Amazing and Cheap Italian Wonderkids (FM20) Football Manager 2020
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Amazing and Cheap Italian Wonderkids (FM20) Football Manager 2020

By spaskecar | June 19, 2020 | 9619 Views

Search for a cheap, but amazing wonderkids is like a search for a Holy Grail of Football Manager. In most of the cases, if you want a wonderkid, you will need to smash your transfer budget for it.

This time, we are going all-in in Italy, trying to find some great and cheap Italian wonderkids.

And guess what?

We have done it.

There are plenty Italian wonderkids in FM20 who will not cost you a fortune, and now let’s see which players you really need to buy in Football Manager 2020.


The best FM20 Cheap Wonderkids


The best cheap Italian wonderkids in Football Manager 2020 are:

  • Simone Rabbi
  • Pietro Rovaglia
  • Niccolo Zanellato
  • Allesandro Mallamo
  • Marco Carnessechi
  • Mattia Novella
  • Daniel Maldini
  • Giuseppe Cuomo
  • Nicolo Armini

The list is here, let’s go and learn more about these fantastic Italian players in FM20.


Simone Rabbi – 17 years old – Attacking midfielder/striker (AMRL/ST) – PA 140-150 – Value: 700K


simone rabbi fm20 - simone rabbi football manager 2020
Simone Rabbi FM20

First on our list of cheap FM20 Italian wonderkids is Simone Rabbi.

Although only 17 years old, Rabbi already has some great attributes like Finishing 14, Flair 15, Pace 13.

Rabbi can play as a winger on both sides and also as a central striker.

Finishing 14 in this early stage of his life assures he will be scoring goals and goals and bring you joy on almost every game.

In the beginning, he is best used as a winger or inverted forward.

Rabbi has PA between 140-150 what would make him one of the best Italian wingers in Football Manager 2020.

To buy him, you will only need to pay Bologna compensation fee around €700K.


Pietro Rovaglia – 18 years old – Striker (ST) – PA 130-140 – Value: €600K


pietro rovaglia fm2020 - pietro rovaglia fm20 cheap italian wonderkid
Pietro Rovaglia FM2020

Another amazing Italian wonderkid is Pietro Rovaglia.

Currently contracted to Chievo, Rovaglia is a great striker who gives his best when assigned the role of a poacher!

His potential ability is around 130-140 and the price is only 600K of a compensation fee. Having these two things in mind, Rovaglia fastly becomes a must-buy player in Football Manager 2020.

And to give you more idea about Rovaglia’s quality, just look at some of his great attributes:

  • Finishing 13
  • Heading 13
  • Jumping 13

We have left the best for the end and that’s his natural fitness.

Having only 18 years and natural fitness 15 means he will be a real beast in the future. You can’t miss that.


Niccolo Zanellato – 21 years old – Midfielder (MC) – PA 143 – Value: €2M


niccolo zanellato football manager 2020
Niccolo Zanellato Football Manager 2020

Niccolo Zanellato is a 21 years old central midfielder that is a true Italian FM20 wonderkid.

He is best used as a deep-lying playmaker and that comes as no surprise when you see his attributes:

  • Passing 13
  • Jumping 16
  • First Touch 13

Overall, Zanellato has amazing mental attributes for such a young player.

His PA is 143 and Crotone is willing to sell him for more than €2M.

If you can afford it, he will be a good signing for most of Serie A teams.


Allesandro Mallamo – 20 years old – Midfielder (MC) – PA 147 – Value: Don’t want to sell


mallamo fm20 cheap wonderkid
Alessandro Mallamo FM20 – Italian Cheap Wonderkid

Allesandro Mallamo is a Juve Stabia diamond and it is a first Italian wonderkid on our list who is not for selling according to his club.

Only 20 years old, Mallamo is an amazing Mazzala, just look at his attributes like Technique 14, Dribbling 14, Passing 14!

His potential ability is 147 what really puts him on a top of cheap FM20 wonderkids list.

As we said, Juve Stabia doesn’t want to sell him, but with a good offer, they just won’t be able to reject the offer. Especially if you will manage a high-level team or any crazy rich team in FM20.


Marco Carnessechi – 19 years old – goalkeeper (GK) – PA 140-150 – Value: €1.5M


marco carnesecchi fm20
Marco Carnesecchi FM20 Italian Wonderkid

On our list is also one of the best young goalkeepers in Football Manager 2020 and that is Marco Carnessechi.

This wonderkid has only 19 years and is playing for Trapani, on loan from Atalanta. And we do know – Atalanta never miss when wonderkids are in question.

Handling 12, 1-on-1 11, Determination 17 are just some of the great attributes Carnessechi has. Atalanta is willing to sell him in a transfer between 1.4M and 2.6M. He will have moderate wage demands around 5K per week and it’s really nothing when you know he can reach up a potential ability of 150!


Mattia Novella – 18 years old – Defender/Winger Right – PA 130-140 – Value: €900K


mattia novella football manager 2020 - fm20 cheap italian wonderkid
Mattia Novella Football Manager 2020

The first defender wonderkid on our list is Mattia Novella. 18 years old right defender/winger is currently in Salernitana’s Under 20 squad so you will only pay a compensation fee for him around €900K.

Novella will be a great asset to any team as this brutally cheap Italian wonderkid can contribute both in attack and in the defense. Passing 12, Tackling 13, First Touch 12, Natural Fitness 14 – attributes that guarantee success if you buy him.

Novella’s potential ability is somewhere between 130-140 what means you will need to step up and lead him to fulfill his potential. If you do that, you will gain a lot.


Daniel Maldini – 17 years old – Inverted Winger – PA 140 – Value: €875K


daniel maldini fm20
Daniel Maldini FM20

And now, look at this amazing Italian FM20 inverted winger wonderkid. He could without a problem become a part of our brutally cheap FM20 wonderkids list. Daniele Maldini is only 17 years old and as his name suggests, he plays for AC Milan.

Maldini can play at both wings, but also as a shadow striker, although he is best used as an inverted winger. He has some great physical attributes:

  • Acceleration: 14
  • Natural Fitness: 14
  • Pace 13

Maldini has a potential ability around 140 and all you need to do is pay €875K compensation fee to AC Milan. Also, he is not really demanding player. Maldini wants a wage around 2K per week.


Giuseppe Cuomo – 21 years old – Central Defender (DC) – PA 138 – Value: €2M


giuseppe cuomo fm20 - italian cheap wonderkid cuomo
Giueseppe Cuomo FM2020 – Italian Cheap Wonderkid

We can’t do the list of great Italian wonderkids without a central defender on it. The position that is mastered by Italian players like Chiellini or Bonucci is here represented by fantastic Giuseppe Cuomo.

Cuomo is 21 years old central defender who is currently contracted to Crotone and has a potential ability of 138. Crotone is willing to sell him in a transfer between 1.4M and 3.5M and it’s up to your negotiating how much will you pay. He has some bigger wage demands – around €5K per week.

Looking at his attributes, we realize Cuomo is an old school Italian central defender. Heading 14, Marking 13, Tackling 13, Jumping 16 means he will defend everything, but don’t expect him to build up a play from behind.


Nicolo Armini – 18 years old – Central Defender (DC/DR) – PA 151 – Value: Don’t want to sell


nicolo armini fm20
Nicolo Armini FM20

The last player on our list is a bit of an exception. Nicolo Armini is by far the best Italian wonderkid on a list and probably one of the best wonderkids in FM20 overall.

We have already written about him in our Ultimate Lazio team guide, but wanted to present him also here. Armini is 18 years old central defender who has PA 151 what will make him probably one of the best central defenders in Football Manager 2020.

He is valued at only $300K and Lazio doesn’t want to sell him. If you want to buy him, we suggest do it at the start of a game as later it won’t be possible without $100M. Heading 12, Marking 12, Determination 17 are just some of his attributes.

To buy him, you will need to manage a rich club as he is also pretty demanding for such a young player. At Lazio, he is already earning $14,75K per week and surely he will demand more elsewhere. But if you succeed in buying him, you will profit in a future that’s for sure.


FM20 amazing and cheap wonderkids


We have finished our list, but if you want to learn more about these players or want to find some other great and cheap FM20 Italian wonderkids, take a look at NikFM’s video! He has a full list of amazing players and will be glad to help you.

Also if you aren’t in Italian wonderkids or you decide to manage clubs from other countries, we’ve got you covered. We have done our homework on cheap wonderkids in Football Manager 2020:


Cheap Italian wonderkids FM20 – conclusion


We hope you enjoyed our list of cheap Italian wonderkids in FM20 and you will use it in your gameplay. As always, we invite you to support our work with likes, comments, shares, and everything else that comes up on your mind.

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