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Welcome to your The Ultimate FM Quiz by FMBrotherhood!

How much do you really know about Football Manager? Answer these FM related questions to test your knowledge!

We are also doing a special competition for the first month of this quiz running. If you get at least 12 out of 21 correct answers, you will have the chance to win a £20 voucher of your choice! Make sure to enter your real name and email address so we can contact you if you win. The competition will end on 7th May 2024.

This is the first FM quiz we've done at FMBrotherhood, so we would really appreciate any feedback you have, or any ideas for questions we could include in future quizzes. All of the questions are multiple choice.

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Disclaimer - This FM quiz is not associated with Football Manager or Sports Interactive. The answers to the questions are the best to our knowledge. This is just for fun.

These attributes belong to which Wonderkid in FM24?

Jamal Musiala in Football Manager 2024

Who is the most signed wonderkid in FM24?

Which centre-back role can only be applied when playing 3 centre backs?

Centre-back question for FM quiz

Which team has the highest reputation in FM24?

These are the attributes of which English Premier League winger in FM24?

Mitoma attributes for FM quiz

Out of the following clubs, which has the best youth recruitment rating in FM24?

Which wonderkid has the highest potential in FM24?

Which club has the largest transfer budget in the first FM24 transfer window?

According to the FM24 Editor, which club are Arsenal's biggest rival?

Which of the following is NOT a touchline shout in FM24?

Fill in the blank: Your manager needs to be at least _________ years old to have a chance of getting a newgen son in your youth intake?

Which two attributes does your player target to improve when you select "final third" as an additional focus?

Final third image for FM Quiz

Which of these nations can you NOT manage in, in the official FM24 database?

Fill in the blank: You can sign a player on a pre-contract when they have a maximum of __________ remaining on their contract

Who is the player with the highest current ability in FM24?

What year was the first Football Manager game released?

This means the first version of the Football Manager franchise. This does NOT include Championship Manager.

Which free agent has the highest current ability in FM24?

When hiring a Performance Analyst, the 2 main attributes they must excel in are "Analysing Data and _____________

Football Manager are the main shirt sponsors of which English team in the 2023/24 season?

In the official FM24 database, which country has the most tiers you can manage in?

Which player has the highest transfer value in the FM24 Fantasy Draft mode?

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