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11 Best FM24 Wonderkid Right Wingers

By callum | November 26, 2023 | 1554 Views

Best FM24 Right Winger Wonderkids

So I’ve written a lot of FM24 wonderkid articles for this years game, and I think the RW position could be the one with the best wonderkid talent.

After going 10 seasons into the future, I’ve found 11 of the best FM24 wonderkid right wingers. I’ll also show you how much they’ll cost you to buy in the first transfer window (if they’ve not recently moved or signed a new contract).

Each of these right wingers are 20 years old or younger in the first transfer window.

11. Ilias Akhomach

Ilias Akhomach in FM24

Akhomach is a versatile right winger who has come through the Barcelona youth academy, and has just moved to Villarreal for first team football.

The right winger wonderkid is left footed, so he likes to cut inside off the wing to put in a cross or shoot. Ideally you would want your winger to be a bit faster, but Ilias Akhomach is only 19, so he has time to improve this.

Ilias Akhomach in 2033

Ilias Akhomach in 2033

In our Football Manager 2024 simulation, Akhomach struggled for game time at Villarreal and moved to Ajax, and after flourishing there, he moved to Man City for £72 million. He got plenty of assists across his career, showing he’s more of a creative winger.

Ilias Akhomach has 19 agility in his prime, which paired with 17 flair makes it easy for him to get past defenders. Akhomach would also make a brilliant attacking midfielder.

10. Matias Soule

Matias Soule in Football Manager 2024

Soule is an Argentinian wonderkid right winger who is left footed, so has a similar style of play to Ilias Akhomach. Soule made some league appearances for Juventus in the 22/23 season, and has been loaned out to another Serie A side to get more regular football.

At the time of writing this, the RW wonderkid has 5 goals and 1 assist in just 10 Serie A appearances according to TransferMarkt. This shows that Football Manager have been right again, and found a gem with great potential.

Matias Soule in 2033

Matias Soule in 2033

Real Madrid had to pay £80 million to prise Matias Soule away from Juventus in the prime of his career. This is why you should try and sign your wonderkids as early on as possible in your save, because they will likely be cheaper in cost.

Soule has 10 attributes rated 16 or higher, including crossing, dribbling, and agility. He has all of the attributes to make an excellent right winger in your FM24 save.

9. Nico Williams

Nico Williams in Football Manager 24

As Athletic Bilbao have an internal rule which means only players born in the Basque region can play for their club, they must rely on developing youth talent to keep up with other teams in the Spanish first division.

Nico Williams is their most exciting youth prospect right now. The right winger has brilliant mental attributes, including 15 off the ball, 17 determination, and 15 flair.

Williams currently has a £43 million release clause, which is what you’ll need to pay to sign him in the first transfer window. If you’re managing a European club that can afford this, it could be an excellent investment.

Nico Williams in 2033

Nico Williams in 2033

Although Williams is wanted by Liverpool in the first transfer window, he stayed at Athletic Bilbao across his whole career in our simulation, and become a club icon. He’s also become good enough to accumulate 78 caps for Spain.

Williams is one of the best FM24 wonderkid right wingers because he achieved an average rating of at least 7.15 across all 10 seasons. He got more goals than assists across each season, so he’s more of a goal-scoring winger than a creative winger. This being said, Williams has 16 crossing so is more than capable of putting deadly balls into the box.

8. Ben Doak

Ben Doak in FM24

Doak is one of the best Scottish wonderkids in FM24, and plays for Liverpool’s youth academy after moving a couple of years ago from Celtic. He’s a driven winger with 18 determination, which will give him a great chance of reaching his potential.

However, there are still some attributes that this RW wonderkid needs to improve. With only 7 stamina, Ben Doak will struggle to play a full 90 minutes at the top level. His 9 finishing will also need to increase if you want a winger that can also score goals.

Doak won’t move in the first window due to just signing a new contract.

Ben Doak in 2033

Ben Doak in 2033

Doak stayed at Liverpool in our save, and developed into one of the top right wingers in FM24. His stamina is now 12 which is a fantastic improvement from 7. 12 finishing is also much better than the 9 it was rated when he’s 17.

The wonderkid right winger has amazing technicals, physicals, and mentals in his prime. Another thing to remember is 10 years into your save Doak will only be 27 years old. He could play an important part in your FM24 save for at least 10-12 years if you sign him in the first few seasons.

Another really interesting thing I noticed is Doak didn’t get a single loan deal, and didn’t start playing regularly for Liverpool until 2029, but he still developed this well. This means if you can give Doak first team football when he’s still a teenager, he could develop into an absolute monster.

7. Roony Bardghji

Roony Bardghji in FM24

Roony Bardghji in FM24 has already been spoken about on our site as one of the best cheap wonderkids in FM24, so we won’t talk about him for too long, and you can take a look at that post to see how good he can be in his prime.

He will cost £8 million in the first season, which is a wonderkid bargain considering his potential ability.

6. Julien Duranville

Julien Duranville in FM24

Dortmund paid over £10 million for this Belgian right winger wonderkid,which is one of the highest fees paid for a Belgian teenager.

Durvanville has the fundamentals to make it as a top right winger. His pace, acceleration, dribbling, and technique are all amazing for his age. However, mentally he’s very poor. Attributes such as his composure and decisions will need to improve if he wants to become a winger that can get lots of goal contributions.

Duranville can’t be signed in season one sadly.

Julien Duranville in 2033

Julien Duranville in 2033

PSG paid a huge £220 million fee to sign this right winger wonderkid in his prime! He has an insane 20 agility, which goes nicely with his 18 dribbling and 17 flair.

Duranville has the tries tricks trait, so he’s definitely going to be a fun right winger to use in Football Manager 24.

You can see the talent Duranville has, but he only makes number 6 on our list. There’s some amazing talent ahead of him, so read on to find out the 5 best young right wingers in FM24.

5. Francisco Conceicao

Francisco Conceicao in FM24

Francisco Conceicao came through Porto’s youtt academy, and then moved to Ajax, but now finds himself back at Porto on loan,

At 20 years of age he has some brilliant stats, including 16 dribbling, 19 flair, and 16 agility. If he can just improve his pace a little bit, he will be a very deadly winger.

Francisco Conceicao in 2033

Francisco Conceicao in 2033

Francisco Conceicao performs amazingly in his prime, and became a club icon at Inter Milan even though he’s been there for just 5 seasons! He even had a league season with an average rating of 7.83, getting man of the match 10 times.

I don’t understand how he only has 22 caps for Portugal, because he’s amazing and so versatile. The right winger’s agility and flair is world class. You’ll struggle to find a player that’s better at this.

4. Yeremy Pino

Yeremy Pino in FM24

Like Ilias Akhomach, Yeremy Pino is one of the best FM24 wonderkid right wingers that plays for Villarreal. He’s got some fantastic technical attributes, including 16 dribbling, 14 passing, and 16 technique.

The issue with Pino is you’ll need to pay his huge £69 million release clause to get a hold of him in the first transfer window. He doesn’t look like a player worth that much just now. But read on to see why it might be worth the investment.

Yeremy Pino in 2033

Yeremy Pino in 2033

Pino became the starting right winger for Spain, making 92 appearances and scoring 26 goals. In the 10th season of our save, he got 14 goals and 14 assists for Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, achieving an average rating of 7.9!

His agility has increase from 15 to 19, and his crossing has improved from 13 to 16. Yeremy Pino is a fantastic wonderkid RW in Football Manager 2024.

3. Carlos Borges

Carlos Borges in FM24

Over the last few years, Carlos Borges has been an explosive wonderkid for Manchester City, winning Premier League 2 player of the season in 22/23. To try and get some first team football, he’s moved to Ajax.

Borges is a rapid winger with excellent dribbling and odd the ball movement. If he can play regularly at Ajax, he can become one of the best FM24 right winger wonderkids.

Carlos Borges in 2033

Carlos Borges in 2033

Dortmund managed to sign Borges for just £42 million in our Football Manager 2024 simulation. Apart from his first season, he got an average rating of at least 7.12 in the 9 other seasons.

His physical attributes are even better, and his crossing is brilliant. Borges can also play on the left wing, but has the player trait to cut inside from the right wing. This wonderkid right winger is world class in his prime, but there are 2 more that are even better.

2. Badredine Bouanani

Badredine Bouanani in FM24

Bouanani is one of the best African wonderkids in FM24. With Riyad Mahrez only getting older, Algeria will be looking for a right winger to take his place. Badredine Bouanani has the potential to do that, and become even better than Mahrez.

That might seem like a wild statement at the moment, but look below to see how unbelievable this right winger wonderkid is in his prime. He almost made our number 1 spot. He’ll cost you £20 million in the first transfer window, but if you have the money you NEED to sign Bouanani.

Badredine Bouanani in 2033

Badredine Bouanani in 2033

In our Football Manager sim Badredine Bouanani has 10 attributes rated 17 or higher in his prime. He is an incredible player  that can do absolutely everything. He’s scored 42 goals for Algeria, which is the highest of any player in their history.

The left footed right winger has such good final third attributes to the point where I’d argue he would be just as effective as prime Arjen Robben cutting inside from the right wing.

It’s simple. Sign this wonderkid right winger as soon as possible.

1. Lamine Yamal – Best FM24 Wonderkid Right Winger

Lamine Yamal in FM24

If you can remember a 15 year old with better current ability than Lamine Yamal in FM24, please comment who it is and which version of Football Manager. He does turn 16 pretty quickly into your save, but you’ll still struggle to find a better 16 year old.

He’s already good enough to be playing first team football, and in real life has even scored for the Spain national team. You can’t get Yamal in the first season, and he’ll likely cost you so much money in your save.

Lamine Yamal in 2033

Lamine Yamal in 2033

Yamal has stayed at Barcelona and become a club icon at just the age of 25. He’s scored 145 league goals, and scoring is definitely more his strength as he got more goals than assists.

He’s got 78 caps for Spain, and could probably play for them for another 10 seasons. There’s a chance he’ll become the country’s most capped player, which is currently Sergio Ramos with 180 appearances.


When it comes to needing a wonderkid right winger, you’re spoiled for choice. There’s more creative right wingers such as Ilias Akhomach and Julien Duranville, and there are more goal scoring wingers such as Badredine Bouanani and Lamine Yamal.

If you’ve not got lots and lots of money though, you can always go with the trusty Roony Bardghji.

You can find some left winger wonderkids to sign in this post.

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