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Tobias Gulliksen in FM23

10 Best Championship Signings in FM23 You Must Sign!

By callum | February 15, 2023 | 42235 Views

Best Championship Signings FM23 has to Offer!

Managing in the Sky Bet Championship can be one of the most interesting saves in Football Manager. It’s a highly competitive league which can be very hard to get out of, and be promoted to the promised land of the Premier League.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best Championship signings FM23 has to offer! The players on this list range from free agents to £3.5 million in value. This means there’s Championship signings on this list that will fit any Championship team you’re managing.

The players on this list are all interested in joining Blackburn Rovers, a mid-table Sky Bet Championship team.

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Let’s get into the top 10.

10. Ayoub Assal

Ayoub Assal in FM23

First on our list of the 10 best Championship signings FM23 has to offer is Ayoub Assal. He’s a lower league wonderkid, playing for AFC Wimbledon in Sky Bet League 2. However, he’s definitely got the ability to play Championship football, and can be signed for as cheap as 300k! This Championship signing can play across the positions just behind the striker and also as a forward himself. This makes him even better value for money.

FMBrotherhood signed Assal in a save with Sunderland, and he played an important role in a side that managed to get promoted in the first FM23 season! He’s now worth over £5 million, showing the return on investment you can get with this Championship signing in FM23.

However, Assal is wanted by Premier League side Bournemouth, so you’ll have to move fast if you want to sign him.

9. Ricard Sanchez

Ricard Sanchez in Football Manager 2023

Ricard Sanchez is a great young right back in FM23 and is transfer listed for a cut price at the start of your Football Manager save. This means you can sign him for just £2.5 million when he would usually be worth a lot more.

Sanchez has well rounded mental attributes, including 13 bravery, 17 determination, and 14 off the ball. He’s also got solid defensive attributes, and is a good crosser of the ball.

Sanchez definitely has the quality to play in the Sky Bet Championship, and the potential ability to be part of a side trying to get promoted ton the Premier League.

8. Pietro Ceccaroni

Pietro Ceccaroni in FM23

Ceccaroni is a solid centre back that would make a great Championship signing in FM23. For this level, he’s brilliant in the fundamental defensive attributes, such as 14 tackling, 13 marking, and 14 positioning. At 26 years old, Pietro Ceccaroni is just coming into his prime.

This FM23 Championship signing can be signed for £1.7 million, and will accept a contract on £8k per week. This is excellent value for money for a player that would be one of the better defenders in the Championship.

7. Pablo Galdames

Pablo Galdames in FM23

Next on our list of FM23 best Championship signings is Chilean international Pablo Galdames. He’s a 25 year old defensive midfielder currently playing for Genoa in Serie B. Galdames would be a workhorse in your midfield, and has 15 determination, 18 teamwork, and 14 work rate. These are brilliant attributes for a midfielder to have, and Galdames would definitely add some steel to your Championship team.

He’s transfer listed for just £1.2 million at the start of your Football Manager 2023 save. However, he’s wanted by Serie A sides, and Championship team Norwich City, so make your offer as soon as you start your FM23 Championship save.

6. Gary Cahill

Gary Cahill in FM23

This one may come as a bit of a surprise, but Gary Cahill would make a fantastic Championship signing for any team in the league.

Although he’s 36, he would walk into your team as a leader and would be a great mentor for wonderkids in your team. He still has some amazing attributes, including 18 teamwork, 17 heading, and 19 bravery. just make sure you don’t play a high defensive line, as he is now quite slow…

Cahill is willing to accept a contract for £15k per week. He would be a worthwhile FM23 Championship signing to help you through your first season.

5. Fernando Llorente

Fernando Llorente, Championship signing in FM23

Another slow but still top quality player for a Sky Bet Championship team is Spanish striker Fernando Llorente. He’s incredible in the air, with 18 heading and 17 jumping reach. He would be perfect if you like to play a long ball style of play, and like a striker that can hold up the ball. Make sure to also put the floated crosses setting on in your tactics to make sure your crosses are in the air to match Llorente’s strengths.

This Championship signing in FM23 only wants £6k per week, so could also be a low risk plan B option for your side.

4. Edgar Le

Edgar Ie in Football Manager 23

Edgar Ie is an African player that is somehow a free agent at the start of your FM23 save. He’s only 28 years old, and would definitely be a leading Sky Bet Championship player. He can play both centre back and right back, offering great versatility for a defender.

This FM23 Championship signing would be willing to accept a contract on £13k per week, which isn’t too expensive for a player of this quality. He’s already wanted by multiple Championship teams so you’ll need to move fast.

3. Tobias Gulliksen

Tobias Gulliksen in FM23

This is a wonderkid that you must look at no matter what save you’re doing in FM23. Gulliksen is already showing promise at just 18 years old, with 13 technique, 15 determination, and 13 vision. Although he’s wanted by European giants PSG and AC Milan, he’s interested in joining Sky Bet Championship sides.

FMBrotherhood signed Gulliksen in the second season of their Sunderland save for just £2.3 million, and after a few seasons he looks incredible!

Tobias Gulliksen in 2025

Tobias Gulliksen in 2025

You can see here that there’s amazing potential for growth with Tobias Gulliksen. And he has 15 assists in just 26 games in the Premier League! Gulliksen in 2025 is worth over £50 million, and has developed into one of Norways best players.

This is an FM23 wonderkid midfielder that you must try to sign for your Championship team.

2. Mateo Musacchio

Mateo Musacchio in FM23

Just missing out on top spot of the best Championship signings in FM23 is Mateo Musacchio. For this level, he’s an unbelievable centre back, with 15 tackling, 17 aggression, and 15 marking.

Although this Championship signing is 31 years old, he has 15 natural fitness, which means as he gets older, his stats will deteriorate at a slower rate compared to others with lower natural fitness.

If you can afford his wages, Mateo Musacchio is a defender that you must sign for your Sky Bet Championship side.

1. Ronnie Edwards – Best Championship signing FM23 has to offer

Ronnie Edwards best championship signing in FM23

The best FM23 Championship signing has to be Ronnie Edwards. He’s a fantastic wonderkid centre back with the potential ability to be a top Premier League player. If you’re looking for signings that can help you get promoted to the Premier League and still be good enough to play in the division, make sure to sign Edwards.

He’s well rounded mentally, can play out from the back, and is either footed. However, he’ll cost just over £3 million, and is wanted by Premier League teams.

The best Championship signing in FM23 also features on our list of the best lower league wonderkids. Check out that article here.

Who’s the Best FM23 Championship Signing for my team?

Hopefully this list of the best Championship signings FM23 has to offer has given you some ideas for players to sign that will improve your team. If you’re on a tight budget then a free agent such as Fernando Llorente, or cheap wonderkid Ayoub Assal are some brilliant options. However, if you’ve got a few million to spend, Tobias Gulliksen and Ronnie Edwards would be worth the investment.

If you’re looking for more wonderkids, why not check out our article on FM23 English wonderkids.

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