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The Most Overperforming and Underperforming teams in Sky Bet League One

By callum | May 28, 2023 | 914 Views

The Sky Bet League One Season is over. But which clubs performed as expected, which clubs over performed, and which clubs underperformed. We’ve conducted a study using Football Manager 2023s realistic player wages to see which clubs did extremely well on a smaller budget compared to others. There’s also teams that have larger wage budgets compared to others in League One that should’ve performed a lot better.

How Research Was Conducted

To find out the average salaries of each club in League One, we used Football Manager’s accurate player wages for each first team player, and divided this by the number of senior players in the squad. This table can then be compared to the final Sky Bet League One table to see where teams actually finished compared to where they should have finished, according to their average salaries.

Average Salaries and Final League Position Comparison

The table on the left shows the average salaries of each team in League One. The table on the right shows the final league standings, and how many positions above or below they finished compared to their average salaries. 

League One Tables

Main Takeaways from Research

Sheffield Wednesday’s average salary is over 7 times higher than Accrington Stanley. Wednesday have a wage budget of a mid-table Championship side, whereas Accrington Stanley would find themselves in the lower ends of Sky Bet League Two. Sheffield Wednesday have most of the highest paid players in League One.

Oxford United were the most underperforming team in Sky Bet League One this season, finishing 14 places lower than their average salary position. Only avoiding relegation by 2 points, they had an extremely disappointing season which would have been a disaster if they had gone down.

Plymouth Argyle and Bolton Wanderers are the most over performing teams, finishing 7 places higher than their average salary positions. Plymouth Argyle will have one of the smallest budgets in the Sky Bet Championship next season, and will have to punch above their weight if they want to stay up next season.

MK Dons will be extremely disappointed with their season. Their average salary is the 11th highest in the league, however they finished 21st and have been relegated to League Two.

Derby County have 2nd highest average salary in League One, but finished outside a play-off position in what has also been an underwhelming season for them.

The only team to finish in the same position as their average salary is Peterborough United in 6th place.

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