FM20 Cheap Wonderkids - Brutal Toplist - Football Manager 2020
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FM20 Cheap Wonderkids – Brutal Toplist – Football Manager 2020

By spaskecar | November 16, 2019 | 31347 Views

Today we bring you a list of FM20 cheap wonderkids.

All of them cost under $10M if they are bought in the first season of your Football Manager 2020 save (2019/2020).

A world-class Director of Football from PSG handled all of these transfers, and he handled their contracts as well.

That’s why you will see almost all the player pictures in a PSG team.

If a DoF offer was declined, we manually offered a maximum of 10M for the wonderkid.

For a more updated list for Football Manager 2024, read this post instead.

Please note that if you can’t find a certain cheap wonderkid in FM20 from this list, that is because you don’t have the league loaded where his current club is playing.

Only 1st leagues from these countries were loaded: Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain

And we have another tip if a team declines your offer, sometimes a wonderkid would like to join your team if it’s better than the current team.

He will become unsettled and unhappy. He will say his future is uncertain, and so on, that’s when you make another bid for the same price that was declined earlier.

There is a big chance the team will accept it.

Long story short: Bid for the player, get declined, the player says his future is uncertain, bid again the same amount.

If you are interested in:


List of cheap FM20 Wonderkids:


After scouting many Football Manager 2020 wonderkids, we have found these guys as the best for our low-cost wonderkids list:

  • Rayan Cherki – 180 PA
  • Naci Ünüvar – 178 PA
  • Lázaro Vinícius Marques – 168 PA
  • Francisco Trincao – 169 PA
  • Ryan Gravenberch – 168 PA
  • Pedro Victor Delmino da Silva 165 PA
  • Marcos Leonardo Santos Almeira 164 PA
  • Arnór Sigurðsson 163 PA
  • Florent Da Silva –162 PA
  • Exequiel Palacios –162 PA
  • Vincenzo Millico –161 PA
  • Lucas Lourenço Andrade –160 PA
  • Jesús Vázquez –160 PA
  • Aimar Oroz – 159 PA
  • Melvin Bard – 159 PA
  • Aurélien Tchouameni – 159 PA
  • Gabriel Veron Fonseca de Souza – 158 PA
  • Kouadio Koné – 158 PA
  • Unai Vencedor- 158 PA
  • Pelayo Morilla – 157 PA


FM20 Cheap Wonderkids in detail


Rayan Cherki – 15 years old – Price 1.1M – 180 PA – Available immediately


Let’s start with the best cheap FM20 wonderkid you can find.

Rayan Cherki is only 15 years old and he plays for Olympique Lyonnais.

Our amazing DoF bought him for only 1.1M and his wage is still on a youth contract $75 p/w. Of course, he will get a better contract as soon as he becomes 16 years old.

He plays best on the AML position as an Inverted Winger – Support or an Inside Forward – Support.

cherki - fm20 cheap wonderkid
Cherki – FM20 Cheap Wonderkids – The Best!

Cherki is equally good with both legs and he is also very versatile.

He can also play the AMC, AMR, and even the Striker position (FM20 striker wonderkids are here!).

Even at such a young age, he has great dribbling, first touch, and technique.

He’s a very determined player with good flair and has nice natural fitness.

Keep in mind, this FM20 cheap wonderkid is only 15!

In our test games, he becomes as good as Kevin De Bruyne and that is world-class!


Naci Ünüvar – 16 years old – Price 1.1M – 178 PA – Available immediately


Naci Ünüvar is a 16-year-old low-cost FM20 wonderkid who plays for Ajax U19.

Our Director of Football bought him for 1.1M and gave him a contract of 9.25k until 2022.

He plays in the same position with the same roles and duties as the first FM20 cheap wonderkid we mentioned Rayan Cherki.

He is right-footed, and he isn’t very versatile.

Even though he can play the AMC position, you should always keep him on the AML.

He has really good finishing, dribbling, passing, and technique and he’s a very determined player for someone who is 16 years old.

With a really high natural fitness, he won’t get tired fast and he won’t get injured often.

naci unuvar football manager 2020 cheap wonderkid
Naci Unuvar – Football Manager 2020 Low-Cost Wonderkids

In our test game, he becomes as good as David Silva and that means he becomes WORLD-CLASS!


Lázaro Vinícius Marques – 17 years old – Price $675k+$1.1M clauses – 168 PA–  Joins 1.7.2020


Lázaro Vinícius Marques or in-game simply Lázaro is a 17 years old cheap wonderkid who plays for FLA U20.

Our DoF bought him for 675k + 1.1M dollars in clauses. He will join our team after he is 18 years of age.

He plays best as a Striker but can play the AMC position equally well.

For someone who is only 17 years old, he has great dribbling, finishing, first touch, passing, and technique.

He has reasonable anticipation and solid flair and vision.

He is also a fast player (high pace) and acceleration.

lazaro fm20 cheap wonderkid - brazillian low-cost wonderkid fm20
Lazar- Brazillian FM2020 Cheap Wonderkid

His natural fitness is also good, which means he gets tired slowly and doesn’t get injured as much.

The only bad thing was his low composure, but that can improve quite a lot.

When he reaches his full potential, he reminds us of Kylian Mbappe.

Of course, he won’t be as good as him because we know his potential is 168 but he will do a world-class job!


Francisco Trincao–19 years old–Price $6.75M –169PA– Available immediately


Francisco Trincão is a 19-year-old wonderkid who plays for Braga B.

Our DoF bought him for $6.75M which is very cheap for a player of his stats.

He plays best on the AML Winger-Attack position but he can play the AMR position as well.

His amazing technique, crossing, passing, dribbling and first touch are everything he needs to be dominant on the wing.

He has a lot of flair and off the ball is good as well.

Francisco will be making himself available for a pass whenever he doesn’t have the ball.

francisco trincao cheap fm2020 wonderkid
Francisco Trincao – Cheap FM20 Wonderkid

His physical stats are good, nothing special, but they become great with maximum potential.

Because he has such a high potential ability, he becomes almost as good as Eden Hazard is now.

He’s a very skillful player who will use dribbling to pass his opponents. He is a fairly consistent performer and he gets rarely injured.

He is our, FMBrotherhood’s favorite cheap wonderkid on this list.


Ryan Gravenberch–17 years–$10M Unsettle Him First – 168 PA – Available immediately


Ryan Gravenberch is a 17-year-old low-cost wonderkid who plays for Ajax.

In 2019 we dedicated a whole article to him in our Ryan Gravenberch FM19 Summary.

At first, Ajax declined the offer that our DoF made but Ryan Gravenberch became unsettled.

We manually offered $10M and Ajax declined again.

That’s when Ryan got angry and started talking to the media about how he wants to leave. He became unhappy.

We waited a few days and offered the maximum $10M again and Ajax accepted.

Ryan plays best as an Advanced Playmaker – Support in the CM position but he is a natural on the AMC position as well.

For someone who is only 17 years old, he has great overall stats.

ryan gravenberch fm20
He is on almost every FM cheap wonderkids list – isn`t he?

His dribbling, first touch, technique, and passing are good when it comes to technical stats.

In the mental department he’s good when making decisions, he has flair and his composure and teamwork are good as well.

Analyzing the physical stats we concluded he’s good in everything except stamina and strength but that can improve in the future.

When he reaches his maximum potential ability he is as good as Paul Pogba.

And that is a thing that people in real life are saying when describing him, he’s the next PP.

When it comes to weaknesses, he’s not a consistent player and he isn’t playing great in important matches.

He’s a really good player overall and most managers will be very happy to have him in their team once he reaches his peak.


Pedro Victor Delmino da Silva – 21 years – $9.75M release clause – 165 PA – Available immediately


Pedro Victor Delmino da Silva or simply Pedrinho is a 21-year-old wonderkid who plays for COR.

Our DoF bought him for 9.75M which is his release clause.

He plays best as an AMR Inverted Winger – Support and he is also a natural in the AMC position.

pedrinho fm20 cheap wonderkid
Pedrinho – FM20 Low-Cost Wonderkid

He has really good dribbling, first touch, passing, and technique.

He’s a player with quite some flair and his vision, off the ball and teamwork aren’t bad either.

Pace, acceleration, and agility are his best physical attributes.

When he develops to his maximum potential ability he is like Raheem Sterling.

He’s also a consistent player who won’t have too many problems with injuries.


The Rest of Cheap FM20 Wonderkids with Their Details


The rest of these cheap Football Manager 2020 wonderkids have a minimum of 158 potential ability.

To put in perspective, players with current ability at 158 in FM2020 are John Stones, Arturo Vidal, Romelu Lukaku, Mesut Ozil, Emre Can, James Rodriguez, and many others…

Don’t underestimate these players because they are going to be one of the best in the world.



Age Position Price ($) P.Ability Available

Marcos Leonardo






Arnór Sigurðsson

20 AML, AMC 10.0M 163 Immediately

Florent Da Silva






Exequiel Palacios






Vincenzo Millico


ST, AML 10.0M 161


Lucas Lourenço Andrade

18 AMC 10.0M 160


Jesús Vázquez

16 LWB 4.8M 160


Aimar Oroz

17 MC 4.4M 159


Melvin Bard

18 DL, LWB 8.75M 159 Immediately

Aurélien Tchouameni

19 MC 10.5M 159


Gabriel Veron Fonseca de Souza 16 AML 8.0M 158


Kouadio Koné

18 MC 10.0M 158


Unai Vencedor

18 MC, DM 10.25M 158


Pelayo Morilla 17 AMC, AML, ML 5.75M 157





There are numerous FM20 cheap wonderkids, that is for sure. As soon as we discover them, we are going to update this list and inform you about them.

Also, there are more affordable Football Manager 2020 wonderkids here, and NikFM is there to analyze their biggest strengths and weaknesses. Check it out in the video below:

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