Manchester City FM20 - Can You Change City`s Fortune?!
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Manchester City FM20 – Can You Change City`s Fortune?!

By spaskecar | March 20, 2020 | 3843 Views

Today we talk about Manchester City in FM20.

The current champions of England are starting the season as media favorites to win the league again.

In real life, they are 2nd on the table, with Liverpool ahead and 20 points more than them.

Can you avoid the fate Manchester City had in real life? Can you win everything and become one of the most reputable teams in the world? With our Man City Football Manager 2020 guide, you can!


Introduction to Manchester City in FM20


Starting as a new Manchester City manager in Football Manager 2020, you sign a three-year contract worth $325k per week, and you get to find out things about the history of this team.

man city fm20 team history - man city team history 2020 - manchester city football manager 2020 team history - man city football manage 2020 team history
Manchester City FM20 Team Histrory

With a capacity of 55,097, the City of Manchester Stadium is one of the best stadiums in England.

Although Manchester City was founded in 1880, the club has enjoyed its most significant era in the current decade. They’ve won a total of 31 trophies, most notably 6x English top division, and the FA Cup six times.

You are the manager who is brought to win the Champions League and to continue winning more Premier League titles.

When it comes to facilities at your disposal, Manchester City is impressive:

  • State of the art training facilities
  • State of the art youth facilities
  • Good youth recruitment


Manchester City Best 11 in FM20


manchester city best 11 fm20 - mancester city football manager 2020 best 11
Best 11 in Man City – FM20

Manchester City has a fantastic team in FM20 and real life. They have a wide bench, which makes it hard to really say who the best eleven are.

Additionally, it’s a pretty young squad with new young talented players on the bench waiting to replace the few old ones.

What’s also exciting is that the under 23s and the under 18s teams are also full of potential world-class players.


Club Vision of Man City in FM20


man city club vision - manchester city fm20 club vision - manchester city football manager 2020 club vision
Manchester City Club Vision in Football Manager 2020

You’ve signed a three-year contract with Manchester City in FM20, and since the board has invested so much money over the years, they want many things. The best would be if you could win all the competitions and with the current team, even without any new transfers, it’s possible.

In the first year, it is required that you:

  • Win the Premier Division
  • Reach the Final of the FA Cup
  • Reach the Final of the Champions Cup
  • Other competitions aren’t important

A long term goal of the board is to make Manchester City the most reputable team in the world. This can be done by winning the League and Champions League back to back.


Manchester City FM20 Squad


As we have mentioned in Man City’s best eleven part of this FM 20 team guide, they have a fantastic group of players. Some players are at their peak right now, many are wonderkids, and some are essential players for the team but will start declining very fast due to their age. Let’s talk about the most important ones.


Kevin de Bruyne

  • Current Ability 188
  • Potential Ability 188
  • Position MC/AMC
  • Age 28
kevin de bruyne fm20 - kevin de bruyne man city
Kevin de Bruyne FM20

When it comes to ability, Kevin de Bruyne is the 3rd best player in the whole game, and he is your most important player!

  • World Class player!
  • A professional individual
  • His ability to spot a pass and create chances underlines the intelligence of his play
  • KdB is a current international with plenty of experience
  • Relishes big matches!
  • Consistent performer!
  • He has an excellent technique when striking the ball
  • A versatile player who can play in a couple of positions!


Sergio Agüero

  • Current Ability 178
  • Potential Ability 183
  • Position Striker
  • Age 31
sergio kun aguero in fm20 stats - football manager 2020 sergio kun aguero stats
Sergio Kun Aguero in FM20

Nobody who witnessed it will ever forget Martin Tyler’s shout of “Aguerooooo!” when he scored the league winning goal against QPR in 2012. Aguero is a club legend and should be treated like that.

  • World Class player
  • Fans absolutely love this man
  • Perfect balance on the ball
  • He is a current international with plenty of experience
  • Aguero relishes big matches and is a consistent performer
  • He is an ambitious individual who is always looking to win
  • Adept at using both feet
  • Considered a smart player


Raheem Sterling


  • Current Ability 174
  • Potential Ability 180
  • Position AMR/AML
  • Age 24
raheem sterling fm20 - sterling fm2020 - sterling football manager 2020
Raheem Sterling FM20

The former Liverpool winger never really showed his best games until Guardiola came to Manchester City. It’s now your job to make sure his good games stay consistent.

  • His movement off the ball makes him a constant thorn in the side for defenders
  • A current England international and has plenty of experience
  • A fairly consistent performer
  • Raheem possesses great pace
  • A versatile player who can play a couple of positions
  • He has almost reached his full potential
  • An ambitious individual who is always looking to win
  • Enjoys big matches


David Silva


  • Current Ability 174
  • Potential Ability 179
  • Position MC/AMC
  • Age 33
david silva fm20 - david silva football manager 2020 - david silva fm20
David Silva in Football Manager 2020

David Silva is a club legend, this is his 10th season in Manchester City, and his contract is expiring at the end of the season. It’s all up to you if you want to extend his contract or not.

  • David Silva is a fan favorite. They love him!
  • Amazing technique!
  • Spirited individual
  • Consistent performer
  • Excellent balance and ability on the ball make him a skillful player
  • A very versatile player who can play in a couple of positions
  • Enjoys big matches


Bernardo Silva


  • Current Ability 173
  • Potential Ability 180
  • Position AMR/MC/AMC
  • Age 24
bernardo silva manchester city fm20 - bernardo silva fm20 - bernardo silva football manager 2020
Bernardo Silva FM2020

Bernardo Silva is a very talented player who is the answer to the age of David Silva. Bernardo is his replacement!

  • A true model citizen
  • High work rate
  • Is a natural in several positions
  • Current international with plenty of experience
  • Relishes big matches
  • Consistent performer
  • Excellent balance and ability on the ball make him a skillful player
  • Considered a creative player


Man City Players to Hold Onto in FM20


If we continue writing about the best players, the whole guide will be about the entire starting eleven. We don’t want to do that, so we’ll just mention the players you need to hold onto for the future.

First team players to hold onto:

  • Leroy Sane 23 years old
  • Gabriel Jesus 22 years old
  • Rodri 23 years old
  • Olexandr Zinchenko 22 years old
  • Phil Foden 19 years old


Under 23s and Under 18s players to hold onto:

  • Claudio Gomes 18 years old
  • Ben Knight 17 years old
  • Tosin Adarabioyo 21 years old
  • Morgan Rogers 16 years old
  • Oscar Bobb 15 years old


There are some more players that you can hold onto for the future, but they will never become world-class players. You can still make a decent profit out of them if you manage to hit their potential.


Manchester City FM20 Formation


Pep Guardiola has highly influenced Manchester City’s formation. Just like all other teams that he has managed, Man City has adopted the Tiki-Taka football.

It’s a Spanish style of football known for short passing and working the ball through various channels. The most important thing is keeping possession. If you have the possession, the opposition can’t score.

It’s a low-intensity system that prioritizes patience.

Because of the impact Guardiola has had on the Man City squad, and he has bought players that can play the Tiki-Taka football, you shouldn’t make drastic changes.

You can continue playing the same style of football with this formation:

manchester city fm20 tactics - manchester city fm20 formation
Manchester City FM20 Formation

The 4-3-3 Tiki-Taka style with a positive mentality should bring you the results you want.

GK – Sweeper Keeper – Ederson’s best role – He can play counter-attacking passes

DL and DR – Both wingbacks on attack role as it’s highly needed for this style of play

DC – Both DC’s need to be ball-playing defenders to initiate passes from the back

DM – Deep lying playmaker – the DM will bring the ball out of defense

MC – The central midfielders should play their best roles, for KdB it’s Mezzala, and for Silva it’s AP

AML/AMR – The wingers should play what they do best. Sterling is in the attack role as he is known to score goals, and Bernardo Silva is more of a creative winger, so he is in the support role

ST – Advanced forward role for Aguero who is one of the best strikers in the game and he should score many goals in this lineup as he will be fed continuously with balls


You can also check our FM20 tactics list – all tested and the best FM 20 tactics you can download directly from our website.


Manchester City FM20 Transfers


Manchester City has spent a lot of money in the summer of 2019 to prepare for this season. This leaves you with $40 million in the bank for more transfers. That’s not a lot, especially not for the standard to which Manchester City is buying players.

You can’t really buy any good player for only $40 million that will drastically improve your squad.

For that reason, our suggestion is to look at our wonderkids section. Start building for the future.

Find players who will replace Aguero, Silva, Fernandinho, Claudio Bravo, Otamendi, and other older players in a few years.

When it comes to selling players, I’d advise not to sell anyone in the first transfer window. You’ll need a wide bench to compete in all competitions.


Conclusion on Manchester City in FM20


Manchester City is one of the top 5 teams in all of Football Manager 2020. For that reason, it doesn’t need much improvement straight away. The best would be to start building for the future.

On the other hand, our team member NIK doesn’t share this view with me.

He believes it’s better to improve the team straight away in the first season.

How he does that, you can see in his YouTube video that he created for this occasion:

In the video, he goes a different approach, where he suggests what players to buy straight away to improve the squad.

If you have enjoyed our guide, tactics, and NIK’s suggested transfers, leave us a like and a comment. It means a lot to us as we feel our work is appreciated.

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