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Best Wonderkid Attacking Midfielders in FM24

By callum | December 14, 2023 | 512 Views

Best Wonderkid Attacking Midfielders in FM24

So I’ve done a lot of these wonderkid review articles now, and across both FM23 and FM24, I don’t think there’s a position with more wonderkids that have the potential to make it to the highest level than FM24 attacking midfielders.

This article will cover 11 of the best wonderkid attacking midfielders in FM24, but there were so many more I could’ve added so I’ve also made an honourable mentions section too.

Remember that potential ability can be different in every FM save. This means these attacking midfielders may not be as good in the future in your save as they are in mine. This will still give you an accurate representation of how amazing they can become though.

11. Oscar Gloukh

Oscar Gloukh in FM24

I had this attacking midfielder wonderkid in my FM23 Sunderland save and he was immense! Gloukh is very creative, with excellent technique, dribbling, and first touch for a teenager.

He’s already playing games for his national team, and he likes to dictate the tempo. Oscar Gloukh would be a great fit for teams that want to play possession based football.

As he’s recently joined RB Salzburg, you can’t sign him in the first transfer window. In my current FM24 save with Peterborough United, he has joined Juventus on a free transfer at the end of his contract in 2027. Oscar Gloukh could be a cheap wonderkid CAM for you if you can wait a few seasons.

Oscar Gloukh in 2033

Oscar Gloukh in 2033

In the FM24 simulation Chelsea managed to get one of the best wonderkid attacking midfielders in FM24 for just £15 million! He’s since gone onto make almost 100 appearances for his national team, and rack up lots of goals and assists for Chelsea.

Even though his attributes would make Gloukh more of a play-maker, he actually consistently got more goals than assists for Chelsea.

The media describe Oscar Gloukh as a legendary attacking midfielder in his prime. And he’s the first CAM we’re talking about. Read on to find out more of the best FM24 wonderkid attacking midfielders.

10. Florian Wirtz

Florian Wirtz in Football Manager 2024

Wirtz is an exceptional attacking midfielder. At the time of writing, he has 5 goals and 4 assists in 14 Bundesliga appearances.

With this form, it’s likely Florian Wirtz will get a current ability and potential ability increase in the FM24 winter update database. But this doesn’t mean he’s not got great potential in your current save.

This is a wonderkid attacking midfielder that’s ready to play for almost any team in world football. The issue is the £85 million fee Bayer Leverkusen demand in the first transfer window.

Florian Wirtz in 2033

Florian Wirtz in 2033

Leverkusen have not submitted into any demands, and have kept Florian Wirtz for the whole save. He’s even become a club legend!

Wirtz is brilliant at carrying the ball forward, which matches his runs with ball often trait. He also likes to play killer balls, which he is capable of due to his 17 vision, 16 passing, and 17 technique.

If you can find a way to get the money to buy Wirtz, you’ll get yourself one of the best attacking midfielders in FM24.

9. Noah Darvich

Noah Darvich in FM24

Darvich has some brilliant attributes even at just 16 years old. 17 flair, 15 technique, and 14 dribbling are stats you would be happy with a player having in their prime.

At just 16 though, there’s no chance of Noah Darvich leaving Barcelona anytime soon. He wants to continue his development at the club, so you’ll likely need to wait at least 1 or 2 seasons before trying to sign him.

Noah Darvich in 2033

Noah Darvich in 2033

Noah Darvich has stayed at Barcelona and switched allegiances to France! His physical attributes have seen drastic improvement. His jumping reach has increased from 10 to 16, and his strength from 9 to 14.

This wonderkid attacking midfielder has also grown by 2 inches. If you didn’t know already, some young players may get taller as they would in real life too.

8.  Junior Kroupi

Junior Kroupi in FM24

Junior Kroupi is next as one of the best wonderkid attacking midfielders in FM24. Already a part of the French youth setup, Kroupi is one of the most exciting youngsters in the country.

He can play as a striker too, but is more suited to the attacking midfielder role. Junior Kroupi’s standout attribute is his 16 decision making. This means he can make the right choices when in the final third of the pitch.

FC Lorient are obviously keen to keep a hold of their wonderkid CAM, and he’s signed a new contract.

Junior Kroupi in 2033

Junior Kroupi in 2033

Kroupi has become a Real Madrid superstar in his prime! His composure and decisions are rated 18, which makes him unbelievable in the final third of the pitch.

Kroupi’s 15 finishing is better than most strikers. He would actually make a brilliant shadow striker. His vision is also amazing though, so he’s definitely capable of creating chances as a play-maker.

7. Valentin Carboni

Valentin Carboni in Football Manager 2024

Valentin Carboni is definitely one of the best wonderkid CAMs in Football Manager 2024. He already has brilliant technical attributes, which include 14 dribbling, finishing, and first touch.

Carboni’s 16 determination will help push him to become a better player. He’ll need to improve his 8 strength so he can hold onto the ball a bit better though.

He’s contracted to Inter Milan, but is on loan at Brianza in season one.

Valentin Carboni in 2033

Valentin Carboni in 2033

I’m absolutely baffled as to how this wonderkid attacking midfielder only has 9 caps for Argentina in his prime? He’s world class!

This didn’t stop him being a success. Carboni scored goals for fun for Inter Milan. His 17 finishing definitely shows he’s got an eye for goal, and he backed this up on the pitch.

It will be difficult to sign Valentin Carboni as Inter Milan will want a high fee. You might be able to afford him if you’re managing a top European club though.

6. Xavi Simons

Xavi Simons in Football Manager 2024

Xavi Simons was one of the best wonderkids in world football last season. He was amazing for PSV, which has resulted in PSG buying him back!

Simon’s amazing season has resulted in his FM24 attributes seeing a huge upgrade compared to FM23. His best stats are 16 first touch, 17 determination, and 16 flair.

Xavi Simons in 2033

Xavi Simons in 2033

Simons returned to PSG and was seriously impressive, which then led to Newcastle signing him for £120 million! This is a massive fee, but Xavi Simons is seen as a legendary attacking midfielder in his prime.

You can see why Simons is one of the best attacking midfielders in Football Manager 2024. Because he plays for PSG he’ll probably cost you a lot in your save.

5. Mikey Moore

Mikey Moore in FM24

Now you might be thinking how is Mikey Moore one of the best FM24 wonderkid CAMs? But trust me, with the right development path he can become amazing.

He’s really lacking physically, with just 4 strength and 7 stamina. These are attributes he must improve to succeed at the top of the game.

As Moore is only 15, he wants to continue his development at Spurs. You might have a chance of signing him after a few seasons though.

Mikey Moore in 2033

Mikey Moore in 2033

10 seasons into your save, Mikey Moore will only be 25 years old! This gives you plenty of time to sign him. You can wait for the right moment when he’s available at a decent price.

But take a look at how amazing he can become. Mikey Moore’s strength and stamina are now competent, and his composure has increased from 11 to 18.

In our save, nobody was able to sign him from Tottenham, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t.

4. Arda Guler

Arda Guler in FM24

Guler is one of the most technically gifted teenagers in FM24. He has 16 passing, 16 vision, and 18 technique, all at just 18 years old.

Like Mikey Moore, Arda Guler does have to make some improvements physically, but his technials, and some of his mental attributes, are already more than good enough.

This attacking midfielder wonderkid just moved to Real Madrid in the summer after a bidding war with Barcelona.

Arda Guler in 2033

Arda Guler in 2033

In his prime, Guler has 19 attributes rated 16 or higher, which includes 18 agility, and 20 vision. He’s the perfect play-maker at the elite level, which is why Real Madrid have kept hold of him.

Somehow Arda Guler is only 4th on our list of the best FM24 attacking midfielder wonderkids. Read on to find out who makes the top 3. There is some insane talent.

3. Tommaso Baldanzi

Tommaso Baldanzi in FM24

At just 20 years old, this wonderkid CAM is already one of Emoli’s best players. This is why he’s wanted by Arsenal, Chelsea, and Manchester United in the first transfer window.

You can pick him up for £9.75 million, but if any of these larger clubs make an offer too, it might be difficult for you to join your team. He’ll speak to any club that’s bigger than Empoli, and would be an amazing coup for most teams in the game.

This makes Baldanzi one of the best cheap wonderkid attacking midfielders in Football Manager 24.

Tommaso Baldanzi in 2033

Tommaso Baldanzi in 2033

Everton were the club that managed to sign one of the best FM24 wonderkid CAMs, and he went on to become a club icon.

His attacking attributes are unbelievable. Not only is Baldanzi an amazing creator, but would also make an effective shadow striker.

Just look at his record for the Italian national team. 60 goals in 98 appearances makes him their all time top goalscorer.

2. Pedri

Pedri in FM24

At just 20 years of age, Pedri is already one of Barcelona’s most important players. He would already be a regular starter for arguably every team in men’s football.

Although Pedri is mostly known for his amazing technical attributes, but he has some world class mental attributes too.

In real life, I think Pedri will stay at FC Barcelona for his whole career, and become a club legend. However, in Football Manager, he’s interested in joining other top European sides, such as Manchester City. You’ll need to pay £89 million in the first transfer window.

Pedri in 2033

Pedri in 2033

Pedri has stayed at Barcelona and become an even better player. He’s got 119 caps for Spain, and achieved an average rating of at least 7.09 in all 10 seasons of our simulation.

Pedri is obviously one of the best wonderkid attacking midfielders in FM24. But he will cost you so much money, no matter what season you try to sign him.

1. Jamal Musiala – Best FM24 Wonderkid CAM

Jamal Musiala in Football Manager 2024

Musiala has just pipped Pedri as the best FM24 wonderkid attacking midfielder. His best attributes are 18 technique, 19 dribbling, and 18 flair.

Like Pedri, Musiala is one of his teams most important players already. England will be absolutely kicking themselves, as Musiala chose to play for Germany over them, even though he played for England at youth level.

£106 million is what it will take for Bayern Munich to accept an offer for their wonderkid CAM. You’ll need to be managing a huge club for him to be interested though.

Jamal Musiala in 2033

Jamal Musiala in 2033

After becoming an incredible player at Bayern Munich, Musiala joined PSG for £202 million! You can see why he was signed for so much money though.

Another reason Musiala is so special is his versatility. He would be a fantastic right or left winger, and can literally do whatever he wants with the ball.

Honourable Mentions

Here are some more of the best FM24 wonderkid CAMs that just missed out on our list. Make sure to give them a scout in your save too!

  • Naci Unuvar
  • Ethan Nwaneri
  • Simone Pafundi
  • Eliesse Ben Seghir
  • Paul Wanner

So Which Wonderkid CAM Should You Sign?

For those of you that are desperate to sign a wonderkid attacking midfielder in the first transfer window, the player you need to sign has to be Tommaso Baldanzi. You really can’t get any better wonderkids for less than £10 million.

If you’re willing to give it a season or 2, Arda Guler would be an amazing option. I also really like the look of Xavi Simons.

However, at the very start of your save, the 2 world class wonderkid CAMs Pedri and Jamal Musiala are much better than any of the others. If you have the money to buy one of them then I definitely recommend you doing so. You won’t need to worry about your CAM position for the next 10-12 seasons.

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