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best fm20 championship players to sign
Football Manager 2020

Best FM20 (Football Manager 2020) Championship Players To Sign

By spaskecar | December 30, 2019 | 8225 Views

The English Football League Championship is the highest division of the English Football League (EFL) and second-highest overall in the English football league system after the Premier League.

It’s a really strong league and that is often proven in cup competitions where clubs from the Championship often beat Premier League teams.

When it comes to Football Manager 2020, there are many Championship players who can play for Premier League clubs but decide not to do so because of loyalty to their clubs.

There are also many very talented players in the Championship to sign, who might even become leading Premier League players.

Best FM20 Championship players have the current ability between 130 and 140 and we are going to talk about the top 20 of them.


Top 20 Best FM20 Championship Players


  1. Kalvin Phillips – C.A. 140
  2. Papa Alioune Ndiaye – C.A. 140
  3. Jack Butland – C.A. 138
  4. Kiko Casilla – C.A. 137
  5. Pablo Hernández Domínguez – C.A. 137
  6. Terence Kongolo – C.A. 135
  7. Ivan Cavaleiro – C.A. 135
  8. Aleksandar Mitrovic – C.A. 135
  9. Pontus Jansson – C.A. 135
  10. Darren Randolph – C.A. 134
  11. Christopher Schindler – C.A. 134
  12. Bradley Dack – C.A. 133
  13. Jarrod Bowen – C.A. 133
  14. Hélder Costa – C.A. 133
  15. Neil Etheridge – C.A. 132
  16. Kamil Grosicki – C.A. 131
  17. Matheus Felipe Costa Pereira – C.A. 131
  18. Borja Bastón – C.A. 131
  19. Matt Miazga – C.A. 131
  20. Tom Cairney – C.A. 130


Let’s talk about the best FM 20 Championship signings in a more detailed way.

We scouted these players with a Premier League giant, so the scout recommendations are going to be low, 65 and less, so just ignore that.


1. Kalvin Phillips – C.A. 140


Kalvin Phillips is the best FM20 Championship player based on current ability. Kalvin is only 23 years old and has a potential ability of 150. He plays as a central midfielder and his best role is the Box to Box Midfielder.

When it comes to his personality, he is a fairly loyal, professional and determined player.

His strongest attribute is his natural fitness and his bravery and work rate make him a good team player. He is a very versatile player who is natural in a couple of positions.

He also enjoys big matches.

kalvin phillips fm20 best championship signing
Kalvin Phillips FM20

His only weakness is his jumping reach but if you pair him with a tall midfield player they will dominate.


2. Papa Alioune Ndiaye – C.A. 140


Badou Ndiaye is the second-best player to sign in Championship (FM 20), with an ability of 140, same as Kalvin Phillips to whom we gave the number one spot because of his age.

Ndiaye is 28 years old and plays in the central midfield position but can also play the defensive midfielder position.

His best role is the Box to Box Midfielder, and he is a very resolute player.

This man is a very athletic player with high natural fitness and stamina.

Badou Ndiaye is a current international with plenty of experience and his bravery and work rate make him a great team player.

He is also a versatile player who can play in a couple of positions and he enjoys big matches.

badou ndiaye fm 20
Badou Ndiaye FM 20

His only weakness is that he is sometimes a dirty player who gets a few more yellow cards during the season that he should.


3. Jack Butland – C.A. 138


Jack Butland is a 26-year-old goalkeeper and based on his current ability you should definitively sign him in Football Manager 2020.

Butland was dubbed as the future number one goalkeeper for England when he was a teenager, but he didn’t live up to the expectations. He is a current international player for England, but only as a second or third choice.

jack butland football manager 2020
Jack Butland Football Manager 2020 – One of the best in Championship

He is a very professional player with great sportsmanship and loyalty. His main strengths are his shot-stopping and his aerial reach.

The weakness, that made him not fulfill his potential in real life is his inconsistency. He rarely performs at 100% of his ability.


4. Kiko Casilla – C.A. 137


Kiko Casilla is another player who didn’t live up to his potential. He is a 32-year-old goalkeeper who plays for Leeds and is a great Championship player based on current ability.

Casilla is a very resolute player who is fairly professional and fairly determined. His main strengths are his shot-stopping, and he is a very adaptable player who won’t have a problem living in another country.

One of the best things about him is that he is fairly consistent and rarely gets injured.

kiko casilla fm2020
Kiko Casilla FM2020

When it comes to weaknesses, he is a little bit eccentric, so you don’t really know what he’s going to do next.


5. Pablo Hernández Domínguez – C.A. 137


Pablo Hernandez is a 34-year-old AMR who plays for Leeds even though the picture shows Sheff Utd. We scouted him after he made his transfer in the game.

Pablo is the 5th on this list, with 137 potential ability. He is the oldest player on this list, and you might think twice before signing him as his attributes are declining sharply.

This man has many strengths, some of them being consistency and relishing big matches. He’s a good team player. His composure aids his skillful approach to the game.

pablo hernandez fm20
Pablo Hernandez FM20

His only weakness would be his aerial gameplay. With his low jumping reach, low heading and low height he can’t really challenge anyone in the air. But since he is a winger, he doesn’t really need to do that.

He has amazing technical and mental stats but unfortunately, he is old, and his physical stats are declining.

6. Terence Kongolo – C.A. 135


Terence Kongolo is the first central defender on this list of best FM 20 Championship signings. At the age of 25, he can still polish his skills a little bit and become better.

Terence is a loyal, fairly consistent player who is known to be temperamental at times.

kongolo fm20
Kongolo FM20

He has great physical stats for a Championship player and his ability to put himself in the right position makes him an effective marker.

His only weakness is that he might be susceptible to injuries.


7. Ivan Cavaleiro – C.A. 135


Ivan Cavaleiro is a 25-year-old AML who plays for Fulham, but he is on loan from Wolves. As he is only 25, he can still improve a little bit.

Cavaleiro is a fairly ambitious and fairly determined player who possesses a great pace and his acceleration underpins his overall speed. He is also a player who enjoys the big matches.

Some of his weaknesses are that he is fairly susceptible to injuries and he is poor in the air. Also if you try to buy him, his agent might demand a hefty fee.

ivan cavaleiro fm20
Ivan Cavaleiro FM20


8. Aleksandar Mitrovic – C.A. 135


Aleksandar Mitrovic – Mitrogol is the best FM2020 striker in the Championship and overall the 8th best player in the league.

Mitrovic has a fairly balanced personality and is a very good team player. His bravery underlines his desire to help his teammates.

Serbian striker is a fairly consistent performer who enjoys big matches.

aleksandar mitrovic fm20
Aleksandar Mitrovic FM2020

The only weakness he has is his dribbling which makes him a one-dimensional striker. Also, he’s a player who is known to be dirty at times and he might end up with a few more yellow cards than needed.


9. Pontus Jansson – C.A. 135


Pontus Jansson is a 28-year-old central defender, and he surely deserves to get on this list.

Jansson is fairly loyal, fairly determined and fairly professional when it comes to his personality. His main strengths are his aerial ability. He’s a tall player with great jumping reach and good heading.

We loved Jansson because he is a very consistent player who is also very adaptable to playing in other countries.

pontus jansson fm20
Pontus Jansson FM 20

When it comes to his weaknesses, it’s mostly getting unnecessary yellow cards because he is known to be dirty at times.


10. Darren Randolph – C.A. 134


Darren Randolph is a 32-year-old goalkeeper and he is the 3rd best goalkeeper in the Championship and overall 10th best player.

His main strength is his shot-stopping and he’s a fairly determined, professional and adaptable player.

He’s a fairly consistent performer and he is a current international with plenty of experience.

darren randolph fm20
Darren Randolph FM 20

His eccentricity might be his only weakness because he can have a very unpredictable style of goalkeeping at times.


FM20 Championship best signings – Conclusion


We’ve shown you who the 20 of the best Football Manager 2020 players are, and we talked about 10 of them in detail.

Now if you’re managing a Championship side and maybe you can’t afford to buy some of those players, our team member NIK made a great YouTube video about the other players you can buy for your Championship team.

You can check out the video here:

If you enjoyed our FM20 best Championship signings list or the YouTube video, leave us a like and comment, we appreciate it.

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