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How to Find Free Agents in Football Manager

By callum | September 1, 2023 | 1949 Views

How to Find Free Agents in FM23

When budgets are low, or you’re looking for a squad player to get you through the season. Free agents can be great. But how do you find and sign free agents? First, we’ll show you how to find free agents in Football Manager. Then we’ll show you how to find the best free agents for your team!

Make sure to read through this whole article so you understand the best ways to find free agents for your team.

If you want to know the best free agents in FM23, check out this article.

How to Find Free Agents in Football Manager – Step 1

Finding free agents first step

First, go to scouting, and then players in range in the players tab.

How to Find Free Agents in FM – Step 2

Finding free agents step 2

This will bring up the player search screen, but we want just free agents to appear. Click on player search which will bring up the player search filters.

How to sign Free Agents in FM23 – Step 3

Find free agents step 3

Click on the contract status tab, and select expired in the drop down menu. Then press Ok. This will now bring up every player in Football Manager that’s a free agent.

If you want to further filter down your results and change the age range, position etc, you can do this on the player search menu above.

To find out more about these players, you can assign a scout to find out more about them. However, a good Football Manager tip is to take the free agents on trial so you can find out their attributes quicker.

Now let’s get into some tips to find the best free agents depending on what team you’re managing. There are thousands of free agents in Football Manager, so it’s important to know how to find the players you’re looking for.

World Reputation and International Caps Technique

Free Agents World Reputation search in FM23

If you’re managing a team in a top division, you will want to find free agents that might be good enough to be a part of your squad. Some helpful filters to find these players are world reputation and international caps.

Players with higher reputation are more well known and have a good standing in the game. This filters out more unknown players that will likely not be good enough for your team.

Adding the international caps filter means the free agents must’ve been good enough to play for their country. However, this doesn’t guarantee they’ll be good enough to play for your team, and you might also miss out on some players that play for great footballing countries, but just aren’t good enough to get a cap. These filters are great starting points though.

Tips to Find Free Agents for Non League

Signing free agents when managing in Non-League can be a bit more difficult at times. You can’t use the tips mentioned above as internationals will not be interested in joining non league teams. You might be able to persuade some former internationals in their mid 30s, but it’s likely their attributes have fallen off a cliff.

Here’s how to find free agents in FM23 for non league saves.

How to Find Free Agents in Lower League – Step 1

Suggest transfer targets FM23

First, go to the transfers tab, then select suggest transfer targets in the Director of Football drop down menu.

How to Find Free Agents in FM in Lower League – Step 2

Player position screen FM23

Then select free transfer and a position you’re looking to sign a player for. Whether your club employs a Director of Football or not doesn’t matter. They will suggest up to three players per position.

How to Find Free Agents in FM23 in Lower League – Step 3

Director of Football player suggestions in Football Manager 2023

You can then take these three players on trial and see if they’re good enough for your team. As the season progresses, the players suggested will change. Make sure to come back to this page as the months go on because new talents might appear.

It’s important to note that there’s no transfer window when managing in Non League in England. Clubs in Non League have until late march to register new players, so you can basically sign free agents whenever you want!

Extra Tip for How to Find Free Agents in FM23

Once you finish your first season, clubs will announce their retained lists. These lists will tell you which players aren’t renewing their contracts, and so will be available to sign as free agents. This will help you pick up some great talents with no risk as you’re signing them for free!

Final Thoughts

These are our tips to help you find free agents in Football Manager 2023 and beyond! If you have any more tips to help FM players find free agents, please comment them below to help others out.

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