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Wolverhampton FM2020 Team Guide – Howl like a wolf!

By spaskecar | February 14, 2020 | 6886 Views

Today we talk about the 2018/2019 sensation Wolverhampton Wanderers.

They had just been promoted to the Premier League, and many expected them to get relegated straight away, but the manager Nuno Espírito Santo did wonders at the wheel.

They finished 7th and got Europa League qualification, and that is where Wolverhampton FM2020 story starts.


Managing Wolves in FM2020


When starting a new career with Wolves in FM20, you will replace Nuno Espírito Santo and sign a two-year contract worth $38.5k per week.

wolverhampton wanderers fm2020
Welcome to Wolverhampton Wanderers FM2020

Wolverhampton has a fascinating history that many don’t know about.

Their most significant era was in the 50s when they won the English top division three times and finished second five times.

They’ve won the FA Cup four times, the Carabao Cup two times, and the Community Shield four times.

In total, including other minor trophies, they’ve won a total of 22 trophies, which is very surprising for most people.


They play their games at the Molineux with a capacity of 30,852.

In Football Manager 2020 Wolverhampton Wanderers have:

  • Excellent training facilities
  • Excellent youth facilities
  • Adequate recruitment


Wolverhampton FM20 Best Eleven


best 11 wolves fm20
Best 11 in Wolves – FM 2020

Wolverhampton FM20 has this fantastic squad that surprised everyone last season and finished 7th in the Premier League.

The mix of experience and youth that Nuno Espírito Santo has brought to Wolverhampton was terrific.

We’ll talk about these players in a more detailed way in the squad section of the article.

For now, we’ll just say that you, as a new manager, are brought to the club to make it better, and some areas need improvements.

Let’s talk about the Club Vision and five-year plan.


Wolves Club Vision and Five Year Plan in FM 2020


club vision Wolverhampton Football Manager 2020
Club Vision Wolverhampton Football Manager 2020

The first thing you see in club culture is Sign Portuguese players, and that was a complete surprise to me.

Former manager Nuno Espírito Santo left such a significant mark on the club that the club owners want to continue what he was doing. And that means signing mostly Portuguese players.

That is the most critical objective, and it is desired.

Other objectives are only preferred, and they are to sign high reputation players, develop players using the club’s youth system, and play entertaining football.

When it comes to the five-year plan, we’ll only take a look at the current season as there is plenty of work to do.

  • Premier Division: Top Half – this is easily accomplishable with the current squad
  • FA Cup: Reach 5th round – if you’re lucky to avoid some Premier League giants, this is also easily achievable
  • EURO Cup: Reach Quarter-Final – This is probably the most significant challenge
  • Carabao Cup: Reach Fourth Round – Again, with a bit of luck this is also accomplishable

The board has been pretty reasonable with the objectives, and you can probably fulfill all of their wishes and maybe even overachieve a bit.


Wolves FM2020 Squad – Most Important Players


Rui Patricio

  • Age 31
  • Position Goalkeeper (Sweeper Keeper)
  • Current Ability 153
rui patricio fm2020
Rui Patricio FM 20

Rui Patricio is the first choice and best goalkeeper you have available.

  • Current international with plenty of experience
  • Good goalkeeper for most Premier League sides
  • Relishes big matches
  • Fairly consistent performer
  • Considered good at shot-stopping

Rui Patricio has a contract until 2022, and that is when he is going to have 34 years. You should start looking for a replacement in the second season.


João Moutinho

  • Age 32
  • Position Central Midfielder (Deep Lying Playmaker)
  • Current Ability 153
joao moutinho fm20
Joao Moutinho FM20 Stats

João Moutinho is the best central midfielder you have at disposal.

  • Current international with plenty of experience
  • Good player for most Premier Division teams
  • Relishes big matches
  • His bravery and work rate make him a great team player
  • Passing ability underlines his technical prowess
  • Can play the AMC position as well
  • Considered a technical player

At the age of 32 (almost 33) and contract expiring at the end of the season, you should look for a replacement in January.


Rúben Neves

  • Age 22
  • Position Defensive Midfielder (Deep Lying Playmaker)
  • Current Ability 150
  • Potential ability 170
ruben neves fm20
Ruben Neves FM20

At the age of only 22, and such an excellent current ability as well as amazing potential ability, Rúben Neves is your present and the future!

  • Professional individual
  • Good player for most Premier Division teams
  • Potential to become a Leading Premier Division DM in the future
  • Passing ability underlines his technical prowess
  • Is a natural at the CM position as well
  • Enjoys big matches
  • Fairly consistent performer
  • Good off-the-ball movement and decisions make him an intelligent player
  • Considered a technical player

He has a $77k p/w contract until 2023. Big teams are going to come knocking on the door for him, and they will offer him lots of money. Try to extend his contract whenever it’s possible. You don’t want to lose him.



  • Age 25
  • Position Defender Right (Full-Back)
  • Current Ability 147
  • Potential ability 157
jonny fm20 - wolverhampton fm2020 jonny
Jonny – Wolves FM20

Although naturally a right-back, he is a very versatile player who played the left-back or left wing-back position in real life, Jonny is vital for your success.

  • A very versatile player who can play many positions
  • Good player for most Premier Division teams
  • Consistent performer
  • His bravery and work rate make him a great team player
  • Can improve slightly in the future
  • Enjoys big matches
  • Considered a smart player

He has a long contract until 2023, and you probably shouldn’t make any short term plans for him.


Diogo Jota

  • Age 22
  • Position Left Attacking Midfielder (Inverted Winger)
  • Current Ability 147
  • Potential ability 164
diogo jota fm2020 - diogo jota fm20
Diogo Jota FM2020

Diogo Jota is another very talented player that is your future.

  • Is a perfectionist who always strives to improve himself
  • Good player for most Premier Divison teams
  • Potential to become a leading winger in the Premier Division
  • Relishes big matches
  • Possesses great pace
  • Has the ability to do the unexpected and that’s how he beats defenders
  • He is natural in a couple of positions
  • Fairly consistent performer
  • Adept at using either foot
  • Considered a technical player

With a contract until 2022, you should probably look to extend it at the end of the first season. Big teams will undoubtedly come looking to buy this player.


Raúl Jiménez

  • Age 28
  • Position Striker (Pressing Forward)
  • Current Ability 147
raul jimenez fm20 stats - raul jimenez attributes
Raul Jimenez in FM2020

Raúl Jiménez is dominating for Wolves in real life in the current season. Can you make him play that way in FM2020?

  • Strong penalty taker
  • Current international with plenty of experience
  • Good player for most Premier Division sides
  • Resolute character
  • His bravery and work-rate make him a great team player
  • Fairly consistent performer

Based on the way he is playing this season, we can expect a boost to his ability in the next version of FM20. With a contract until 2023, you have a great Striker at your disposal.


Wolves FM20 Youth Players To Keep an Eye On


These are the U23 and U18 players you should take good care off. They have a high potential ability:

  • Renat Dadasov – PA 159
  • Jack Scott   – PA 150
  • Bruno Jordão – PA 149
  • Rafa Mir           – PA 145


Wolves FM2020 Formation


We at FMBrotherhood have prepared this Wolves FM20 formation for you:

wolves fm2020 formation
Wolves FM 2020 formation

The first tactic is the Tiki-Taka Positive 5-2-3 Formation.

This formation tries to copy what the real-life Wolverhampton is playing and getting the best results.

With this formation, all your best players are on the pitch from the first minute, and you still have decent players on the bench.

This is the standard Tiki-Taka tactical style that was applied to the 5-2-3 WB Wide formation.


Conclusion on Wolverhampton in FM 20


Wolves are an exciting team to play with, and we suggest everyone passionate about FM20 try them out.

Our team member NIK even created a YouTube video with a different suggested formation to try out than the one that was shown here.

NIK talks about the players in detail, takes a look at the finances, and even has suggestions for some transfers.

It’s a short YouTube video that will give you lots of value if you’re considering playing with Wolves in FM2020.

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