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10 Best FM23 Left Winger Wonderkids you must sign!

By callum | December 11, 2022 | 20289 Views

Best FM23 Left Winger Wonderkids – Top 10

Left wingers can be one of the most exciting players to have in your Football Manager team. They use their pace and skill to get you off your seat, and can get lots of goals and assists. They can also be some of the most expensive players in FM23. If you invest in a left winger wonderkid early on in your FM23 save, it could save you a lot of money in the future! At FMBrotherhood, we’ve gone 10 seasons into the future to find the best FM23 left winger wonderkids. We’ve found 10 of the best wonderkid left wingers for you to sign!

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What are FM23 Left Winger Wonderkids?

A wonderkid in Football Manager 2023 is a player that has the potential to develop their attributes immensely to become one of the best wingers in the game. The players on our list are under 20 years of age at the start of your save. Please remember that potential abilities of players in FM23 can differentiate between saves. This means most players aren’t guaranteed to reach their best potential every time.

10. Alejandro Garnacho

Alejandro Garnacho in FM23

First on our list is Manchester United’s left winger wonderkid Alejandro Garnacho. In real life he’s recently burst onto the scene for the first team, and looks set to be the next big player to come out of Man United’s famous youth academy.

At 18, he’s still pretty raw, as you would expect. His best technical attributes are 15 dribbling, 14 technique, and 14 first touch. Garnacho also has 13 finishing and 13 composure, which shows he has an eye for goal.

Garnacho is available to sign in the first season of your FM23 save, but he’ll cost you a hefty £33 million!

Alejandro Garnacho in 2032

Alejandro Garnacho in 2032

You can see that some of Garnacho’s attributes have drastically improved. His decisions have gone up from 9 to 16, his balance from 10 to 14, and his anticipation from 8 to 16! In our simulation, Garnacho wasn’t able to get much first team football at Manchester United, so he moved to Newcastle United, and became an important part of their team.

Garnacho has also surprisingly decided to play for the Spanish national team instead of the Argentinian national team. He would probably have hoped to make more than 9 national appearances though.

Alejandro Garnacho is a great option if you’re looking for a pacey, skilful left winger, to cut inside on his right foot. However, he is still lacking in some areas, such as his crossing and his teamwork.

Garnacho is an even better left winger wonderkid in FM24.

9. Diego Moreira – Cheap Left Winger Wonderkid in FM23

Diego Moreira in FM23

Deigo Moreira is one of the youngest FM23 left winger wonderkids on our list. Just like Garnacho, he has a lot of raw technical ability. Moreira is much better at crossing, and is left footed, so he’s a great option if you prefer a left winger that gets down the line and puts crosses into the box.

If you’re looking to sign this FM23 left winger wonderkid in your first season, he’ll cost you just under £5 million. A really cheap wonderkid winger!

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Diego Moreira in 2032

Diego Moreira in 2032

Moreira has developed into a player good enough for FC Barcelona to sign. He now has 17 dribbling, 17 agility, and 16 acceleration. This alongside 18 flair, will make it easy for Moreira to beat his defender and put a cross into the box. He also has the player trait to look for a pass instead of trying to score, which means he loves getting assists!

Diego Moreira is definitely one of the best value you money wonderkid options on this list. He’s a low risk young left winger.

8. Mario Stroeykens

Mario Stroeykens in Football Manager 2023

Mario Stroeykens already plays regular football for RSC Anderlecht in the Belgian Pro League, which can only be beneficial to his development. He’s still a teenager! Stroeykens standout attributes are 16 pace, 14 technique, and 14 passing.

His decision and his crossing definitely have room for improvement. He must also improve his 10 strength, or else it’s going to be too easy for defenders to get the ball off him.

This FM23 left winger wonderkid wants to continue his development at his current club, so he’s not available to sign in your first season.

Mario Stroeykens in 2032

Mario Stroeykens in 2032

Stroeykens has been able to significantly develop his mental attributes! His composure has risen from 12 to 18, and his off the ball has gone up from 8 to 15. He has also worked on his strength so he’ll be able to hold onto the ball better.

Mario Stroeykens does however still lack in some technical areas, which is why he doesn’t rank higher on our best left winger wonderkids list.

7. Yaser Asprilla – South American Wonderkid

Yaser Asprilla in FM23

Next on our list is Colombian wonderkid Yaser Asprilla. He doesn’t really standout technically, mentally or physically. He’s just pretty good in all areas. He’s also a versatile left winger, having the ability to play as a CAM, and also on the right wing. He can even play as a striker!

If you want to sign Asprilla in your first FM23 season, he will cost you £13.5 million.

Yaser Asprilla in 2032

Yaser Asprilla in 2032

Real Madrid have decided to sign this wonderkid left winger in FM23. He has excellent composure and decision making, which makes him world class in the final third. You can see this as he’s managed to score 26 goals in 73 caps for Colombia, which is a great achievement for a left winger.

Asprilla is either footed, which means it’s hard for opposition defenders to anticipate if he’s going to go down the by-line or cut inside.

He also features on our list of the best Championship wonderkids in FM23. Check out that article here.

6. Alberto Moleirio

Alberto Moleirio

Just missing out on the top 5 is Alberto Moleiro. He’s a Spanish left winger playing in the Spanish second division for Las Palmas. He’s very talented technically, with 15 dribbling, 15 first touch, and 16 technique. However, Moleiro is slightly lacking in speed, with only 12 acceleration and pace. This is not very quick for a left winger.

Alberto Moleiro has only just signed a new contract with Las Palmas, so you’ll have to wait until your next FM23 season if you want to sign him.

Alberto Moleiro in 2032

Alberto Moleiro in 2032

Moleiro has the potential ability to become a fantastic left winger in Football Manager 2023. He’s extremely strong technically and mentally, with 16 passing and 19 vision, he can thread a ball through to an attacker in tight situations. His 18 agility also makes up for his 14 pace and acceleration.

A top young left winger who could turn out to be a wonderkid bargain as he plays for a smaller club, so they won’t demand a ridiculously high fee.

5. Talles Magno – Brazilian Wonderkid Winger

Talles Magno in FM23

Talles Magno begins the top 5 on our list of best left winger wonderkids in FM23. After impressing in the Brazilian League, he moved to NYCFC in the MLS. He’s been a wonderkid on the last few versions of Football Manager, and still has great potential in FM23! His standout attributes are 15 dribbling, 16 technique, and 17 flair.

NYCFC are reluctant to sell him at the start of your FM23 save as they’re currently in the middle of their season. He would cost you about £14 million. However, if you wait until January, he may be slightly cheaper. Magno would be a great option for a mid/lower table English Premier League team.

Talles Magno in 2032

Talles Magno in 2032

Talles Magno has the potential to become a fantastic left winger in FM23. His great agility, pace, and flair, and dribbling, means he can glide past opposition defenders. Magno has excellent mental attributes, with 5 of these being over 16. He is also well-wounded physically.

If you’re looking for a more traditional winger, Talles Magno might not be who you’re looking for as he only has 12 crossing. However, if you sign him early on in your FM23 save, you could put him on an individual training programme to develop this.

A positive about Magno is he’s extremely versatile. Not only can he play on the left wing, he can play on the right, as a striker, and even in attacking midfield. If you’re looking for versatile attackers, Magno is perfect.

4. Jeremy Doku

Jeremy Doku attributes in FM23

Jeremy Doku is a young, raw winger, currently playing for Rennes in Ligue 1. He has brilliant pace, agility, and flair. However, his composure and decisions are poor, which means he’s inconsistent in the final third. If these attributes can be improved, Doku could be a monster.

Doku has some great technical attributes, such as 15 dribbling, 14 first touch, and 16 technique, but needs to develop his crossing and finishing to go to the next level.

If you like the look of Doku and want to sign him in your first Football Manager 2023 season, he’ll cost you £40 million! This is very expensive for a 20 year old left winger, but as you’ll see he has amazing potential.

Jeremy Doku in 2032

Jeremy Doku in 2032

Jeremy Doku has managed to seal a move to Arsenal, and scored a respectable 17 goals in 63 caps for Belgium His mental attributes have improved immensely! 19 composure and 14 decisions is so much better than 11 composure and 8 decisions that he has at the start of your FM23 save. You can see how much Doku is worth in his prime, showing he could be worth the large investment at the start of your FM23 save.

An excellent left winger wonderkid that you must keep your eye on in your Football Manager save.

3. Mathys Tel

Mathys Tel in Football Manager 23

Mathys Tel is a wonderkid left winger that’s been showing lots of ability in real life. This has earned him a move to German giants Bayern Munich! Tel is a pacey winger with brilliant technical ability, including 14 dribbling, 14 technique, and 12 finishing. He is more of an inside forward, with the ability to also play as a striker. So if you like to have wingers that look to cut inside and shoot, Tel is a great option.

As previously mentioned, Tel has only just signed for Bayern Munich, so you’ll have to wait at least one season to sign him in your Football Manager 2023 save.

Mathys Tel in 2032

Mathys Tel in 2032

Mathys Tel has the ability to become a world class left winger in FM23. In our simulation, he signed for PSG, and scored 36 goals in 81 caps for France at just 27 years of age. This shows the ability this left winger wonderkid has! Tel has tremendous physical attributes, such as 18 acceleration, 18 natural fitness, and 16 agility. He also has 15 finishing, 15 composure, and 15 technique, which makes him deadly in front of goal.

An excellent wonderkid left winger that’ll be difficult to sign in your FM23 save has he plays for Bayern Munich. With only 10 crossing, he’ll likely not get many assists, but can still be a great winger for your team!

Andreas Schjelderup – FM23 Left Winger Wonderkid Bargain!

Andreas Schjelderup in Football Manager 2023

Andreas Schjelderup was a popular wonderkid on FM22, and will be even more popular on FM23! He’s even better. Schjelderup has incredible technical attributes at just 18 years of age, including 16 dribbling, first touch, passing, and technique.

To reach the very top level, Andreas Schjelderup must improve his physical attributes, so he’s fast enough to beat defenders with pace, and develop his strength so he can keep a hold of the ball.

Schjelderup is also one of the cheapest wonderkids on this list. You can sign him in your first Football Manager 2023 season for just £7.5 million! This could turn out to be an absolute bargain.

Andreas Schjelderup in 2032

Andreas Schjelderup in 2032

In our simulation, PSG signed Andreas Schjelderup for only £5 million in the 23/24 season, and then Newcastle signed him a few seasons later for just £16 million! His strength has increased from 6 to 11, and his balance from 8 to 12, which makes his physical attributes much more respectable. He’s the best Norwegian wonderkid in FM23.

Andreas Schjelderup’s mental attributes are where he really stands out in his prime, with 19 composure, 17 flair, and 18 off the ball movement. He is definitely one of the best wonderkid bargains in FM23.

Ansu Fati – The Best Left Winger Wonderkid in FM23

Ansu Fati in FM23

Ansu Fati is one of the best wonderkids in FM23! He’s already capped for Spain at just 19 years old, and is an important part of FC Barcelona’s future. They’re already paying him £200k per week to try and keep him from joining another massive club. He isn’t really lacking in any areas, especially technically.

If you want to try and sign Fati in your first season, you’ll have to pay £45 million, and probably give him a wage rise! A large investment, however definitely one that’s worth it.

Ansu Fati in 2032

Ansu Fati in 2032

In our simulation, no team managed to steal Fati away from Barcelona. He’s scored an incredible 68 goals in 102 appearances for Spain, becoming their record goal scorer. He has 16 crossing, which makes him the best crosser of the ball on this list.

We could talk about his amazing attributes all day! 20 flair, 19 off the ball, 19 agility, the list goes on. An absolutely fantastic left winger wonderkid that you should do anything to sign in your FM23 save. Ansu Fati is a legendary winger according to the media and you can see exactly why.

Final Thoughts on the Best FM23 Left Winger Wonderkids.

We’ve put together our list of the 10 best wonderkid left wingers in FM23. There’s some brilliant young left wingers in Football Manager 23, but make sure to refer to this list the next time you’re looking to sign one. If you’re looking for a cheap left winger wonderkid in FM23, Andreas Schjelderup is definitely your best option.

You’ll need a wonderkid left back to linkup with your wonderkid left winger, so check out our article on the best young LBs in FM23!

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