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We know, we are Football Manager Community, but this time we will leave some area to basketball and NBA. We are going to speak about NBA Veterans and what they do.

World of NBA Veterans is a community that contains from people whose biggest love is NBA League. They are as they say NBA Veterans because they follow this league for 10 years so far.

NBA Veterans, as they say, are representing rare species. They are maybe the only group that has over 70% of accuracy when we speak about their NBA betting tips. Also, they are willing to give you some free tips and it is easy to join their group. The only thing you got to do is to join their NBA Veterans FACEBOOK GROUP.

Their free tips will be posted from 10/20/2018 and you will be able to enjoy NBA and bet like an expert.


NBA Veterans Do All the hard work for you


Yes, that is true. All those boring things like calculations, statistical analyses and everything you don`t want to do our experts are doing for you. Their analyses will show you that they try hard to make you clear that NBA Veterans have different points of view on NBA League. Maybe that is the secret how they get their 70%+ accuracy.

They will set the norms and they have sat the new norms in betting tips guided by the rule – quality before quantity!

There won`t be the zillion of betting tips, but those that our NBA Veterans will provide to you will be made thoroughly, through many analyses and hard work.

statistical analyses



How they get their tips is the secret. That shouldn`t bother you. Leave it to them and relax, just follow their tips and you will see how you are going to win against betting companies!

So, don`t wait for it anymore, join NBA Veterans now!


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