How to Install Logo Pack FM19 Guide | Football Manager 2019? |
how to install logo packs fm19 guide
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How to Install Logo Pack FM19 Guide | Football Manager 2019? |

By spaskecar | December 10, 2018 | 10872 Views

A lot of you asked me this question: How to install those Football Manager logo packs?! So we present you our – how to install logo pack FM19 Guide! It is very easy to do it.

Don`t fear of that, cause we will show you how in this new FM Guide. After this guide you will have a smile on your face and that is why FMBrotherhood exists.

So if you want your Juventus FM19 logo look like real Juventus logo. Or you play with some other clubs, for example Manchester UTD and you aren`t happy with the default logo you are at the right place!

Download FM19 Logo Pack

Before you start the installation process, firstly you need to download your logo pack. There are many websites over the internet who are providing us those logo packs. We will give you the links to some of them, so you can download it and get back to your how to install logo pack FM19 guide.

You can download your FM19 Logo Packs here:

So after downloading them, you will have to make these new steps to install your FM19 logo pack:

  1. Open your Documents folder and find there Sports Interactive folder and finally Football Manager 2019 folder. Open previously mentioned Football Manager 2019 folder and inside you should find the folder named – graphics.
  2. If there is no graphics folder don`t worry. Just click the right click and create a new folder with the name – graphics.
  3. Now you should take that FM19 logo pack you have downloaded and put it here into the graphics folder. How? Copy – Paste it. 
  4. You have done it, now go into the game and active it. When you enter your save/game just press FM and get into the Preferences. 
  5. Now you should click on preferences on the left side and then choose Interface option in the dropping menu.

  6. Press Clear Cache option to be sure for 100%. 
  7. Go back into the same Interface panel and press “Reload Skin” option.

  8. Wait for logos to load. You are done! Now you can play your favorite game!

If any problems while installing fm19 logo packs appear

If there are any problems with this how to guide and you still don`t know how to do it you can comment. Tell us what bothers you here and we will be glad to help you. We are here for you as always!

We hope that this guide was helpful. There will be more how to guides soon. There will be more tactical guides, FM19 team guides etc.

Cheers FMBros!

One thought on “How to Install Logo Pack FM19 Guide | Football Manager 2019? |

  1. after doing all steps, i cant finish the last step, it doesnt have a reload skin button, did i do something wrong?

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