Football Manager 2019 aka FM19 - Community Expectations
football manager 2019 expectations fm19
Football Manager 2019

Football Manager 2019 aka FM19 – Community Expectations

By spaskecar | March 17, 2018 | 970 Views

Football Manager 2019 is something that is currently rumored, and one thing is for sure, we can`t wait for it! Here we will present our Football Manager 2019 expectations!

We don`t have precise information about the release of Football Manager 2019, it will be probably in November as almost always, but we have some things we want to see in it.

In our Football Manager community (FMBrotherhood), there were some questions about what regular FM players would like to see in the new game and the answers were very interesting.


Football Manager 2019 expectations – FMB

We had some of the polls across social networks, and members of our team talked with FM lovers and the answer which we most often get is – MORE ACTIONS! You can check out the poll we posted on Twitter and you will see that almost 35% wanted more actions in FM19.

Personally, I agree with them, as I noticed that there are some situations where my or opposing team is scoring a goal at the same way I saw a couple of times in the previous matches.

Even Sega is really doing a great job and every new version of FM gets more and more actions it could be something that can be improved in the near future.

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Second thing FM Lovers want in new FM19 is the bigger number of lower leagues! That is something we all want, right?

Probably some of the FM players played real football in a club nearby and they want their names in the game. Or just wanna see angry fans with hacks on the pitch. Anyway, it would be nice if Football Manager has more leagues in the database.

On the other way, our Community members are quite happy with the players’ database and only 12% wants bigger players` database which is quite interesting.

Wanna see Ronaldo in Barca and Messi in Real Madrid? Find out what happens here!

We came to the third thing we want in new FM – better graphics. Yes, it is true, the graphics aren`t something that makes this game the best football simulation game in the world, but that is something that can be improved, according to our community. People want to enjoy beautiful graphics and that`s what they expect in a new release.


FM19 brings us German version and licensed Bundesliga

This is something we heard about. Something German Football Manager fans will be happy to hear. Football Manager 2019 should also be available in Germany with full German localization. Sega and Bundesliga made a deal so this will be something new to the German market!

There is also a list full of German FM19 Wonderkids you can check out!


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