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Harvey Elliot - English wonderkid in 2032
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10 Best English Wonderkids in FM23

By callum | February 5, 2023 | 21417 Views

Best English Wonderkids FM23 has to Offer

Managing in the English Premier League is one of the most popular saves in Football Manager. One of the squad registration rules when managing a team in the Premier League is you must have a minimum of 8 home grown players. That’s why we’ve gone 10 seasons into the future to find the 10 best English wonderkids FM23 has to offer! Read on to find out which FM23 English wonderkids make our top 10.

What is an English Wonderkid in FM23

An FM23 English wonderkid is a youngster aged 20 or below, that has the potential to be one of the best players in Football Manager in their prime. The players on this list are eligible to play for the England national team. However, it must be noted that there is no guarantee that these wonderkids will reach the same potential ability in your Football Manager save.

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10. Alex Scott

Alex Scott in Football Manager 2023

Alex Scott is a brilliant, versatile wonderkid, that plays in the Sky Bet Championship. He has well rounded mental attributes for an 18 year old, including 14 teamwork, vision, and determination. He’s only on £1,500 per week at Bristol City, so I’m sure he’d be tempted to move to make more money.

This FM23 English wonderkid will cost you £10 million if you want to sign him.

Alex Scott in 2032

Alex Scott in 2032

In our FM23 simulation, Alex Scott signed for Manchester United! But after limited game time he signed for Bayer Leverkusen. In his prime, this English wonderkid has even better mental attributes, with his lowest rated being 11 positioning and leadership.

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9. Jude Soonsup-Bell

Jude Soonsup-Bell in FM23

Next on our list of the Best English Wonderkids FM23 has to offer is Jude Soonsup-Bell. Although he has a lot of raw attributes, Soonsup-Bell has brilliant finishing and pace for his age. His technical attributes will need to be further developed if this English wonderkid is going to become a top striker.

Jude Soonsup-Bell will cost you just under £15 million if you want to sign him in your first FM23 season. He’s also just signed for Spurs in real life, so you’ll need to sign this English wonderkid before the FM23 winter update.

Jude Soonsup-Bell in 2032

Jude Soonsup-Bell in 2032

Although Soonsup-Bell’s technical attributes have improved, it’s definitely his mental and physical attributes that standout. His best attributes are 17 pace, 18 determination, and 17 concentration.

This FM23 English wonderkid also has an excellent record for his country, scoring 10 goals in 18 appearances.

8. Tino Livramento

Tino Livramento in FM23

Livramento has a brilliant breakout season for Southampton last year, but has recently been struggling with injuries, and is out for 6 months when you start your FM23 save! Luckily this doesn’t stunt his growth, and he can still become an amazing English wonderkid right back.

As Livramento is injured for such a long duration, you’ll need to wait until the 2023/24 season to sign him.

Tino Livramento in 2032

Tino Livramento in 2032

In our Football Manager 2023 simulation, Tino Livramento stayed at Southampton and has developed into a fantastic English wonderkid. He’s competent defensively, with 15 anticipation, 13 tackling, and 15 positioning. But Livramento is also effective going forward, as he’s a good crosser of the ball, and can dribble past defenders.

7. Kobbie Mainoo – Youngest English Wonderkid FM23 has to Offer

Kobbie Mainoo in Football Manager 23

Kobbie Mainoo is the youngest English wonderkid in FM23 on this list. He’s already got some top attributes for a 17 year old, including 14 technique, 15 composure, and 14 first touch. Mainoo has recently been making some first team appearances for Manchester United, so Erik Ten Hag clearly rates him!

Mainoo wants to continue his development at Manchester United, so you can’t sign him at the start of your FM23 save.

Kobbie Mainoo in 2032

Kobbie Mainoo in 2032

In his prime, Kobbie Mainoo is described by the media as a world class midfielder, and you can see why! This English wonderkid has somehow only made 22 appearances for the national side, even though he’s a brilliant all round midfielder.

Mainoo is worth over £150 million after 10 seasons, so try and sign him early into your FM23 save so you can save some money.

6. Noni Madueke

Noni Madueke in FM23

In position 6 on our list of the best English wonderkids FM23 has to offer is exciting right winger Noni Madueke. He’s an excellent dribbler and has the pace to go past defenders. However, just like Livramento, he’s out injured for 6 months. This means you also won’t be able to sign him in the first Football Manager 2023 season.

Noni Madueke in 2032

Noni Madueke in 2032

Noni Madueke has developed into a quality English wonderkid right winger in FM23. In his prime, his best attributes are 17 pace, 18 agility, and 17 composure. However, Madueke has been hampered by lots of injuries in our simulation, and only made over 30 league appearances twice in 10 seasons. This is something you should be wary of when signing him.

5. Cole Palmer

Cole Palmer in Football Manager 2023

Making the top 5 of the best FM23 English wonderkids is Man City youngster Cole Palmer. He’s a versatile attacking midfielder can play anywhere behind the striker and even in centre midfield. If you sign Palmer early in your FM23 save, you’ll be able to train him to specialise in any of these positions.

This English wonderkid is quite expensive, and will cost you £36 million!

Cole Palmer in 2032

Cole Palmer in 2032

In our FM23 simulation, Cole Palmer has developed into a world class player! His best attributes are 17 technique, 16 dribbling, and 17 agility. He’s also worth over £150 million, and had an average rating of over 7.2 in most seasons, showing how great he can be.

Make sure to add this English wonderkid in FM23 to your shortlist.

4. Michael Olise

Michael Olise in FM23

Although Michael Olise has been capped by France at youth level, he’s eligible to play for England, and does so in our FM23 save. His best attributes are 16 flair, 15 technique, and 16 dribbling. Olise is effective as an inverted right winger, cutting inside on his left foot to put in a cross or shoot.

If you’re managing a team that’s in a European competition such as the Champions League, you can sign this English wonderkid for his £50 million release clause!

Michael Olise in 2032

Michael Olise in 2032

Olise has very similar attributes to Palmer, but just a bit better! It’s crazy to think that this English wonderkid has only been capped by his national side 12 times by the age of 30. He has 15 attributes rated 16 or above, which shows how brilliant he is in so many parts of his game.

Although costly, this FM23 English wonderkid can definitely be worth the investment.

3. Harvey Elliott

Harvey Elliot in Football Manager 2023

Liverpool signed Harvey Elliot in the summer of 2019  for only £1.2 million. This is a ridiculous bargain for an English wonderkid.

At just 19 years of age, Elliot has amazing mental attributes, including 16 vision, 17 work rate, and 16 determination. Wonderkids with high determination and work rate attributes have a higher chance of reaching their potential.

Liverpool want £55 million to sell their English youngster. Making him one of the most expensive English wonderkids in FM23.

Harvey Elliot in 2032

Harvey Elliot - English wonderkid in 2032

In our simulation, Elliot signed for PSG for £125 million, and you can see why they paid so much money for him! This FM23 English wonderkid looks amazing in his prime, with 13 attributes rated 16 or above.

Although Elliot’s preferred position is a right winger, he’ll likely perform better as a centre midfielder, or CAM. This is due to his low acceleration, which means it will be hard for him to beat a defender and put in a cross.

2. Bukayo Saka – 2nd Best English Wonderkid in FM23

Bukayo Saka in FM23

Just missing out on the best English wonderkid FM23 has to offer is Buyako Saka. He’s been tearing it up for Arsenal in real life, who at the time of writing sit top of the English Premier League, and his attributes in Football Manager reflect this. Saka has great mental attributes, including 16 determination, flair, and decision making.

Arsenal seem to refuse any offer you make to try and sign Saka in the first FM23 season. So unless you’re managing Arsenal, good luck trying to manage him!

Bukayo Saka in 2032

Bukayo Saka in 2032

Saka stayed at Arsenal until Real Madrid managed to sign him for £105 million in 2030. This English wonderkid had an average rating of at least 7.34 across his seasons, which is why he is a must have player in FM23, and is so high on our list.

He also scored 41 goals for England, which is an amazing achievement for a winger.

1. Jude Bellingham – Best English Wonderkid FM23 has to Offer!

Jude Bellingham - Best English wonderkid in FM23

The best English wonderkid FM23 has to offer is definitely Jude Bellingham. Make sure to try and sign Bellingham in FM23, as he’s rumoured to be leaving Borussia Dortmund in the summer. This means you likely won’t be able to sign Jude Bellingham straight away in FM24.

He’ll cost you £106 million though!

Jude Bellingham in 2032

Jude Bellingham in 2032

You can see why Bellingham is the best FM23 English wonderkid. He is the best all round CM in Football Manager. In our FM23 simulation, Bellingham made almost 120 appearances for England, and had an above average rating of above 7 in every season.

Jude Bellingham is arguably the best wonderkid in FM23, so add him to your shortlist!

Which English Wonderkid in FM23 should you Sign?

Most of the best FM23 English wonderkids are really expensive! Alex Scott is great value for money in your first season though. If you do have the financial muscle, Jude Bellingham and Harvey Elliot are 2 of the very best.

If you’re looking for more FM23 wonderkids, why not check out the best lower league wonderkids in FM23 here.

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