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Ricky Jade-Jones in FM24

14 Best Cheap Strikers in FM24 You Can Sign in Season One

By callum | November 23, 2023 | 1600 Views

Best Cheap Strikers in FM24

When you start your Football Manager 2024 save, the chances are your transfer budget is pretty low, not matter what team you’re managing.

Apart from a few teams, you’ll need to sell before you buy big, which is why it’s good when you find players that are bargains.

To save you from searching the globe, I’ve found the best cheap strikers FM24 has to offer. All of these players are willing to move, and can be signed in the first transfer window of your save.

The players will get more expensive as the article goes on. So the first FM24 cheap strikers will cost under £1 million, and it will build up to cheap strikers that cost up to £7 million.

If you want some cheap wonderkids to go alongside your cheap striker, read this post next.

Honourable Mentions

Before we get into detail about the best cheap strikers in Football Manager 2024, here are some players that are cheap but didn’t make our list for different reasons.

  • Liam Cullen: £160k – Already one of the top FM24 Championship signings.
  • Felix Platte: £750k – Would be a great option for Championship teams that can afford him,
  • Nabil Alioui: £950k – Can play as a striker, but is more of a left winger.
  • Nicolo Tresoldi: £2.3 million – Not ready for first team football at clubs he’s willing to join.
  • Yussuf Poulsen: £4.9 million – has high wage demands for his ability

1. Lys Mousset

Lys Mousset in FM24

Some of you probably remember Lys Mousset from his time at Bournemouth and Sheffield United. Unfortunately he hasn’t exactly lived up to the potential he had, but it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t make a great striker for your team.

Mousset can be signed for a low £210k fee. This is probably because he’s already decided he’s not signing a new contract at his current club, who are looking to cash in on him.

Would be a good signing for

  • Sky Bet Championship teams

2. Ricky Jade-Jones

Ricky Jade-Jones in FM24

From personal experience I cannot recommend this guy enough. At the time of writing I’m managing Peterborough United in my own FM24 save and Ricky Jade-Jones has been fantastic!

He was one of my top scorers in the first season, which helped me get promotion to the Championship. He’s now worth up to £5 million in my save, and you can get him in yours for just £300k.

Ricky Jade-Jones is one of the best cheap wonderkid strikers in FM24. He’s just 20 years old in season one, and he’s got potential to develop into a top striker for the lower leagues.

Would be a good signing for

  • Promotion pushing League 1 teams
  • Sky Bet Championship teams

3. Jair Silva – Best Cheap FM24 Striker for £500k

Jair Silva in Football Manager 2024

Next on the list of the best bargain FM24 strikers is Jair Silva. He’s a 25 year old Brazilian who can also play on the left wing. However, his crossing is poor, so he would be better played there as an inside forward.

Jair Silva is definitely best played as a striker though. He’s quick, and got great finishing and heading attributes. For just £500k you can get yourself a striker that would score goals for fun in any second division in the top 5 European leagues.

Would be a good signing for

  • Better teams in 2nd division of top 5 European leagues.

4. Jordi Sanchez – Best Striker for under £1 million in FM24

Jordi Sanchez in FM24

Sanchez is a cheap Spanish striker in the prime of his career. His mental attributes are really solid, which include 15 concentration, 14 determination and 15 bravery.

The tall striker is dominant in the air, and he’s physical enough to hold up the ball to a high standard. We managed to get him for £575k, but there are other time interested, so make your move quickly.

Would be a good signing for

  • Better teams in 2nd division of top 5 European leagues.

5. Pedro Mendes

Pedro Mendes in Football Manager 24

If you’re looking for a cheap target man striker in FM24 Pedro Mendes is your guy. He stands at 6ft 2 and has an astounding 17 heading. Mendes doesn’t just have to be a target man though, he would also make a fantastic pressing forward due to his brilliant aggression, work rate, and off the ball attributes.

Pedro Mendes is available to sign in the first FM24 season for £1.2 million. At 23 years old you’ll get plenty of seasons out of him, and potentially some profit if you were to resell him in the future. Mendes is a worthwhile, low risk investment, making him one of the best FM24 bargain strikers.

6. Josef Martinez

Josef Martinez in FM24

Martinez is a striker that’s a club icon for MLS side Atlanta United. The team was recently founded in 2014, but he managed to score an incredible 98 leagues goals in just 134 league appearances.

The Venezuelan striker only has 6 months remaining on his contract at new club Inter Miami, so he can be signed on a pre-contract at the very start of your Football Manager 2024 save. This would be a fantastic signing at zero cost when you look at his quality. In our FM24 save, he accepted a contract of £30k per week.

If you don’t want to wait, you can sign Josef Martinez for £1.8 million.

Would be a good signing for

  • Relegation fighting Premier League teams

7. Sekou Koita

Sekou Koita

Koita is a pacey African striker who plays for the most dominant team in Austrian football, RB Salzburg. He’s got just one year left on his contract with the club, meaning he’s available at the cheap price of £2.1 million. You could also take the chance that he doesn’t sign a new contract, and you offer him a pre-contract in January.

Koita is the type of striker that likes to play on the last man, run the channels, and get onto through balls. He would work really well playing off a target man striker.

Would be a good signing for

  • Lower mid table – relegation fighting teams Europe’s top 5 divisions.

8. Ramon Mierez

Ramon Mierez in FM24

So remember Pedro Mendes who is another one of the best cheap strikers FM24 has to offer? Ramon Mierez is really similar! Mierez is a fantastic target man and pressing forward. He also has 18 determination and 20 work rate, which is insane for any player in Football Manager to have.

Ramon Mierez is a few years older than Pedro Mendes, but he’s also slightly better. He could be a monster in the right system. Only cost you £2.3 million too. Get him signed.

Would be a good signing for

  • Mid table teams Europe’s top 5 divisions.
  • Relegation fighting Premier League teams.

9. Joshua King

Joshua King

Those that have been following the Premier League for a while will know about Joshua King. After coming through the Manchester United youth academy, King went onto play for Blackburn Rovers, Bournemouth, Everton, and Watford.

Now playing his football in Turkey, you could bring King back to the Premier League. He’s definitely still got enough quality to offer. Even at 31 year old, King is still rapid, and technically sound.

If you’re just looking for a quality cheap striker to start or play a squad role for a season or two, Joshua King is your man. He will cost you £2.9 million in season one.

Would be a good signing for

  • Almost any team that can afford his fee and salary that he’s willing to join. King would be a great option off the bench even for teams in the Champions League.

10. Christian Kouame – Best Cheap Striker in FM24

Christian Kouame, who is the best cheap striker in Football Manager 2024

So this might seem like a bit of a rogue shout, and I know we’re not through the whole article yet, but I believe that Christian Kouame is the best cheap striker FM24 has to offer in terms of value for money. This is for a few reasons.

First of all, his attributes are fantastic. Extremely quick, brilliant dribbling, and good work rate and determination. Secondly, He can play both left and right wing, which is invaluable versatility. And thirdly, he’s only 25 years old, so there’s potential resale value, or you can get a lot of years out of him.

Because Christian Kouame has 1 year left on his contract, you can sign him for just £2.9 million. This is an FM24 striker bargain! He’s wanted by teams including West Ham and RB Leipzig, so move quickly on this one.

Would be a good signing for

  • Mid table teams Europe’s top 5 divisions (would be quality for these teams)
  • European pushing teams in Europe’s top 5 divisions.

11. Dany Mota

Dany Mota

Dany Mota is a very well rounded cheap striker in FM24. Almost all of the 25 year old’s attributes are rated 12, 13, or 14. He’s one of the most versatile forwards you’ll find, having the ability to play on both wings and as an attacking midfielder.

Because of this varsatility, Dany Mota would make a fantastic squad player for a lot of clubs. Some squads are really small in season one of FM24, so you need players that can fill in multiple positions when you get injuries. Dany Mota is one of these players, and you can get him for just £3 million.

Would be a good signing for

  • Mid table teams Europe’s top 5 divisions

12. Luis Muriel

Luis Muriel in FM24

So Luis Muriel is pretty similar to Joshua King. He’s a top quality player that could do a job for 2 seasons (at the very most looking at that 12 natural fitness at 32 years old).

Don’t let this put you off though. You will struggle to find any striker in FM24 that’s as class technically as Luis Muriel. 17 dribbling, 18 first touch, and 17 technique are crazy attributes for a striker to have. I think he would be amazing in a possession based, free-flowing system.

Muriel can be signed in season one for £3.3 million, making him one of the best cheap strikers in FM24.

Would be a good signing for

  • Almost any team that can afford his fee and salary that he’s willing to join.

13. Fedor Chalov

Fedor Chalov in Football Manager 2024

Chalov is a cheap FM24 striker that was in red hot form last season. He scored an impressive 19 goals in 30 league appearances, which is even a great achievement in the Russian League.

Fedor Chalov’s mental attributes are fantastic, with most rated 13 or higher. He likes to place his shots, which he can do well with 14 finishing, technique, and composure.

Chalov is available for £3.4 million. His wages are low too, so overall this would be a very low cost deal for your team.

Would be a good signing for

  • Mid table teams Europe’s top 5 divisions.
  • Relegation fighting Premier League teams.

14. Lukas Nmecha

Lukas Nmecha in FM24

Next as one of the best cheap strikers in FM24 is Lukas Nmecha. He’s in his mid 20s and trying to make his name in the Bundesliga.

Nmecha has an ambitious personality, which means he will do anything to get to the top. He can finish well, is quick, and good in the air. A very well rounded striker who can score a lot of goals for your team.

He’s a bit more expensive than others on this list though, costing £7 million.

Would be a good signing for

  • Mid table teams Europe’s top 5 divisions
  • European pushing teams in Europe’s top 5 divisions.

Final Thoughts

There are some amazing deals you can get in the first season to get yourself a quality striker. If you’ve found someone in your save that should also make this list, please comment them below and how much you signed them for.

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