Rich And Amazing PSG FM20 - Paris Saint-Germain Team Guide!
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Rich And Amazing PSG FM20 – Paris Saint-Germain Team Guide!

By spaskecar | April 3, 2020 | 9566 Views

Today we bring you our PSG FM20 Guide.

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club or PSG is a French professional football club. When you choose PSG as your choice in a new career, you will sign a two-year contract worth $78k per week.

psg history fm20 - football manager 2020 psg - fm20 psg - paris saint-germain club history fm20
PSG History – FM20

Although it is one of the youngest clubs in the world, since it was founded in 1970, thanks to amazing investments and takeovers, the club is one of the richest in the world.

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They are holding the world record transfer fee in football for Neymar whom they paid $260M.

Qatar Sports Investments has been PSG’s owner since 2011, but PSG has a lot of success in football even before that takeover.

In their whole history, they’ve won a total of 40 trophies. Out of those 40, 22 were won after the Qatar group took over. To say that money didn’t play a major part in their success would be a lie, but that’s what modern football has become. Teams with money attract the best coaches and players.


PSG FM20 Best Eleven


psg fm20 best eleven - best players fm20 - fm20 paris saint-germain best 11
Best 11 in PSG – FM20 squad!

PSG has a fantastic team in real life, which means in Football Manager 2020 as well.

A mix of experienced players like Thiago Silva, Cavani, and the best wonderkid in the world, Mbappe, is something every football manager in the world wants to have.

In the past few years, PSG’s transfer policy has been quite successful as they managed to bring in some outstanding players on loan, or experienced free agents who can play a significant part.

Although PSG is dominating the French league, their biggest wish is to win the Champions League.

That’s why they brought you, their next manager, to win them that trophy finally.


PSG Club Vision and Five Year Plan


psg club vision fm20 - football manager 2020 club vision psg - fm2020 club vision paris saint germain
PSG club vision – FM 2020

PSG has been playing a very attacking formation for the past few years. The most commonly used 4-3-3 employs all the attacking power they have in the team.

That’s the reason the board wants you to continue to do the same thing.

Play attacking football and sign high-reputation players is the club culture. Basically, continue doing what has been done since 2011.

When it comes to the five-year plan, we’ll just cover the first two years because that is how long your first contract lasts.

In the first season, the board wants you to win the Ligue 1 Conforama, and to reach the Semi-Final of the Champions Cup. Additionally, they want you to work on becoming the most reputable team in Europe and the world.

In the second season, they want you to continue winning the league, but it’s unknown what they want from you in other competitions. From my experience, they’ll want you to reach the final of the Champions Cup or maybe even win it, depending on how much you improve your team.


Most Important PSG Players in FM20


Neymar in FM20

  • Age 27
  • Position AML
  • Current Ability 186
  • Potential Ability 190
neymar fm20 - neymar fm2020 - neymar fm 20 - neymar fm 2020 - football manager 2020 neymar
Neymar FM2020 PSG Stats

Neymar, the current holder of the biggest transfer in the world, is PSG’s best player.

  • World-class player
  • A perfectionist who constantly strives to improve himself
  • Ability to dribble makes him a difficult opponent to come up against
  • Relishes big matches
  • Consistent performer
  • Good balance and ability on the ball make him a skillful player
  • A versatile player who can play a couple of positions
  • Has plenty of international experience


Kylian Mbappe – Best FM20 Wonderkid

  • Age 20
  • Position ST
  • Current Ability 181
  • Potential Ability 196
kylian mbappe fm20 - mbappe fm20 - mbappe psg fm 2020 - mbappe psg fm20
Kylian Mbappe FM20 PSG stats

Best wonderkid in the game, who eventually becomes the best player in FM20.

  • Has explosive pace
  • Acceleration underpins his overall speed
  • A versatile player who is natural in a couple of positions
  • A current international with plenty of experience
  • Spirited individual
  • Consistent performer
  • Considered a creative player


Angel di Maria

  • Age 31
  • Position AMR
  • Current Ability 163
  • Potential Ability 174

Di Maria is an elite winger who isn’t getting any younger. He will be 33 when his contract expires. It might be a good idea to offload him and give a chance to some other players when that time comes.

angel di maria fm20 - angel di maria fm2020 - angel di maria football manager 2020 psg
Angel di Maria FM20 stats – PSG team guide
  • A versatile player who can play a couple of positions
  • Spirited individual
  • Relishes big matches
  • Very good technique, especially when striking the ball
  • His long shots make him a constant danger to the opposition
  • Fairly consistent performer
  • Has plenty of international experience
  • Considered a technical player


Mauro Icardi

  • Age 26
  • Position ST
  • Current Ability 161
  • Potential Ability 174

Mauro Icardi is on loan from Inter. At 26 years old, he is in his prime and won’t improve much in the future. Depending on how well he does for you in this season, you can buy him for an optional future fee of $77,58M from Inter.

mauro icardi fm20 - mauro icardi football manager 2020 - icardi fm20 psg
Mauro Icardi FM20 – PSG
  • Extremely interested in joining on a permanent deal
  • Movement off the ball makes him a constant thorn in the side for defenders
  • Signing him would comply with the team philosophy of signing high-reputation players
  • Intelligent player
  • Shows a fairly ambitious nature
  • Is a current international
  • Considered a smart player


Marco Verratti

  • Age 26
  • Position MC
  • Current Ability 161
  • Potential Ability 164
marco verratti fm20 - verrati fm20
Marco Verratti in Football Manager 2020

At the age of only 26, some people are already calling him a PSG legend. After coming into the team as a 19-year-old from Pescara, he has been irreplaceable in the central midfield position.

  • His passing ability underlines his technical prowess
  • A current international with plenty of experience
  • Good balance and ability on the ball make him a skillful player
  • Shows a fairly ambitious nature
  • Enjoys big matches
  • Fairly consistent performer
  • Considered a technical player



  • Age 25
  • Position DC
  • Current Ability 161
  • Potential Ability 170
marquinhos fm20 - marquinhos fm 20 - football manager 2020 psg marquinhos
Marquinhos FM 2020 stats

At the age of 25, Marquinhos is your best DC, together with Thiago Silva, with the same current ability. Thiago Silva is old, and he won’t be there for long, that’s why you have to keep Marquinhos. Luckily, you already have a contract until 2024 with him when you arrive.

  • High teamwork
  • Displays resolute characteristics
  • Relishes big matches
  • Consistent performer
  • A highly reliable player who doesn’t often let opponents get past him
  • Has plenty of international experience
  • Can improve in the future
  • Considered a smart player



Players To Keep An Eye On For The Future Of PSG


  • Presnel Kimpembe – Age 23 – DC – Potential ability 161
  • Adil Aouchiche – Age 16 – MC – Potential ability 169
  • Thimothée Pembélé – Age 16 – DC – Potential ability 165

Other players are worse than 161 potential ability and aren’t worthwhile mentioning for the ambitions that PSG has.

Keep in mind; you want players who can win the Champions League a couple of times in a few seasons.


PSG FM20 Formation


psg fm20 formation - psg team guide - psg team guide fm20 tactics
PSG FM20 recommended formation

PSG plays a 4-3-3 formation in real life that quickly transforms into a 2-3-5 when attacking.

Because of the players at your disposal, you want to copy that into an FM20 formation.

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PSG has speedy players, but also outstanding technical players who can keep the ball forever in possession.  That’s why it’s an excellent tactic to either play counter-attacking football or Tiki-Taka to dominate possession.

In either case, play the 4-3-3. I’ll choose the Fluid Counter-Attack tactical style.

This formation is a premade 4-1-4-1 that focuses on counter-attacking.

Because your board wants you to play an attacking style of football, having a cautious mentality doesn’t really suit that. That’s why we’ll show our second formation :

tiki taka 4141 psg formation - psg formation fm20
Second PSG 4141 FM20 formation

This formation is also a 4-1-4-1 formation with a DM, but everything is different. You can try out the formation in premade Tiki-Taka formations.

If you want to see a different formation, you can check out the formation our team member NIK has created.

In fact, he created a whole YouTube video on the PSG tactics that you can see here:

He has also created a list of 7 potential players that you can buy for PSG, who will improve your squad.

Although PSG has bought four players in the summer of 2019, you have $94 million at your disposal, and that is enough to buy a few quality players.

Be sure to check out NIK’s video and leave a like and a comment. It means a lot!

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