Irish FM20 Wonderkids! Get Them While You Can!
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Irish FM20 Wonderkids! Get Them While You Can!

By spaskecar | March 26, 2020 | 8124 Views

Before we start talking about FM20 Irish Wonderkids, let’s talk a little bit about Ireland.

Ireland is among the tiniest countries in the world. Bein such a small country, they’ve managed to become famous for many different things, including Saint Patrick, the Guinness beer, rugby, music, and many fantastic football players.

It’s worthwhile to mention the likes of Roy Keane, Johnny Giles, Ray Houghton and above all, the footballer considered the best of all time by some people, George Best!

The Irish have always had top competitive sportsmen in many different sports. Conor McGregor made the biggest recent success.


The Irish can be proud of the people representing their country!

Let’s get to business right now!


List of the Best FM20 Irish Wonderkids


To create a list of the best Irish Wonderkids in Football Manager 2020, we had to include some rules.

The rules are:

  • The player has to be 20 years old or younger
  • The minimum potential ability has to be 140 (we usually do 150, but Ireland is small)
  • The player has to have Irish roots even if he isn’t playing for Ireland


So, the best FM20 Irish Wonderkids are:

  1. Declan Rice
  2. Troy Parrott
  3. Ethan Ampadu
  4. Lee O’Connor
  5. Liam Delap
  6. Barry Coffey
  7. Nathan Collins
  8. Adam Idah
  9. Mikey Johnston
  10. Louie Barry

Let’s talk about them in a more detailed way.

Please note we will try to buy these players with Manchester United in the first season for full knowledge on them and to find out the price each team demands. The Director of Football will handle all the transfers and contracts.


Declan Rice – Best Irish FM20 Wonderkid Who Chose England


  • Position DM / DC
  • Age 20
  • Potential Ability 179

The Irish FM20 wonderkid with the highest potential ability, unfortunately for Ireland, decided to play for England. Aston Villa knows what they have in their hands and wouldn’t let him go without $80,000,000 and a 40% percentage of next sale clause.

declan rice fm20 - irish wonderkid fm20 - declan rice fm20 irish wonderkid
Declan Rice FM20 Irish Wonderkid

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  • Displays resolute characteristics
  • Great composure which aids his skillful approach to the game
  • Good at marking
  • Considered a leader
  • Can become as good as Sergio Busquets in prime
  • Doesn’t have any weaknesses
  • A versatile player who can play a couple of positions


Troy Parrott – Best Irish Wonderkid Striker


  • Position ST
  • Age 17
  • Potential Ability 161

Troy Parrott is the best FM20 Irish wonderkid striker. He plays for Tottenham Hotspur, and we had to pay $78,000,000 and a 40% percentage of profit from the next sale clause.

troy parrot fm20 - troy parrot fm20 wonderkid
Troy Parrott FM20
  • Great finishing ability
  • Balanced and normal personality
  • Good technique
  • Is already an international player
  • Considered a technical player
  • He can improve a lot in the future!
  • Sometimes his lack of bravery puts his teammates under pressure

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Ethan Ampadu – Defender For The Future!


  • Position DC/DM
  • Age 18
  • Potential Ability 157

Ethan Ampadu has Irish roots but decided to play for the Welsh national team. His father played for Ireland U-21 but never made it into the senior squad.

ethan ampadu fm20 wonderkid
Ethan Ampadu FM20

He is an FC Chelsea player and is unpurchasable in the first season. Chelsea knows they have a wonderkid in their hands and won’t sell to a rival without $170,000,000 and a percentage of profit from the next sale clause.

When we tried negotiating for him, our board blocked the transfer as they don’t feel he is worth a lot.

  • Spirited individual
  • Very brave
  • A versatile player who is natural in a couple of positions
  • Good at marking
  • Is a current international
  • Considered a technical player and is able to play the DM position


Lee O’Connor – Celtic`s Treasure


  • Position DR/DC
  • Age 18
  • Potential Ability 156

Lee O’Connor is an Irish right-back wonderkid who plays for Celtic. They are asking for $28,000,000 for him, and the Man Utd board blocked this transfer as well. They don’t feel he is worth more than $19,000,000.

lee o`connor fm20 wonderkid - irish football manager 2020 wonderkid lee o connor
Lee O`Connor FM2020 Wonderkid from Ireland
  • Professional individual
  • A naturally fit player
  • He is a versatile player who is natural in a couple of positions
  • A committed player who gives all to the cause
  • Considered a technical player
  • The only weakness is his strength


Liam Delap – Maybe A New Legend?


  • Position ST
  • Age 16
  • Potential Ability 151

The son of former Stoke City legend Rory Delap, Liam Delap is another impossible purchase because he had just joined Manchester City at the start of this season. Although he is playing for the England youth teams, he can still decide to play for Ireland as his father did.

liam delap fm20 - liam delap man utd - liam delap football manager 2020 wonderkid - liam delap irish wonderkid
Liam Delap FM20 Irish Wonderkid
  • Balanced and normal personality
  • Possesses a fair a fair amount of pace
  • Ability to strike a ball sweetly makes him a good finisher
  • Considered a physical player
  • A lack of flair might limit his effectiveness against experienced opposition
  • Needs to work on his dribbling


Barry Coffey – Cheap Irish FM20 Wonderkid


  • Position AMC/MC
  • Age 18
  • Potential Ability 147

Barry Coffey has a really low current ability, and that is why this potentially leading Premier Division AMC can be bought for little as $650,000.

barry coffey fm2020 wonderkid - fm2020 irish wonderkid - fm20 irish wonderkid
Barry Coffey FM2020 Wonderkid
  • A versatile player who can play in two positions
  • Displays a fairly determined attitude
  • Possesses a fair amount of pace
  • His first touch is key to him being a technical player
  • Considered a leader
  • His very low strength is why he should be used as AMC and not MC

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Nathan Collins – Hot FM20 Prospect


  • Position DC
  • Age 18
  • Potential Ability 146

Nathan Collins plays for Stoke City and can be bought for $10,000,000.

nathan collins man utd - nathan collins football manager - nathan collins fm20
Nathan Collins FM20
  • Has the ability to make the right decisions which makes him a very intelligent player
  • Balanced and normal ability
  • Good in the air
  • Can be retrained to become a DM
  • Considered a physical player
  • Needs to work on his concentration


Adam Idah – Wait A Bit And Then Get Him!

  • Position ST
  • Age 18
  • Potential Ability 146

Adam Idah is another player who is impossible to sign in the first season since he has just signed a new contract.

adam idah fm20 wonderkids - adam idah manchester united - adam idah mufc - adam idah irish wonderkid
Adam Idah Great FM20 Prospect
  • Possesses great pace
  • Acceleration is excellent as well
  • Shows a fairly ambitious nature
  • He can be retrained as a left-winger
  • Considered a physical player
  • He’s not that great in the air


Mikey Johnston – Again Celtic, Again FM 20 Wonderkid


  • Position AML
  • Age 20
  • Potential Ability 145

Although Celtic accepted our $15,000,000 offer for Mikey, the player decided he won’t enter contract negotiations because he just signed a new contract with Celtic.

irish wonderkid mikey johnston - mikey johnston fm20
Scotish/Irish FM20 Wonderkid – Mikey Jonhston!

Mikey qualifies to play for Ireland through his grandparents, and although he played for U19 and U21 for Scotland, he never made a senior appearance for Ireland and might do so in the future.

  • His ability to do the unexpected is one of the main reasons behind his ability to get past defenders
  • Displays a fairly determined attitude
  • Possesses a fair amount of pace
  • Can play in a couple of positions
  • Considered a creative player


Louie Barry – Approach To Sign


  • Position ST
  • Age 16
  • Potential Ability 143

Although Barcelona signed him in 2019/2020, he switched to Aston Villa the same year, and he can still be gotten for free as an approach to sign option. Very weird that Aston Villa only gave him a youth contract. Louie played for Ireland U15 and switched to England U17. Who knows what he will decide to do in the future?

louie barry fm20 irish wonderkid - louie barry football manager 2020
Louie Barry FM20 Irish Wonderkid
  • Ability to do the unexpected is one of the main reasons behind his ability to get past defenders
  • Displays a fairly determined attitude
  • Possesses a fair amount of pace
  • Can play in a couple of positions
  • Can be retrained as a left-winger
  • Considered a technical player


Conclusion on FM20 Irish Wonderkids


Unfortunately for Ireland, many players with Irish blood in them decide to play for England. Such a small, proud nation deserves to keep its best players to represent them. Most of those players know that if they are going to achieve anything at the international level, it’s more likely to happen with England rather than with Ireland.

There are many more Irish players who can become outstanding players in the future, and our team member NIK mentioned them in this video:

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