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The Best FM19 Tactics Toplist

It is time for the best FM19 Tactics chosen by FMBrotherhood team!

As we said, from FM18 we will continuously add newly tested and what we think are the best football manager tactics. There will be a lot of tactics soon, we will add them one by one. That`s how we got our FM18 best tactics list so far. The reason why we will do so is that we test all the tactics before they get into the best FM19 tactics list. So here you will be able to check out our FM19 choice:

  • Beowulf 4231 Knap`s Fm19 Tactic




First tested and a great tactic for fm19 is here – Stormcaller v14. Made by one of the best football manager tacticians – TFF. We have tested this tactic with many clubs and results were really great.

If you like to play with underdogs then you can expect to have some incredible wins. Wins vs much stronger teams with this tactic. That is why we choose this tactic as one of the best FM19 tactics we tested so far.

You will play with high defensive line and 2 BPD so it would be nice to have some creative and fast Central Defenders. Full Backs should be fast and team players with some nice tackling and marking.

In the middle, you must have two players who should be able to protect defense and at the same time to organize your attacks.

Check out our Defense FM Guide here! More about this tactic you can find out on the fm-base forum.

Key players are in positions of Segundo Volante and Advanced Forward. So go to the transfer market and find some classy players for these two positions.

Advanced Forward cannot be a slow player. That is another important thing you must to know if you decide to use this astonishing fm19 tactic.

the best football manager 2019 tactic - best fm19 tactics

Download TFF Stormcaller V14 FM19 tactic at the end of this page!


Beowulf 4231 Knap`s FM19 Tactic


This is really one of the best Knaps tactics in Football Manager 2019. We have tested this tactic with many teams and results were absolutely amazing.

Knap once again proved his quality. We have already spoken a lot about his genius before, and his tactics in FM18.

Beowulf 4231 is an attacking tactic. Of course, in formation 4-2-3-1. If you want to use this FM19 tactic you really need great Wing-Backs and very fast Advanced Forward. By our opinion that is the most important if you want to use this fantastic Knaps tactic. 

Inside Forwards are cutting inside and leaving the space for attacking wing backs, AM is attacking duty so he also joins the opponent`s box.

Two DM-s are on support duty and they are the main link between your defense and attack. So, it would be nice if you find some creative players for these two positions.

You will need some technically good defenders with a nice passing for your pair of BPD.

beowulf 4231 knap fm19 tactic

Download Beowulf 4231 Knaps FM19 Tactic at the end of the page!


Download The Best FM19 Tactics here on FMB!


As always, every tactic we share is totally free to download and they will be here so you won`t bother finding them. Stay with us, because this is only the beginning. Our best fm19 tactics list will grow like beans!

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