above the wage budget already. After some adjustments, you are left with about $20M budget and a $120k per week to spend on salaries.

We at FMBrotherhood suggest trying to save money in the first season as you can’t really find players with great ability for only $20M.

There are wonderkids that you can buy for cheap, and you should check out our wonderkids section.

Another thing you can do is get players on loan; one of the best ones you can get at the start of the game is Juan Cuadrado, who is on loan list.

The third thing is to focus on your own youth players. AC Milan has some nice players who can become leading Serie A players in the future.


AC Milan Wonderkids and Good Youth Players


AC Milan is struggling with finances, so one of the things you can do is focus on your youth.

These are the best players in your U20 and U18 that you MUST keep:

  • Daniel Maldini – 17 years old – 158 potential ability
  • Alessandro Plizzari – 19 years old – 157 potential ability
  • Michele Lo Curto – 17 years old – 145 potential ability


Conclusion on AC Milan in FM 20


AC Milan is a challenge. The bad finances and overall neglect of the team by the owners and bad transfers in the past have led this giant to fall.

Can you help make AC Milan rule the world again? Can you add a Champions Cup to those seven trophies they already have in their cabinet?

Yes, you can, and we are here to help you.

Our team member NIK has made this YouTube video on AC Milan:

There you can see his thoughts on AC Milan, tactics, and many transfer suggestions.

If you like the video, leave it a like and subscribe to his channel. It means a lot!

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