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FM 20 – Best signings – Indonesian League One

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The Indonesian League One FM20 is the top division of the Indonesian football league system. There are 18 teams in the League that operate on a promotion/relegation system with League Two.

Since its inception in 2008, a total of 36 teams have competed, and only six teams have won the title. Of course, Indonesia had Football leagues even before 2008 but not at this level of professionality.

The most successful of them is Perispura with three times the title winner and three times runner up, although they didn’t win the title last year. Last year’s winner was Persija.

indonesian league one fm20
Indonesian League One FM20 Overview

The media predicts that Madura United has the best chance to win the league in the 2019/2020 season.

indonesia league one top goalscorers fm 20
Indonesia League One Top Goalscorers

Media also predicts Alex Gonçalves to become the top goalscorer in this season.

When it comes to Asia as a whole, the Indonesian League One is ranked 24th out of 129 existing leagues.


Best FM20 Players in Indonesian League One


What are the best signings for your club in Indonesian League One in FM 20? This is our list:

  • Diego Assis Figueiredo
  • Anderson Aparecido Salles
  • Rafael de Jesus Bonfim
  • Rafael da Silva Santos
  • Ezechiel N’Douassel
  • Brwa Nouri
  • Alexandre Luiz Reame
  • Karl Max Barthélémy
  • Brian Ferreira
  • Renan da Silva


The players in the Indonesian League One aren’t great when it comes to ability. The best one out of them, Diego Assis Figueiredo, has current ability 115. A league in which the best player has the current ability of 115 is equal to the English 4th league. That is the SkyBet League Two.

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The best players in Indonesia are foreigners, mostly Brazilians. Out of the ten players mentioned, none of them is Indonesian by nationality. Let’s talk about those players in detail.


Diego Assis Figueiredo FM20 Stats


Diego Assis Figueiredo is the best FM20 player in Indonesia League One. He is an AMC who can also play the Striker and the CM position.

With 165cm of height, he is best suited at AMC where he is a natural. He’s a fairly ambitious and determined player.

diego assis figueiredo fm20
Assis FM 20 Stats

Diego, a very skillful player and his ability to do the unexpected, is one of his main reasons behind his ability to go past defenders. One of the best things about him is that he loves playing important matches, and that’s where he shines.


Anderson Aparecido Salles FM20 Stats


Anderson Salles is the 2nd best FM20 player in the Indonesian League One. He’s a 31-year-old CB who has a fairly balanced personality.

He has all the important attributes that a good CB needs like heading, marking, tackling, positioning aggression, and strength, but what makes him unique is that he has high free-kick taking.

anderson salles indonesian player fm20
One of the best in Indonesian League One in FM 20

That means not only is he a threat from corners, but he will also score from free-kicks as well.


Rafael de Jesus Bonfim FM20 Stats


Rafael de Jesus Bonfim is a 27-year-old DC. He’s another player with a fairly balanced personality. His main strength is that he is good in the air. His ability to leap off the ground makes him a force to be reckoned with in the air.

bonfim football manager 2020 statistics
Great signing for Indonesian League One in FM20 – Bonfim

His weakness is his intelligence, his decisions aren’t great, and his inability to make the right decision can get the team in problems.

The best thing about this player is that he rarely gets injured. Add good stamina and natural fitness into that equation, and you have a player who can play almost every single game in the season.


Rafael da Silva Santos FM 20 Stats


Rafael da Silva Santos is the best FM20 AML in the Indonesian League One. He’s a determined player who is also very temperamental. His biggest strength is that he is a fast player. He has a good pace and acceleration.

Add a little bit of dribbling and off the ball, and you have a great winger for the standards of the league.

rafael silva - indonesian league one - fm20
Rafael Silva FM20 Stats

His biggest weakness is his strength. With only 176cm height and 68kg and a strength of 6, most defenders will just push him over, but as we said earlier, he has other pros that make up for it.


Ezechiel N’Douassel FM20 Stats


Ezechiel N’Douassel is a 31-year-old Striker. For someone who is 31 years old, he has beastly physical attributes. He’s an ambitious and fairly determined player.

He is also very good in the air. With good jumping reach, good heading, and his height, he will score many goals with his head.

One of his weaknesses is that he is very poor at passing. That means he shouldn’t be used as a Target Man.

ezechiel n`douassel fm20
Ezechiel FM2020

More good things about him are that he enjoys playing important matches, and he rarely gets injured.


Brwa Nouri FM 20 Stats


Brwa Nouri is a 32-year-old Central Midfielder who can also play the DM position. He has a balanced personality, although he is known to be controversial out of the field. And that is a negative attribute.

indonesian league one best players
Nouri FM20 Stats

He’s a team player before everything else. He has good passing, technique, first touch, and vision. Those attributes are needed for his position, and everything else is just a bonus.

He’s a player who dictates the tempo of the game and most importantly, you can use him as a penalty taker, he will rarely miss them.

He’s not that great in the air, you will need to partner him with someone taller in the midfield, or you won’t get any long balls.


Alexandre Luiz Reame FM20 Stats


Alexandre Luiz Reame (Xandão) is another CB on this best FM20 Indonesian League players list. He is 31 years old, and he’s a very ambitious and determined player. His main strength is his ability to jump and head the ball. He’s also very tall, and all of that makes him hard to beat when it comes to corners.

Unfortunately, he’s not getting younger, and he’s a slow player. The pace and lack of agility might make him vulnerable against fast strikers.

xandao in fm2020
Xandao FM2020

One of the best things about him is that he is a consistent player. If it’s possible, you should sign him for your team as he has at least one or two seasons left in is legs as one of the best players of the league.


Karl Max Barthélémy Football Manager 2020 Stats


Karl Max Barthélémy is a 32-year-old striker. He’s one of the top 10 players in the Indonesian League One based on current ability, and when you look at his attributes, it’s no wonder.

He has great physical attributes for someone who is 32 years old. He also has a balanced personality. One of his main strengths is that he is great in the air.

karl max barhelemy fm20
Great player for FM2020 League One – Indonesia

Karl Max is a fairly consistent player, and he likes playing big matches. He’s a very useful player even though he doesn’t have a long future ahead of him.

He isn’t that great at passing, so we recommend that you don’t use him as a Target Man.


Brian Ferreira FM20 Stats


Brian Ferreira is the youngest player on this list. He’s a 25-year-old striker who is also capable of playing the AMC position.  He has a very balanced and normal personality, and he will likely fit into any core group in any squad. He possesses a fair amount of pace, and his agility underpins his athleticism.

brian ferreira in fm2020
Brian Ferreira FM 20 Stats

Unfortunately, he’s not tall, and his jumping reach is quite low, that’s why it’s better to use him as an AMC. He is a player who doesn’t get injured a lot, but unfortunately, he doesn’t relish the big matches. Usually, he isn’t that great when it’s really important.


Renan da Silva FM2020 Stats


Renan da Silva is a 30-year-old AMC who is versatile and can play on a couple of positions. Even though he is capable of playing the striker or CM position, we advise against that.

He’s not tall and has a very low jumping reach, so the AMC position is best for him. Just like Ferreira, he possesses a fair amount of pace, and his agility underpins his athleticism. What we loved about Renan da Silva is that he is a very consistent player. Once he has 100% match fitness, he delivers every game. We loved him because of that.

renan silva one of the best players in indonesian league one fm20
Renan Silva FM20

However, we did find out that he doesn’t enjoy the most important games and he is also a temperamental player who might get a yellow card or two when it’s not needed.


Indonesia League One FM 20 – Conclusion


The Indonesian League One is a foreigners league with mostly Brazilians being the best ones. That might be a good thing because it means that Brazilians get work permits easily, and we all know what kind of beast wonderkids are hidden in Brazil.

Our team member NIK made an awesome YouTube video where he talks about the Indonesia League One. He talks about more of the best players that weren’t mentioned in this video, and he talks about the best teams of the league.

Give him a like and comment on the video; it really helps us a lot!

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