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Hermann Gerlund - 2nd best Assistant Manager in FM23

FM23 Best Assistant Managers – Top 10!

By callum | December 27, 2022 | 37792 Views

Best Assistant Managers in FM23 You Should Hire!

Having the best assistant manager in FM23 can be essential to your success. You must hire an assistant manager that has great attributes to help you in a variety of management areas. If you like to delegate a lot of management tasks in FM23, having the best assistant manager available will mean you can trust them to do a brilliant job.

We have done the research to find the 10 best assistant managers in Football Manager 2023. Make sure to sign one of the assistant managers on our list to give you the best chance of a successful save!

If you want to further bolster your backroom staff, take a look at the best coaches in FM23.

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What are the Best Assistant Manager Attributes?

Ideally, you want your assistant manager in FM23 to excel in most of the following attributes.

  • People Management
  • Level of Discipline
  • Judging Player Ability
  • Judging Player Potential
  • Motivation
  • Determination

The best assistant managers in FM23 should score at least 15 in most of these attributes.

Motivation, determination, and level of discipline are 3 of the most important attributes for all staff members. Make sure to look out for these attributes when recruiting general coaches, not just assistant managers.

However, the attributes you should look for in an assistant manager also depend on the responsibilities you delegate to them. For example, if you going to ask your assistant to help you with opposition instructions and tactics, you should look for the best assistant manager in FM23 with judging player ability and tactical knowledge as their strengths.

If you’re getting really technical, you should hire an assistant manager in FM23 whose preferred tactical style and formation match your own!

Lets get into the best assistant managers in FM23.

10. Brian Kidd

Brian Kidd Assistant Manager in FM23

Brian Kidd is a very experienced assistant manager in FM23. He’s been an assistant manager for England, Sheffield United, Portsmouth, and Manchester City. After being a coach at Manchester City for almost 10 seasons, Kidd finds himself unemployed. This means you won’t have to pay any compensation if you want Brian Kidd to be your assistant manager in Football Manager 2023. However, he does want a large £15k per week salary.

Brian Kidd is accomplished in all of the desired attributes of an assistant manager, except from his poor level of discipline. Kidd is also 73 years of age, so after a couple of seasons it’s likely he’ll retire.

If you’re looking for a great short term assistant manager, Brian Kidd is definitely a viable option.

9. Helmut Jungheim

Helmut Jungheim in Football Manager 2023

Jungheim has never been an assistant manager before, however he has the attributes to perform the role very well! Helmut Jungheim is also excellent when working with youngsters, which mean’s he will be able to help develop your FM23 wonderkids.

Similar to Kidd, Jungheim is well rounded in all of the required assistant manager attributes, except from his level of discipline.

If you want to appoint Helmut Jungheim as your assistant manager in FM23, he’ll want a salary of around £15k per week.

8. Lars Ricken

Lars Ricken in FM23

Lars Ricken is currently head of youth development at Borussia Dortmund since 2008. This means it will be hard to take him away from the club, but he does have the ability to be effective in the assistant manager role in Football Manager 2023.

Ricken’s standout attribute is his people management. This means he’s great at keeping your players happy, which is essential to consistent performances.

Lars Ricken will cost you £1.9 million in compensation if you want to sign him as your FM23 assistant manager.

7. Roberto Samaden

Roberto Samaden in Football Manager 23

Samaden has a 20 rating in 4 of the desired attributes for an assistant manager. This makes him one of the best assistant managers in FM23.

He might need some persuading to become your assistant manager, as he’s much more comfortable as the head of youth development. But if you can, he wants roughly £17k per week, and will cost £750k in compensation.

Roberto Samaden’s preferred formation is a 4-2-3-1 and his tactical style is vertical tiki-taka, which are both commonly used by FM23 players. If you’re one of them, make sure to try and persuade Roberto Samaden to give up his youth role and become an assistant manager!

6. Massimiliano Farris

Massimiliano Farris in FM23

Next on our list of the best assistant managers in FM23 is Massimiliano Farris. Although he isn’t exceptional in any of the main assistant manager attributes, he has no weaknesses. If you’re looking for an all round assistant manager, Farris is your man.

In your first FM23 season, he’s not interested in leaving Inter Milan, so you’ll have to wait until your second season if you want to sign him as your assistant manager in FM23.

5. Edd Vahid

Edd Vahid in FM23

It seems to be staff that have head of youth development as their main role that would be the best assistant managers in FM23. Just like Massimiliano Farris, Edd Vahid is also well rounded in the assistant manager attributes, but is better than Farris in most areas.

Edd is willing to become an assistant manager, and would like a reasonable £12k per week salary.

At 42 years of age, Edd Vahid is young for a member of staff. This means he may have potential to get even better.

4. Joao Scaramento – Young FM23 Assistant Manager

Joao Sacramento in FM23

Joao Sacramento is currently the assistant manager at PSG. At only 33 years of age, he’s already been an assistant manager at Lille, Spurs, and AS Roma. Sacramento makes our list of the best FM23 assistant managers because he has the potential to become the very best in the game. As he is so young, he has decades to master being an assistant manager, and develop some of his attributes, such as his people management.

He’s just joined PSG, so he’s not interested in moving sides in your first FM23 season.

3. Phillip Laux

Phillip Laux in Football Manager 2023

The second Borussia Dortmund staff member featuring in the best assistant managers in FM23 is Phillip Laux. His standout attribute is his motivating, which means that Laux is world class at getting players focused and riled up before a game, and in training. Laux’s favourite tactical style is fluid counter-attack, so if you also like using this style of play, make sure to appoint him as your assistant manager in FM23.

Philip Laux will cost you £200k in compensation, and wants a wage of £15k per week.

2. Hermann Gerlund

Hermann Gerlund - 2nd best Assistant Manager in FM23

Hermann Gerlund was Bayern Munich’s assistant manager for over 10 years across his career. He is fantastic in all of the desired attributes for an assistant manager in FM23. As a coach in general, Gerlund is great in every attribute too, so if you like to delegate some training sessions to your assistant manager, Gerlund would be a good option.

Hermann Gerlund won’t cost you any compensation as he’s unemployed at the start of your FM23 season, but he wants a huge £24k per week! His preferred tactical style is park the bus, which is rarely used by FM23 users.

1. Paolo Morganti – The Best Assistant Manager in FM23!

Paolo Morganti - The best FM23 Assistant Manager

Paolo Morganti definitely has the attributes to be the best FM23 assistant manager! He is world class in all of the attributes you would like in an FM23 assistant manager. He has 20 judging player ability and judging player potential, which means he’ll be able to tell you exactly who is the best player in each position at your club. He’ll also be able to notify you of any wonderkids that have great potential.

Just like others on this list, Morganti is more established as the head of youth development. It will take some persuading for him to become an assistant manager in FM23. However, if he’s willing to become your assistant manager, you’ve definitely signed the best assistant manager in FM23.

Final Thoughts on the Best FM23 Assistant Managers

Morganti tops our list of the best assistant managers in FM23. If you’re looking for an out and out assistant manager for your FM23 save, Hermann Gerland is definitely your best option. However, if you’re looking for a long term assistant manager with amazing potential, make sure to keep an eye on Joao Sacramento.

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