Amazing French FM20 (Football Manager 2020) Cheap Wonderkids
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Amazing French FM20 (Football Manager 2020) Cheap Wonderkids

By spaskecar | June 2, 2020 | 10631 Views

If you are looking for a cheap, bargain wonderkids in FM20, look no more! Today we have prepared for you a list of amazing French wonderkids in Football Manager 2020 you can buy for around €1M.

We already have our list of brutally cheap FM20 wonderkids all around the world that has some “crazy” good players. But today we focus on France. World Cup champions always produce some new great players and in this case, if you buy them early, they will be yours for around 1 million. It’s a chance you can’t miss it.

List of amazing French FM20 wonderkids:

  • Jessim Pellissard – 147 PA
  • Melvin Zinga – 147 PA
  • Alan Virginius – 145 PA
  • Yanis Begraoui – 140 PA
  • Malo Gusto – 136 PA
  • Enzo Valentim – 130 PA
  • Haissem Hassan – 142 PA
  • Modeste Duku – 140 PA
  • Lisandru Tramoni – 140-150 PA
  • Mathis Louiserre – 128 PA
  • Thomas Roche – 131 PA
  • Rayan Cherki – 180 PA

As we said these French wonderkids are brutally cheap and to keep it that way we have made 3 high criteria every player needs to fulfill:

    • Age: 18 or younger
    • Value: €1.5M or less
    • Potential Ability: 120 or more

Let’s take a look at what makes these players so good. And don’t stop after 1 or 2 players. In the end, waits for you a player you shouldn’t miss in Football Manager 2020.


FM20 French wonderkids in detail


Jessim Pelissard – 16 years old – Price €475K – 147 PA – Available immediately


Number one French wonderkid on our list is Jessie Pelissard. 16 years old starts his FM20 campaign in Sochaux Under 19, but you should try to sign him as soon as possible. Pelissard is best used as Advanced Forward and he already has great attributes:

  • Finishing 12
  • Dribbling 12
  • First Touch 12

His potential ability is 147 what makes him a future star striker in Ligue 1. And another great thing is, you will need to pay only €475K compensation fee to Sochaux. Solid price for a future star.


Melvin Zinga – 17 years old – Price €1M – 147 PA – Available immediately


Zinga is a 17 years old goalkeeper currently contracted to Le Havre. His potential ability is also 147 what would make him as good as Jordan Pickford or Andre Onana are at the moment. Their current ability is 146/147. Just to show you how good really is Melvin Zinga.

melvin zinga french wonderkid fm20
Melvin Zinga FM20 – Cheap French Wonderkid

With attributes like Handling 13, Positioning 13, Kicking 14, Zinga is for sure one of the best FM20 young goalkeepers and true French wonderkid!

Buying Zinga will include a little bit of negotiation, but you will be able to sign him for around €1M.


Alan Virgiunius – 16 years old – Price €475K – PA 145 – Available immediately


For another great French wonderkid, we are again going to Sochaux Under 19’s squad. Alan Virgiunius is a 16 years old AMR (right-winger) whose potential ability is 145.

alan virginius fm20 - alan virginius wonderkid fm20
Alan Virginius – Wonderkid in FM20

As you can see, Sochaux’s team is full of young wonderkids and potentially one of the greatest teams to manage in FM20. If you choose so, Virginius will be your biggest attacking threat. Best use him as Winger with support duty. Some of the attributes that makes him so good:

  • Dribbling 12
  • Acceleration 12
  • Technique 12

Sochaux is obviously not doing good things in keeping their’s wonderkids and that’s why you will need to pay only €475K compensation fee and Virginius will be yours immediately.


Yanis Begraoui – 17 years old – Price €1M – PA 140 – Available immediately


yanis begraoui football manager 2020 wonderkid
Yanis Begraoui in Football Manager 2020

Yanis Begraoui, currently contracted to Auxerre, is a 17 years old striker who best plays as Advanced Forward with attacking duty. Such a young player, but already he has some great qualities:

  • First Touch 15
  • Acceleration 15
  • Technique 13

It is pretty much obvious that Begraoui’s greatest strength lies in his speed that will make him unstoppable for must of opposition defenders. Maybe a new Kylian Mbappe?

He is also really cheap, his transfer will be around €1M, maybe a few euros more. And if you are interested in another wonderkid striker no regarding their price, take a look at our’s Top Wonderkid Strikers in FM20 You Have to Buy article.


Malo Gusto – 16 years old – Price €1M – PA 136 – Available immediately


Malo Gusto is fifth on our list of cheap FM20 wonderkids that can be found in France. 16 years old central midfielder at the beginning of Football Manager 2020 plays for Lyon’s Under 19 squad.

malo gusto fm20 cheap french wonderkid
Malo Gusto FM20 Cheap Wonderkid from France

Passing 12, Technique 12, Work Rate 13, and much more very good attributes gave him a potential ability of 136, but probably he can improve even more when he starts with first-team football.

Lyon is willing to sell Gusto for some price between €650K and €1,6M so it’s up to you and your Director of Football to assure buying a wonderkid for under €1M.


Enzo Valentim – 18 years old – Price €1M – PA 130 – Available immediately


Best used as right Full Back with defend duty, Enzo Valentim is 18 years old who will for sure become a part of the French National Team in the future.

enzo valentim fm2020
Enzo Valentim FM2020

He is currently playing for Reims, but his potential ability of 130 means he will soon get a transfer to a much bigger club. Hopefully, it will be a club you decided to manage in FM20.

Valentim has great defending attributes like Heading 14, Decisions 15, Determination 15 and he can cover central defender position too, if necessary. For signing him, you will need to pay between €575K and €1.3M but probably it will be even under €1M.


Haissem Hassan – 17 years old – Price 1.2M – PA 142 – Available immediately


haissem hassan fm20
Haissem Hassan FM20

Haissem Hassan is the first player on our list that exceeds the transfer budget of 1 million. Hassan plays for Chateroux and at the beginning, they don’t want to sell him. But after we have raised an offer to 1.2M, Chateroux decided that offer is too good to reject.

And why should you give 1.2M for Hassan? His potential ability is 142, he plays as AML, but equally good can play as a right-winger as well. Technique 14, First Touch 15, Dribbling 13 are just some of his amazing attributes.

With good training, Hassan has the potential to become one of the best wingers in the France League and in FM20.


Modeste Duku – 18 years old – Price 1.2M – PA 140 – Available immediately


Another player that goes pass €1M bargain is Modeste Duku. Duku is 18 years old Advanced Playmaker who can play on any attacking position – AMC, AML, AMR, ST.

modeste duku fm20 wonderkid
Modeste Duku Football Manager 2020 Wonderkid

Duku goes into the best French FM20 wonderkids thanks to his 140 potential ability. His biggest strength is decision making, for 18 years old it’s fantastic 16 already with some other great mental attributes. Beside that, Duku is a very good technician as any advanced playmaker has to be.

Currently sitting in Lyon’s second team, the first problem is Lyon doesn’t want to sell him. But, same as with Hassan, they actually accepted our €1.2M offer so that’s the price you will need to pay for another great Football Manager 2020 wonderkid.


Lisandru Tramoni – 16 years old – Price €650K – PA 140-150 – Available immediately


Going down on our list doesn’t mean we are getting bad players. Contrary, we are getting better and better, and Lisandru Tramoni fits perfectly in our list of cheap FM20 wonderkids.

lisandru tramoni fm20 french wonderkid
Lisandru Tramoni Football Manager 2020 Cheap Wonderkid

Tramori is 16 years old starting his career in Ajaccio. He plays as AMRL meaning he can play on any attacking position, but he feels the best as a right-winger. His potential ability is between 140-150, but his development will depend massively on training. By every criteria he should be a great player, but you need to help him reach stars.

Some of Tramoni’s FM20 amazing attributes:

  • Crossing 13
  • First Touch 12
  • Acceleration 12

Ajaccio’s board negotiates hard when Tramoni is in question, but if you are lucky (or good) you can buy him for only €650K. Good luck!


Thomas Roche – 17 years old – Price €500K – PA 128 – Available immediately


Thomas Roche is a player with the lowest potential ability on our list. His PA is 128 and although it seems like that’s pretty low, keep in mind that current ability around that level makes him in the top half of best FM20 players.

thomas roche fm20
Thomas Roche FM20 French wonderkid

Rochere plays for Dijon and that is the second goalkeeper on our list. Nice Reflexes (12) for a young goalkeeper, but Natural Fitness is his biggest strength. Believe it or not, Rochere has 20 Natural Fitness. It is the only player with 20 marks on our list.

You can buy Rochere in a transfer between €425K – €970K what is pretty low when you take into consideration his potential.


Mathis Louiserre – 18 years old – Price 1.1M – PA 131 – Available immediately


Mathis Louiserre is another wonderkid you won’t regret buying in FM20. He plays in Lyon’s second team as DC and is best used as Ball Playing Defender.

mathis louiserre fm20 cheap french wonderkids
Mathis Louiserre FM20 – Cheap French Wonderkids

What makes Louiserre so attractive in FM20 is his combination of great speed, fantastic marking, and surprisingly good technique for such a young player. Just some of his attributes:

  • Acceleration 13
  • Marking 13
  • Passing 13
  • Technique 12

As you can see, Louiserre is a quality defender with better ball control than many midfielders in Football Manager. Lyon doesn’t want to sell him, but we offered 1.1M euros and they were satisfied with it. Not a hard negotiators we would say!


Rayan Cherki – 15 years old – Price 1.1M – PA 180 – Available immediately


We have left the best for the end. Speaking about FM20 wonderkids and not mentioning Rayan Cherki would be a true sin. He is overall the best FM20 wonderkid on this bargain level.

cherki - fm20 cheap wonderkid
Cherki – FM20 Cheap Wonderkids – The Best!

Cherki is 15 years old Inverted winger playing on a left side and currently contracted to PSG. His potential ability is amazing 180 and he can become as good as Kevin De Bruyne, one of the best players at all in Football Manager 2020.

He has Dribbling 14, Technique 15, First Touch 13, and all that with only 15 years. We get excited immediately while thinking about what can he achieve in FM20. True, true wonderkid.

If you want to buy him, you won’t need to splash all your transfer budget. Cherki can be bought for only €1.1M what really makes him a signing you shouldn’t miss.

You will only need to have patience because with having only 15 years, he won’t be ready for true first-team football for at least 2-3 more seasons. But if you can wait for him, you can only profit from it.

If you want to see more of French FM20 brutally cheap wonderkids, take a look at NikFM’s video where he describes some of these players in more detail, but also add some other to the list.


TOP French FM20 wonderkids under €1M – conclusion


Football Manager 2020 is full of crazy good and crazy cheap wonderkids. All you have to do is find them, buy, and then help them fulfill their potential. That’s why we presented you with this list of best French FM20 wonderkids that can be bought for around €1M.

Although we are in the end, we are not finished. For those searching for more amazing FM20 wonderkids, take a look at our lists:

Now we are done. And we have only one little appeal for you. Start following our FMBrotherhood Community or leave a comment under this article. It helps us the same way we help you in finding great FM20 wonderkids. Merci!

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