The Best FM18 Tactics

The Best FM Tactics we chose!

FMBrotherhood made some analysis, tested a lot of “invincible” Football Manager 2018 tactics and we have chosen the best FM18 tactics, that will make your opponent cry!

We didn`t make these tactics, instead of that we searched almost every FM Forum on the Internet and we found the best tactics there are.

Maybe some of the tactics are familiar to you, maybe you already play with some of them, but one thing is for sure, they are all amazing and that is the reason why these FM Tactics are on our FMBrotherhood Community site!

The order of these tactics isn`t related to their so-called “rank”. They are in the random order. 🙂


The best FM18 tactics – FMB choice


The best FM18 tactics, we recommend are:

1st – “Hammerhead shark FM Tactic” (4-2-3-1)

We have found this tactic somewhere on the forums and after we tested it, we found out that the word “lose” is something only your opponent will hear in this game.

Philosophy of this tactic is high pressure, something modern football requires these days. With the “Hammerhead shark`s” tactic you will score a lot of goals, that is really something we like to see.

There won`t be “drab match so far” comment at the half of the game because you will really score an incredible amount of goals. Also, with this tactic, you will play beautiful football!

Our advice for this tactic: Find fast CB`s and there won`t be any problem with the goals in your net.

Download Hammershead shark tactic here!

Hammerhead shark FM Tactic


2nd – “TFF Demolisher FM Tactic” (3-2-2-3)

An awesome tactic for Football Managers who like to play with 3 attackers, offensive football with a lot of goals. As the name says it is Demolisher FM Tactic, that means that you will score, score and score goals for every situation! Some recommendations we found by the author of this tactics are :

-DCR: Right Foot – Very Strong

-DCL: Left Foot – Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong

-STCL: Righ Foot – Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong

STCR: Left Foot – Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong

MCR: Right Foot – Very Strong/Strong

MCL: Left Foot – Reasonable/Fairly Strong

Also, STCL/STCR/MCL/MCR positions should take the corners.

Match preparations and opponent instructions should be set for this tactic, leave it as it is and don`t let assistant change anything! Enjoy this tactic and win a lot of matches!

Download TFF Demolisher FM Tactic Here!

TFF Demolisher FM Tactic


3rd- “FM 18 MM VOLANTE Knap” (4-4-2)

If you play this game and you go to forums, it is impossible that you didn`t hear about Knap and his tactics. He is Football Manager Tactical genius and every one of his tactics are tested and incredible.

This is one Knap tactic that we like to play with. It is 4-4-2 and with it, you will have a real possession game, with a lot of passes, not that high tempo, but your players will play beautiful football.

No opponent instructions are recommended by the author.

Download FM18 MM Volante Knap Tactic Here!



4th- “Another Knaps` Target Man FM Tactic”  (3-2-2-1-2)

There is nothing more to say about this guy, but here we are only going to speak about his FM tactics. This one is 3-2-2-1-2 or 5-3-2 tactic as some of you like to say. This version is with DLF so he will be with the Target Man that is the key figure in this tactic.

This tactic will bring you fast, modern football and you will score a lot of goals. Terrific for English Premier League. You will enjoy it, for sure!

No opponent instructions are recommended by the author.

Download FM18 Target Man Knaps` Tactic Here!

Another Knaps` Target Man FM Tactic


5th- “FMBrotherhoods` Unbeatable FM18 Tactic” (3-5-2)

After all, we have to promote something we have made – our tactic. This one is the unbeatable tactic we created, tested and that will bring you the enormous number of passes, goals, and victories.

We won`t talk too much about it, you can watch the video with fully detailed description Here – NikFM Unbeatable Tactic!

Or you can download it directly from the link below 🙂

Download FM18 NikFM Unbeatable Tactic Here! – FMBrotherhood production!


The best FM18 tactics are those give you the results!

We hope you like the best tactics we chose and that at least they inspired you to make your own even better FM Tactics. There will be some more in the future, we will update this and bring you some more joy FMBros!

If you like this NikFM tactic, maybe you will also like these tested fm18 Tactics by NikFM.

Feel free to comment, to tell us how did you do with these tactics and tell us how should we make this even better! Cheers!



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