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The best poachers in Football Manager 2019

By spaskecar | March 15, 2019 | 3975 Views

Are you looking for the best poachers in Football Manager 2019? You’ve come to the right place, my friend. If you’re like us and absolutely LOVE playing strikers who are poachers you have to check out this list.

What are the “poachers”?

But…let’s slow down a moment and explain the definition of a poacher in FM19 for those who don’t know it. Think about Crespo, Inzaghi and van Nistelrooy who were rarely involved in the build-up of the play.
This was especially true about Inzaghi, however, people remember him fondly and refer to him as one of the great poachers of his time.

“Wasn’t born to play football, but was born to score goals” a phrase we frequently hear in regards to Inzaghi. In addition, one the most famous from the great Sir Alex Ferguson – “That lad must have been born offside.”

inzaghi fm19

These players don’t run around a lot, they have a poor passing vision but in the box, they transform. They are very smart players and inside the 18-yard (16 meters) box they show their true colors. Those players how to exploit the tiniest bits of space nobody is covering. They exploit mistakes, score rebounds, read the game and anticipate where the ball is going to end up.

Because they specialize in „tap-ins“ and converting rebounds, many people think this is easy to do. But you don’t see many world-class poachers nowadays who do it easy. In Football Manager 2019 it’s no different.

Poacher Definition by FM19

Let’s look at the official Football Manager 2019 poacher definition:

The Football Manager Poacher sits on the shoulder of the last defender. He is looking to break the defensive line and run onto through balls from midfield. Although the poacher is always ready to run at his marker and is happy to cross the ball when required, his main aim is trying to put the ball in the back off the net.

His focus on scoring goals is so extreme that he rarely offers much help in constructing moves, preferring instead to remain central and sniff out opportunities in and around the box.

FMBrotherhood‘s primary considerations for a poacher are:

  • HIGH Composure and Finishing (To be able to score in any situation, even in high-pressure games like finals)
  • LOW teamwork (We want him to take shots, not pass the ball),
  • HIGH Anticipation and HIGH Off The Ball (He needs to predict where the pass will come or the ball will end up on the rebound),
  • HIGH Acceleration (To run away from his defender who is marking him)

We couldn’t find a good guide anywhere on the internet we’ve decided to make our own and we’ve prepared this list of some of the best poachers in Football Manager 2019 for your pleasure. Enjoy!

FMBrotherhood Best Poachers in Football Manager 2019

(note: the list is in no particular order)

Mauro Icardi

This 25 year old right footed Argentinian currently on contract with Inter Milan is the first player on this list. With amazing stats in Finishing, Heading, Anticipation, and Composure you know this man WILL score goals.

In addition, with high stats like Decisions and Off The Ball maxed he knows how to move and prepare to be at the right place at the right time, Icardi is probably my favorite poacher in Football Manager 19.

Even though there are many rumors, incidents, and sagas in real life, Mauro is completely different in the game and a very loyal player who has the skills to pay the bills and you won’t have any problems with him. I’ll end this short introduction to him with his real-life stats for Inter Milan: 179 appearances and 109 goals. World Class no less!

mauro icardi fm19 - mauro icardi football manager 2019
Mauro Icardi FM19

Paco Alcácer

Paco is playing for Borussia Dortmund and is a 24 year old right footed player. In Football Manager he is on loan from Barcelona but in real life, he is under contract with Dortmund.
Paco has high stats in Finishing, First Touch, Anticipation, Composure and Off The Ball. All these stats make him a great poacher and you should probably get him in Football Manager before Borussia Dortmund seals the deal. ???? ????

In game, he likes to shoot on the first touch and he scores many goals. He’s a professional who handles himself very well and is one of the best buys for the poacher position.

paco alcacer fm19 - paco alcacer football manager 2019
Paco Alcacer FM19

Arkadiusz Milik

This 24 year old left footed Pole currently plays for Napoli. With his 186cm height, he can play the striker role in many ways but we are only going to talk about his poacher ability. Let’s start with Finishing and First Touch. Above all, the man loves to try First Time Shots and he has the ability to do so!

He avoids playing with his weaker foot (right one) so prepare a tactic for that. In addition, solid stats in Anticipation, Composure, Decisions and Off The Ball. Those stats can be improved and just by looking at them makes you want to buy him.

He won’t be too expensive if you’re playing with a world class team. Milik has scored 91 goals in 215 appearances and is a fairly ambitious player who won’t let you down as a poacher in FM19.

milik fm19 - milik football manager 2019
Milik FM19

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

This right footed Gabonese who plays for Arsenal is 28 years old. Furthermore, he is a well-known name in the world leaving his legacy first in AS Saint-Etienne where he played 87 matches and scored 37 goals. After that, he joined Borussia Dortmund where he completely smashed the league with 85 goals in 128 games. What a beast of a poacher!

His football manager 2019 stats aren’t lacking either. With high Finishing and Composure, he knows how to score a goal and he does it often. Having Anticipation, Concentration and Off The Ball well rounded, he knows where to expect the ball and how to move to be the first to a rebound.

All of these stats are nothing compared to the beastly Pace and Acceleration that this man has and that is his best weapon to beat defenders. Not a single defender can keep up with his pace.

Playing for Arsenal, being a world class player and already having high wages make this guy hard to get as a poacher in Football Manager 19 but if you do get him, you have a true gem in your hands that you must use properly! That means placing shots, cutting inside from both wings and knocking the ball past his opponents because that is what he does best!

Javier Hernández Chicharito

Hernandez is a “super-sub” player, as we like to call him, he is a 30 year old right footed Mexican. For instance, when we think about a modern day Inzaghi we think about Chicharito.

Watching this man play for Manchester United was a joy. He would come on late in the game, most often after 70 minutes had already passed and he would just score the most ridiculous goals ever when it was needed the most!

In conclusion, high stats in Finishing, Anticipation, Composure, Concentration and Off The Ball still make this guy a beast of a poacher in Football Manager even at the age of 30. He is cheap and he doesn’t demand high wages. In other words, perfect buy when you need that one goal to save the game.

chicharito fm19 - chicharito football manager 2019
Chicharito FM19


With Chicharito we conclude this list but of course, that isn’t all. The FMBrotherhood has prepared a few more of the best poachers in Football Manager 19 for you. Additionally, we made it a bit easier for you. You won’t have to read anything. You can watch this YouTube video for the full list of our personal best poachers in FM19. Enjoy:

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