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Best FM Tips When Managing in Non-League

By callum | June 7, 2024 | 463 Views

Best Tips for Managing in Non-League in Football Manager

We asked members of our Football Manager Facebook group to give us the best tips for when you’re managing in non league. Here is what they had to say!

Thank you to all of our members who commented on our post!

1. Sign loan players at the end of the transfer window

Look for loan signings later in the transfer window. Later in the transfer window there is more chance of you not having to cover any of the player’s wages.

2. Physical attributes are IMPORTANT

We’ve had multiple FM players in our Facebook group say that they make sure their non-league signings have great physical attributes. Especially pace and acceleration. These attributes just seem to be more important at the lower levels than technical attributes.

3. Big target man + pacey striker = goals

Does anything else really need to be said?

Chiming Crouch and Defoe in tune for attacking Portsmouth ...

Another member also commented – Buy a very tall striker and spam long balls and long throw-ins.

4. Players on non-contracts are not safe

If you can avoid it, do not have your best players on non-contracts. This means they’re not officially contracted to your club, and can leave if another team makes an offer for them at any time during the season.

5. Avoid offering long term deals

I know I’ve just said give your players contracts, but make sure they’re only one or two years maximum. Losing players on a free when managing in non league is totally fine. Sometimes it can even be difficult selling players for free, and then you’re stuck paying their wages.

6. Minimal tactical instructions

Less is more with instructions. These are part timers that dry wall for a living. Keep the tactics as simple as possible i.e. 4-4-2 or like a 5-3-2.

7. Avoid add-ons in contracts

Never give sign-on fees or appearance fees.. It will save you thousands over the year. 99% of players will sign for the recommended wages or a very little but more but it far better that way that all those bonuses. This tip was provided by PRIISEK who creates Football Manager content. Check him out on YouTube!

8. Move your transfer budget into wages

When managing in non-league you are rarely buying players for transfer fees. When you get to the 1st July, always move your transfer budget into wages so then you can offer better players more money.

Moving the allocation of transfer budget and wage budget in FM24

9. Old players are gold

I know we all love signing wonderkids, but at non-league level you might be better going for players with experience. You can pick up some great players in their 30s on free transfers that can do a job for one season.

10. Get a senior affiliate

One way to sign loan players without paying any loan fees or wages is by getting a senior affiliate. Just make a board request and click senior affiliate in the networking section. If the board say no, keep checking back every few months until you can request again, and keep requesting until the board says yes.

I got this tip from Holdmyheim who is a Football Manager creator who has made a YouTube video on the best tips for lower league success. You can check out that video here.

11. Offer trials throughout the season

When you’re managing in non league, you should know that the transfer window is open for the whole season until March. This means you can sign players at anytime.

Look for players to sign throughout the season to improve your squad, and offer them trials to see if they’re good enough for your team. You can learn how to find player to offer trials with the 9th tip in our FM tips article.

12. Tackle hard!

Hard tacking. I found dirty play to be good in lower leagues.

13. Get sell on fees

Don’t be afraid of losing your best players when you’re a non league team and you’re building. If a 2k offer comes in from a league 1 team, counter offer 1k and a 50% sell on fee.

14. Don’t be a pushover

If a big player starts trying to get you out, drop him and leave him out and second choice until he shuts up.

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