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Andreas Schjelderup in Football Manager 2024
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8 Best FM24 Left Winger Wonderkids You Should Sign!

By callum | November 25, 2023 | 1354 Views

Best FM24 Left Winger Wonderkids

Aged 20 or under, these are some of the best FM24 left winger wonderkids. They have shown in our Football Manager 24 simulation that they can reach their potential.

We show you their potential attributes in their prime, and how much you can sign them for in the first transfer window if they are willing to move.

There are lots of wonderkids out there that might look like they’ve got potential, but they’re unlikely to make it. That’s why it’s best to come to FMBrotherhood to find the best wonderkids in Football Manager. We provide evidence of these players reaching their potential.

As player potential is dynamic, this doesn’t guarantee these left winger wonderkids will be as amazing in your save. But you can put things in place to give them the best chance of growth, such as giving them regular game time.

You can also find yourself an amazing right winger wonderkid so you’ve got 2 amazing young wingers.

8. Wilfred Gnonto

Wilfred Gnonto in FM24

Gnonto is a fantastic FM24 left winger wonderkid. At just 19 years old, his physical attributes are amazing. Although he clearly has some work to do to make his mental attributes more well rounded, but his dribbling, finishing, and technique, are already good enough.

He would be an amazing signing for Premier League teams, and can be stolen from Leeds for £16.5 million.

Wilfred Gnonto in 2033

Wilfred Gnonto in 2033

Gnonto in his prime has made 66 appearances for Italy, scoring 17 goals. His versatility makes him so valuable to any team in Football Manager. He can comfortably play as a striker or attacking midfielder, but is definitely at his best playing as a left winger and cutting in onto his right foot.

Gnonto is definitely more of an inside forward than a traditional winger. Across our FM simulation he always got more goals than assists.

7.  Goncalo Moreira

Goncalo Moreira in FM24

Moreira is one of the many wonderkids in Benfica’s youth academy. He has great determination, dribbling, and technique for his age.

This left winger wonderkid can also play on the right, and could be trained as an attacking midfielder or striker, but is definitely better out wide.

Goncalo Moreira will speak to teams that are reputable and playing European football, but he’s not too interested in leaving Benfica. However, the club will accept an offer of just £600k in season one. This makes Moreira an amazing cheap wonderkid in FM24.

Goncalo Moreira in 2033

Goncalo Moreira's potential attributes in FM24

After not getting much game time for Benfica, Goncalo Moreira had a couple of loan spells, and then played for Feynoord and Bournemouth.

You can see that Moreira is one of the best FM24 left winger wonderkids by looking at the improvement in his mental attributes. His vision has increased from 11 to 17, and his anticipation has increased from 10 to 14.

If you can give Goncalo Moreira game time as soon as possible in your FM24 save, he will become amazing.

6. Joao Rego

Joao Rego in Football Manager 2024

Another Benfica wonderkid left winger is Joao Rego. He’s a player that unlike Goncalo Moreira would be effective as a CAM too. The media describe him as a winger though, which is why he’s on this list of the best FM24 LW wonderkids.

Standing at 6 foot tall, he’s definitely got more height than the average winger. 16 determination is great, but his 9 work rate needs to improve. Joao Rego also needs more pace and strength if he’s going to have any chance of making it at the top.

He’s just signed a new deal with Benfica, so he’s unwilling to move in season one.

Joao Rego in 2033

Joao Rego in 2033

Rego has some fantastic stats in his prime. His agility for example has gone up from 13 to 19! His physical attributes have vastly improved to the point were they’ve become strengths instead of weaknesses.

Joao Rego has the versatility to play as a left midfielder too, which is useful if you like to use formations such as 4-4-2. It’s really frustrating when you have wingers that can only play the attacking positions and not the midfield.

In first team football, this left winger wonderkid maintained an average rating of 7 or higher across our FM simulation.

5. Ilyes Housni

Ilyes Housni in FM24

Okay, so Ilyes Housni may look like more of a striker in season one, and the media describe him as a striker too. However, in our FM24 simulation he becomes more of a left winger.

The French youngster has come through the PSG youth academy, but is on loan at Qatar side Al-Sadd in the first season.

Housni has some attributes which are randomly generated at the start of each save, such as his determination. This can have an impact on his potential ability. So scout Ilyes Housni in the first transfer window ad track his development.

Ilyes Housni in 2033

Ilyes Housni in 2033

 You can see how Ilyes Housni has developed into more of a left winger than a striker. You can see that his media description has changed too. He’s definitely more of an inside forward though.

Housni has also made some appearances for the French national team, which is amazing considering the quality France have in attack. Ilyes Housni’s passing and crossing could be a bit better, but this might not bother you if you want an inside forward to play on your left wing.

4. Rayane Bounida

Rayane Bounida in FM24

In season one, Bounida has some amazing attributes, and some terrible attributes. Dribbling, first touch, and technique are brilliant, but his positioning, teamwork and balance are so bad.

Luckily the wonderkid winger is just 17, so there’s plenty of seasons for these attributes to improve. Rayane Bounida will move in the first season, but only to top clubs in the Champions League. He also wants high wages for a teenager too.

It might be best to wait a season or 2 before signing him to see how he develops.

Rayane Bounida

Rayane Bounida in 2033

From the image above you can see why Rayane Bounida is one of the best FM24 wonderkid left wingers. Unfortunately he hasn’t grown any taller, so don’t count on Bounida winning any headers.

Technically he’s unbelievable. He’s got all of the attributes to beat opposition full backs, such as 18 dribbling, 17 technique, and 18 agility.

Even in his prime, Rayane Bounida still has some weaknesses in his game, but he is also outstanding in so many other ways. He is a fantastic winger.

3.  Andreas Schjelderup

Andreas Schjelderup in Football Manager 2024

This is now the 3rd Benfica youngster on this list of the best left winger wonderkids in FM24. Andreas Schjelderup was one of the most signed wonderkids on the last couple of FM games, and he’s amazing in Football Manager 2024 too.

He has a few amazing technical attributes, including 15 dribbling, 16 first touch, and 15 technique. Some of his physical attributes must develop though. His stamina needs to increase so he can play 2 games a week, and his strength needs to improve so he can keep a hold of the ball.

As the LW wonderkid is on loan, he can’t be signed in the first season.

Andreas Schjelderup in 2033

Andreas Schjelderup in 2033

Arsenal ended up paying £58 million for Andreas Schjelderup in 2027, which is brilliant value for money considering his quality.

17 composure and 15 decision making make Schjelderup amazing in the final third. He’s a tricky winger who is amazing on the ball, and he would be a top signing in your FM24 save.

2. Alejandro Garnacho

Alejandro Garnacho in Football Manager 2024

Garnacho has become one of the most exciting young talents in the Premier League. After impressing last season, he’s had a significant increase to his current and potential ability compared to the first FM23 database.

You can see that this left winger wonderkid’s strength is his speed. 18 pace and acceleration combined with 15 dribbling and 16 flair make Garnacho a nightmare for opposition defenders.

Alejandro Garnacho has been rewarded with a new contract at Man United, so he’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Alejandro Garnacho in 2033

Alejandro Garnacho in 2033

This is why Alejandro Garnacho is one of the best FM24 LW wonderkids. What a phenomenal talent in his prime. He’s got the shooting attributes to score lots of goals. He’s best played as an inside forward or inverted winger, cutting in on his right foot.

Bayern Munich managed to persuade Garnacho to leave Manchester United, but they had to pay £168 million! He’s also got 86 caps for Argentina, and is their key player.

1. Ansu Fati – Best FM24 LW Wonderkid

Ansu Fati in FM24

Once again, Ansu Fati is an exceptional FM wonderkid, and is the best left winger wonderkid in Football Manager 24. After some injury riddled seasons, Fati has been loaned out to Premier League side Brighton. This means you can’t get him in season one sadly.

However, Barcelona are famously struggling financially, so they might be willing to sell Fati in the second season. Make sure to have a lot of money saved up though.

Ansu Fati in 2033

Ansu Fati in 2033

Fati had some incredible seasons in our FM24 simulation. After moving to Manchester City for £104 million, Fati had one season where his average rating was 7.73!

He’s made almost 100 appearances for Spain, and he’s only 30 so he will get more. He has 15 attributes rated 16 or higher! Fati can also play on the right wing, or as a striker. He would be fantastic in both of these positions too.

For those starting their FM24 save with a European giant, Fati has to be on your shortlist as a future signing.

Final Thoughts

For those looking for the best of the best left winger wonderkids in FM24, you’ll need to sign either Ansu Fati or Alejandro Garnacho. They’re both world class in their prime, and standout above the rest.

But there are some more top LW wonderkids you can get early on in your Football Manager 2024 save. Players such as Gnonto and Moreira can be signed in the first transfer window, which gives you the earliest opportunity to develop them into superstars.

If you need an attacking midfielder wonderkid to go alongside your left winger, we’ve got you covered for that too! Read this article to see who made our list, and how amazing they can be in 2033.

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