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Crystal Palace FM20 – The Best Team Guide You Will Find

By spaskecar | June 27, 2020 | 9092 Views

When looking at Premier League teams to manage in Football Manager 2020, Crystal Palace is highly overskipped.

But, that is a bit unfair to the Eagles who have a really interesting team.

That’s why we present you ultimate team guide to FM20 Crystal Palace.

BELIEVE US, it’s the best one you will find online!


Crystal Palace Football Manager 2020 – board expectations


As always, we are starting with board expectations and club vision that will be your most important thing to keep the job.

For the first season, the board wants you to finish in the middle of the Premier League. And that’s the one required expectation so focus hard on Premier League.

England is full of different cups and your board is not really interested in it. They would like to catch the 4/5th round of Cups, but if you don’t do it, you won’t be sacked immediately.

crystal palace fm20 board expectations - fm20 crystal palace board
Crystal Palace FM20 – Board Expectations

As a 5 year plan, there are two things:

  • Sign players to sell for a profit
  • Work within wage budget

The first one is pretty obvious. Palace is a small club and they live from selling players. To help you out with this expectation, take a look at FM20 best cheap wonderkids as there you can find low budget players who can bring profit to the club in the future.

Working in a wage budget in another mandatory thing so you won’t be flexible when it comes to this point.

Again, your best chance is to BUY CHEAP, SELL EXPENSIVE.


FM20 Crystal Palace – team and best players


We have seen what your board wants from you as a manager of Crystal Palace in FM20, but now let’s take a look at what is waiting for you in a dressing room.

You can’t really applaud for an FM20 Crystal Palace team, but with good managing and a few quality signings, you can even reach Euro qualifiers in your first season.

Actually, Palace has a good team but lacks a number of quality players.

You will have a great first eleven, but when those players get tired, you will be in a problem.

There are 4 players that will make the backbone of your team:

  • Wilfried Zaha
  • Mamadou Sakho
  • Vicente Guaita
  • Luka Milivojevic


Wilfried Zaha – the best Crystal Palace player in FM20


wilfried zaha fm20 - the best football manager 2020 crystal palace player
Wilfried Zaha FM20

For sure, the best Crystal Palace player in Football Manager 2020, the same as in real life, is Wilfried Zaha.

Amazing winger/striker is a transfer target for many clubs, so you will really need to keep him happy which is not so easy with his personality.

He is best used as inverted winger.

Zaha has a current ability of 154, but with 26 on his back, he can improve even more.

Pace 17, Acceleration 17, Dribbling 16 is something you need to use, especially when playing on counter-attacks.

We will talk more about it in the formation and tactics section.


Palace defense leader –  Mamadou Sakho


mamadou sakho fm20 crystal palace - mamadou sakho football manager 2020
Mamadou Sakho FM20 – Crystal Palace

The leader in the defense is Mamadou Sakho.

29 years old French central defender is a great player you can rely on.

He is fast for a defender, but his defending skills are a highlight for sure.

Tackling 16, Marking 15, Heading 15 are just some of his attributes.

He will also be a threat for the opposition at the set pieces. And not to forget, Leadership 16 makes him a captain or vice-captain option.


Vicente Guaita FM20


vicente guaita fm2020 - guaita crystal palace fm20
Vicente Guaita FM2020 – Crystal Palace

The third rock in a Palace backbone is Vicente Guaita.

Probably one of the best Premier League goalkeepers will have busy games, but he can bring you so much needed clean sheets.

Guaita is 32 years old, but he can still reach his potential ability of 150.


Crystal Palace captain – Luka Milivojevic


luka milivojevic fm20 - milivojevic football manager 2020 stats
Luka Milivojevic – Football Manager 2020

And the last on the best FM20 Crystal Palace players list is Luka Milivojevic.

Captain and leader is a 28 years old defensive midfielder from Serbia who is best used as a ball-winning midfielder.

He has amazing mental and physical attributes but lacks creativity.

His passing is only 9 what is a disaster for a midfielder. That’s why you will need to pair Milivojevic with someone who can assist Zaha and the company.

But, on the other side, Milivojevic is probably the best penalty taker in the league so for you penalty means goal. That is sure.


Maximilian Meyer – young and amazing in FM20


meyer fm20
Meyer FM20

We have seen the best Crystal Palace players by their current ability, but we have also decided to present you the player who can produce a bit of magic for your team.

Maximilian Meyer is a 23 years old German who can play in any midfield position but is best used as AMC – Advanced Playmaker.

As we said, Milivojevic lacks creativity, but that is where Meyer steps up.

Technique 16, First Touch 16, Passing 14 are just some of the attributes that make Meyer so amazing.

He has PA 164 meaning he can become even better than Wilfried Zaha who is one of the best FM20 wingers.


Best tactic and formation – FM20 Crystal Palace


There is no good team guide without tactic that will bring points.

As we said this will be the best one, we bring the best FM20 Crystal palace tactic and formation for you.

Here we have help from our NikFM who suggests using 4-2-3-1 Wide formation.

crystal palace fm20 tactics - crystal palace football manager 2020 best tactic
Crystal Palace FM20 Tactics – Formation

When playing against your level teams, set attacking mentality with gegenpress.

Check out NikFM`s Ultra Attacking FM20 tactic here!

You will destroy other teams with a high tempo and leave the field with 3 points in your hands.

When playing against best Premier League teams obviously you can’t attack them and set your own tempo.

In this case, focus on counter-attacks and deadly speed from Zaha.

Crystal Palace has such a set of players that puts them in the top of the best FM20 counter-attack teams.

To learn more about Football Manager 2020 best tactic for Crystal Palace, take a look at NikFM’s video. It will bring you additional value and help you set up a winning team.

For those running out of time, we bring Crystal Palace’s best eleven:

Guaita – Van Aanholt, Sakho, Cahill, Ward – Milivojevic, Kouyate – Zaha, Meyer, Townsend – Ayew


FM20 Crystal Palace – transfer budget and potential signings


Crystal Palace is not one of the richest clubs in FM20, but their transfer budget is €23M, which is actually pretty good. Most of it came from selling Wan-Bissaka to Man Utd last summer.

Having that money means you can buy one or two good players and strengthen your team.

As we have seen Crystal Palace has an OK team but could improve, especially in the midfield. With that in mind, take a look at 2 players we suggest:

  • Gedson Fernandes
  • Maxime Lopez


Gedson Fernandes – Great FM20 signing


gedson fernandes fm20
Gedson Fernandes FM20 – Great prospect

Fernandes is a Portuguese box to box midfielder that has only 20 years and PA 155.

He is contracted to Benfica and you can buy him for around €20M meaning he fits in your transfer budget.

Fernandes also fits into clubs’ vision of buying great young players and later selling them for more money.

Fernandes has great mental attributes, but also good technique: passing 14, dribbling 14, first touch 13.

He is a good replacement for Milivojevic who lacks this creative side.


Maxime Lopez – Football Manager 2020 talented AMC


maxime lopez fm20
Maxime Lopez FM20

The second on the list is Maxime Lopez, 21 years old Frenchmen playing in the heart of the midfield.

He is best used as MC with an Advanced Playmaker role.

Nothing strange when you see his technique attributes: Passing 16, Dribbling 15, First Touch 15.

The amazing thing is Lopez’s price. Lopez costs only around 10M what will leave you money for some other signings as well.

For more potential signings, go back to NikFM’s video as he has a full list of Crystal Palace FM20 best signings and transfer targets.


Managing Crystal Palace in FM20 – pros and cons


Going to the end of this FM20 Crystal Palace team guide, we will try to summarize everything written.

Managing Crystal Palace really has both pros and cons so let’s see why you should or shouldn’t manage Crystal Palace in Football Manager 2020.

  • Pros: an exciting team with the best players in their best years, solid transfer budget, counter-attack kings
  • Cons: lacks of squad depth, potential Zaha mentality problem, hard to achieve big things, quality players prefer transfers to better clubs

If you decide to manage Crystal Palace, after all, you will need to learn how to keep the dressing room happy and cohesive.

If you succeed with it, you have a chance of achieving great results.

From the other side, if you think Crystal Palace is not your best FM20 option, take a look at this Premier League proposals we have already done:


FM20 Crystal Palace – conclusion


We hope you have found all the answers you wanted about Crystal Palace in Football Manager 2020 in this team guide.

If so, share it with your friends or leave a comment to us.

Also, feel free to add up some great work you’ve done with Palace or any other team.


You can also connect with us on FMBrotherhood Community and share any achievements and successes you have done in Football Manager.

It’s the community that will understand you and acknowledge every good work so join us and find your Football Manager brothers!

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