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4 Creative Ways to Revitalise Your Football Manager Journey

By callum | July 8, 2024 | 107 Views

So, you’ve sunk countless hours into FM24, guiding your favourite club to glory, embarking on epic Journeyman adventures, and dominating with the biggest teams. Now, as the FM24 cycle is winding down, you’re probably thinking, “What now?” We’ve all been there—looking for something new to keep that spark alive in our managerial careers.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with some fresh and exciting ways to breathe new life into your FM24 experience. Let’s dive in! 

1. Save Scenarios 

These challenges can reignite your passion for FM24 and test your managerial mettle in new and exciting ways. Let’s explore a few: 

Miracle Worker 

First up, let’s talk about the Miracle Worker scenario. Picture this: you simulate the season up to Christmas and then take over the team languishing at the bottom of the league table. Your mission? Avoid relegation. It’s a high-stakes survival battle that will test your tactical genius and your ability to motivate a struggling squad. Every match feels like a cup final, and turning around the fortunes of a doomed team is incredibly rewarding. 

Stars of the Future 

Next, we have the Stars of the Future scenario. If you love nurturing young talent, this one’s for you. The rules are simple: you can only use homegrown players from your academy—no signings allowed! It’s all about long-term planning and youth development, pushing your patience and strategic skills to the limit. Watching your academy graduates grow into first-team stars is one of the most satisfying experiences in FM24. 

Puppet Master 

In the Puppet Master scenario, you take a back seat in transfer dealings and let your Director of Football handle all signings and sales. Your job is to work with the squad you’re given and make the best out of potentially unexpected player moves. This scenario pushes you to adapt and make tactical decisions with a constantly changing squad, testing your flexibility and creativity. 

Now, you might’ve tried these scenarios, and multiple others to death, so what next? Well, it might be time to consider another way to spice up your FM24 adventure: experimenting with different skins to give the game a whole new look and feel. 

2. Custom Skins 

Custom skins can dramatically alter your FM24 experience by changing the game’s appearance and functionality. Here are a few to explore: 

Mustermann Iconic 

This game-changing skin is a self described pseudo-attribute-less skin where it takes away the standard numerical values for a “pizza chart”. The video here (https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=j8S_LUuqYrA) describes it in its entirety but essentially it shows each aspect of the players game in a more visual way, and changes the way we view players in the game. 

It splits each part of the players attributes into sections that include attacking, defending, possession and physical. Using attribute masking skins can change how we play the game, and helps make a brand new experience for us as managers.

FM24 Custom Skin


Statman24 is a skin fit for the fast moving pace of football analytics – offering built in metrics for team and player. Built to encompass three main profile areas for a player, you can dig into their performances, attributes and their statistical outputs. 

Similar to Mustermann, you can work basically off the stats, not the attributes. With meters that rate a players game in all aspects from mentality to set pieces, its a whole different way to view FM24. 

Now, if you’ve already customised your FM24 experience with various skins and want to explore new frontiers, why not dive into custom databases? These offer unique challenges and scenarios that can completely transform your managerial journey, presenting fresh obstacles and opportunities to test you. 

FM Custom Skin Statman

3. Custom Databases 

Another way to spark your love for FM24 again is to explore some of these custom databases and scenarios: 

Retro Databases 

Retro Databases allow you to manage iconic teams and players from football history. Whether it’s reliving the emergence of stars like Ronaldo and Messi or any one of the great moments of football history, these databases offer a nostalgic twist on modern management. 

Retro Databases Ronaldo

Lower League Databases 

Lower League Databases provide a challenging start from grassroots football. Take charge of a small club in the lower divisions and navigate your way to the top leagues with one of these databases that unlock the depths of the football pyramid. 

Scenario-Based Databases 

Scenario-Based Databases introduce unique challenges inspired by real-world events or hypothetical scenarios. For example, manage Manchester City after they have been relegated from the football league. Tasked with rebuilding the club’s reputation and reclaiming its former glory, you must navigate lower leagues, handle financial constraints, and recruit players willing to rise through adversity. 

Having explored the wealth of possibilities with custom databases, why not take your FM24 experience to the next level? Consider creating your very own club from scratch. It’s the ultimate opportunity to shape every aspect of your footballing vision, from club culture to player development strategies. 

4. Create A Club 

In FM24, you have the opportunity to create your own club in two distinct ways: using the Pre Game Editor for detailed customisation or starting a new game with your club. Here’s how you can do it:

You can create a club from the option presented when starting a new game, and this is perfect for those wanting to jump straight in. However with a bit of light reading and perseverance you can add your created club using the pre game editor whilst customising it from the ground up. 

You can add everything from your clubs history, ground name, key members of staff, board members, rivalries, literally anything! You can design a club logo and kits too, with a little work in photoshop. 

FM24 Custom Kit GreenFM Custom Kit Purple

And when coming to adding players, depending on your clubs desired standing, you can start from scratch creating a squad of free transfers, or if you have the time you can create all new players – these can be anyone you want, from friends, family, or famous actors and characters. You could have Gandalf in goal, Thanos in defence, Obama in midfield and Michael McIntyre up front, I’m not judging.

To access the Pre-Game Editor, you can download it from the Steam Workshop or the official Football Manager website. Once installed, you can start crafting your dream club with all the customisation options at your fingertips. 

Theres an array of exciting ways to keep your managerial journey fresh and engaging. From save scenarios and challenges to revamping your experience with custom skins, there’s always something new to try. Dive into custom databases for a nostalgic trip or take complete control by creating your own club and players, shaping every detail from the ground up. 

Why limit yourself to one? Try them all and see which ones spark your passion for the game anew. Embrace these diverse customisation options, unleash your creativity, and embark on a journey where your managerial dreams come to life in Football Manager 24. Happy managing! 

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